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  did you know...

  ...that rainbow arts will only
     release two more games for the
     c64, that are logical and
     turrican 2

  ...that rebel cracks all the games
     at jade/dom's house. rumours
     report about him having no c64 at

  ...that the budget-group 'burp'
     consists of the extremist and rich

  did you know...

  ...that thor/random called an euro-
     pean school to make a bombscare,
     the school and the whole street
     were evacuated. it was a school
     a friend of ninja/dom is visiting

  ...that orc of blackmail reply to the
     question when their long-expected
     demo called 'dutch breeze' will
     come out with 'definately before

  ...jade/dom calls himself nme now (?)

  did you know...

  ...that omg's newest magazine called
     'bad news' even beats sex'n'crime.
     (from my point of view)

  ...that pudwerx plays the keyboard
     in a nightclub and earns a lot of
     money that way. he's part of a

  ...that excell/x-i+t moved again, he
     is still living in denmark though

  ...that transcom's mag 'cccp' is
     still being produced

  did you know...

  ...that gotcha does the graphics to
     rainbow arts' next release called

  ...that omg has no working pen's left
     as he already wrote a couple of
     loooong letters to gotcha & mamba<

  ...that genesis's magazine
     'corruption' is still delayed as
     the programmers are still working
     at the new main-menu. probable
     release-date is the venlo-meeting
     in march '91

  did you know...

  ...that the recently released game
     called 'hugo' is a gameshow on
     danish television once a week.

  ...that people from the following
     countries wrote to us only this

     england, denmark, south africa,
     germany, the netherlands, italy,
     belgium, israel, turkey, norway,
     sweden, finland, yoguslavia and
     switzerland. great !

  did you know...

  ...that jack daniels/gp even got a
     letter from pakistan some time ago

  ...that crumbsucker's (x-fantasy)
     self-composed rap-tunes are played
     by local radio-stations

  ...that goldfish/legend denies that
     pyle has ever been in legend

  ...that 'death knights of krynn' will
     (hopefully) be released for the
     c64 soon,the follower to champions
     of krynn, by ssi

  did you know...

  ...that heatseeker of crest was/is
     ignorance of x-ray, he even used
     to make x-ray cracks as ignorance
     when he still was in crest

  ...that light will release another
     demo called 'brutal realtime'
     very soon

  ...that bluestone products coded
     labyrinth bundesliga manager and
     also dick tracy! it's a german
     programmer team, some action
     member work for it

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