Mamba 18 ch02 News and Rumours

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   this months headline

 * our own hq "warez castle" is now
   down forever after a very large
   system crash. the board was first
   put up around 4/5 years ago and has
   been the hq for many groups before
   becoming ikari & talent hq.
   thank you to everybody who made a
   contribution to the board & thanks
   especially to the sysop warez king
   for hanging in there so long. ikari
   and talent's new hq will be "the
   shaolin temple." we will be sharing
   this bbs with tsm and mamba<.
   the number is XXXXXXXXXXXX.
   news and rumours

 * after the sudden death of paramount
   joe cool, maniac and sting have
   joined talent. brego, tyger, domino
   and some other guys started a c64
   section of the great amiga group
   tristar/red sector.

 * stormbringer and pudwerx of random
   quit the 64 as of april 1st. this
   also means the death of random.
   pudwerx bbs 'the forum' will not be
   taken down.
   illusionist has joined talent and
   has himself put up a board called
   'once upon a time.' the board is a
   hq for ikari & talent and the mag.
   'shock.' the number is XXXXXXXXXXXX.

 * euzkera left the guys in censor and
   joined science 451.
   tycoon/light joined censor.
   white lion and methabol/omega and
   compyx/focus also joined censor.
   dr. cool and adolf left censor to
   join the new group 'victims.' also
   tmb, drake,rockstar and marxman/xtc,
   roy and god/dynamix, tronic have all
   joined victims as well. so it seems
   that both dynamix and xtc will die
   as the result of victims.

 * trix & rcs were booted from bonzai.

 * the swiss group 'cfa' is now dead.
   the active guys who produce the mag
   immortal flash will continue under
   the 'atlantis' label.

 * problem child left atc after some
   internal problems. he then joined
   empire along with tristan (hacker).

 * dogfriend is back on the scene and
   will start working again for dom.

 * rap who has been in the groups
   shock/success/brainbombs has now
   joined x-ray.

 * at'n't has come across an ingenious
   way to stop euros from phreaking
   with att. now they just kill any
   card that is used in more than one
   country. since this has started a
   lot of euros are without cards.

 * dusty rejoined radius and changed
   his handle to scott. radius member
   status is now:-
    chris, jim, rick, scott and pete.

 * udo joined house designs as a
   composer. member status is now:-

   chesoner - coder, graphics & swap.
   karl     - graphics.
   no-xs    - composer.
   scan     - coder.
   shez     - coder, graphics & swap.
   uso      - composer.

 * jihad left hitmen.

 * the bronx turkish division left
   bronx and formed a new group called
   "clique." there magazine cemetery
   news will now be released under the
   new name 'script.'

 * scorp, ice, curse, henri, alfatech
   and francois prijt left ruthless and
   joined hitmen. ruthless is now dead.

 * icecube has stopped his activities
   after receiving a rather large
   phone bill.

 * freestyle and dave left talent. the
   current member status of talent is:

    bod - cracker, coder, modem.
    xxx - original supplier, cracker.
    peter - mamba editor.
    sting - cracker, coder.
    maniac - cracker, coder.
    joe cool - mail trader.
    illusionist - hacker.

   ikari member status is:-

    fletch - cracker, coder, modem.
    doc - cracker, coder.
    razy - mail trader.
    rcs - mail trader.

 * zarhan fastfire was kicked from atc
   for inactivity.

 * trc has gained 2 new members. they
   are mzk and the invisible man. they
   are both coders. excelsior/x-ray
   may also be joining forces with trc.

 * the nec board "disk shoppe" is now

   currently down. it should up again
   in about 1 month. then it will be
   running on two lines and will be a
   64/amiga and pc board.

 * gollum has returned to fairlight as
   a cracker. his comeback crack is
   last ninja iii. strider once again
   is supplying the originals.

 * the newlook corruption was released
   at venlo this month (april).

 * di-art (orc and hein design) quit
   the c64 two months ago and went
   amiga. they are currently in the
   demo group vision. orc is drawing
   and hein design is also drawing and
   making music.

 * lth (ex x-ray) joined bonzai.

 * rooster of shape has joined padua.

 * problem child/empire got billed for
   att for $900.

 * spitfire & hok/action pretended to
   be in the new group "victims" as a
   joke on there own board "terminal
   obsession." prodigy believed them
   and dropped action from the board.
   terminal obsession is now the hq for
   nec/nei/censor. i am sure that in
   the future spitfire will not take
   his jokes so far. consequently as
   soon as censor took the board
   terminal obsession as there 2nd hq,
   some victims guys told sorceress
   that censor dropped her bbs mystic
   caverns for terminal obsession where
   in reality, censor never dropped
   mystic caverns. mystic caverns is
   now the hq for victims. the same
   guys who lied about censor dropping
   the board. it seems to me that the
   censor guys were screwed over.
   nei and action also have parted co.
   after the incident on 'terminal
   obsession.' action are now proud to
   be trading exclusively with empire.

 * blaze joined the australian group
   the digital underground as a coder.

 * crumbsucker (see interviews) will
   be putting his board back up as of
   25th april 1991. he has joined
   empire and will be the hq of empire
   and his old friends in action.


                       -burn yer return
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