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  ok, we decided to skip the forum
  this month in order to replace it
  with an interesting article about

  get the next issue for questions and
  answers here in the 'reader's forum'!

  everybody already heard about it, but
  did you know exactly what it is ??
  we are talking about 'phreaking', the
  following article should bring some
  light into your confusion...


          phreaking .....
   a lot of dudes know how to cheat
   the phonecompanies.but the phone-
   companies are not lazy!they try to
   make a safe system and if somebody
   tries to hack out some codes,most
   of them are able to catch the
   hacker! southern net has developed
   a system that allows 'em to catch
   almost every person using an
   illegal (hacked) august
   some dudes got busted in the
   201 (n.j.) area for hacking on
   the southern net (not sure about
   that) system.they've been visited

  by the cops and they gotta pay
  a huge fine... but also in the
  last few weeks a lot of dudes got
  billed by using XXXXXXXX codes
  a lot of dudes are wondering why
  nobody is hacking rads.that's
  quite easy:it's possible that most
  of the rads have ani and that means
  the risk is too high.i think there
  ain't a lot of 'safe' systems left.
  also for most of the europeans life
  will become harder and harder
  at&t is almost cracking down,coz too
  many dudes are using illegal at&t
  cards! that means:they try to catch
  some europeans and bill 'em!

  not a long time ago,stingray/crazy
  got a phonecall from at&t security
  and from the ptt (swiss phonecompany)
  coz of the co-operatoion between at&t
  and the euro companies,they're able
  to bust most of the euros!but it'll
  take 'em a long time to trace your
  line,but sometimes they're luck and
  they traced your line within a few
  minutes! that means:bad luck
  if at&t doesn't kill you,i am sure
  the owner of the card will do that,
  coz your number will be on his bill!
  and maybe he'll take his shootgun
  and he'll come to europe to kick
  your ass.also bad luck for all

  those americans you're calling! the
  card owner got their number one his
  for all those europeans who are using
  some special numbers to call 1-800's
  only a few words:some of these
  1-800 number are able to trace euro
  peans too      pay attention!
  and last but not something for all
  these euros who are using credit
  cards to call out:it can happen that
  you'll get a special bill 'for using
  credit cards'.it's almost impossible
  for 'em to trace you,but they often
  call up the americans you have called
  with the card and they try to get

  your number!they often say things
  like that:'give the number or he
  have to pay the whole fine'! and
  a lot of dudes give out the number!
  but i my opinion,you should always
  say 'i don't know the number' and
  i think they can't do anything with

  maybe next time more facts about
  that !!!!
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