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  did you know...

  ...that prodigy/nec/nei goes shark-
     fishing once in a while, he even
     catches some sharks, like hammer-
     heads and so on, but throws most
     of them back into the sea (alive!)

  ...that some guy had tried to hack
     other people's passwords on us-
     boards like terminal obsession,
     mad mad world or second to none.
     the sysops advised everybody to
     change his/her password.

  did you know...

  ...that jr predator visited stingray
     in the beginning of this year;
     in his room he saw more than 20
     caps with the word 'kampftrinker'
     and a little person with a big
     stomach printed on the caps.

  ...that excell (x-i+t) is in one of
     the biggest video-swap groups in
     europe, he calls himself flex,
     he makes a little fortune by
     selling the newest videos.

  did you know...

  ...that someone stole gotcha's copy
     of the latest byteriders
     production called 'brubaker' on
     the horizon party. byteriders are
     participating in the double
     density competition with this
     game. however, this backup has an
     error on side #2.

  ...that the game 'lemmings' will also
     be released on the c64.

  ...that you ought to press '+'

  did you know...

  ...that dr cool (x-censor) stole
     cartridges and other things at
     the horizon party.
     of course he denies everything.

  ...that raistlin is back in genesis;
     delirious x is on the way.

  ...that the winner-games of the 2d-
     competition will be published on
     golden magic disc in germany and
     under a different label in

  did you know...

  ...that panoramic designs are going
     to release their graphic-program
     soon. it's far better than amica-
     paint or any other programs which
     are in use.

  ...that nearly all censor-guys,
     except for the dutch members, are
     living in stockholm/sweden.

  ...that there are more ads in the
     'announces'-section of mamba< than
     ever before. (about 80!)

  ...that 'origo' means "or i go...".
  did you know...

  ...that markt und technik (64'er) are
     planning to release a disk with
     a lot of useful tools. that means
     you can earn some money if you
     invented an useful tool on this

  ...that the competition from double
     density came to no result yet.
     up to now the jury has to choose
     ten games out of selected 14 -
     hard fight for hard money

  ...that there's a special rap-radio-
     station in stockholm...24 hrs rap.
  did you know...

  ...that hannes sommer played basket-
     ball in the selection for the
     austrian youth-national-team.

  ...that illusionist's/talent board
     'once upon a time' is the
     headquarter of the euro-papermag
     'shock' released by skater and
     mirage of censor.

  ...that omg/amok complained about
     mamba< not taking the 'bad taste'
     first-releases into account for
     the mamba< first-release charts.
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