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  every month we get a couple of
  requests and other stuff where we
  would like to answer your questions,
  and as we can't write back to
  everybody (nobody), we just want to
  reply in this sub, also to personal
  requests. we are not going to print
  your question, only our answer !

  but i think you'll see for yourself
  how this sub is structured...
  to be honest, i know we should have
  had such a reader's forum from the
  first issue on...

  first of all i want to thank
  mad hatter, who wrote some letters
  some time ago...your letters were
  really nice...and thanks for the

  to the guys from south africa and
  israel who wrote to us this month...
  i was really disappointed when i
  opened your letters, as they only
  contained the usual stuff like
  your address to be published, but i
  was looking forward to a real letter,
  especially as you're writing from
  those countries, where the news are
  coming from every day !!

  i want to point out that we can't
  send mamba to anyone who wants us to,
  except you're putting a free-disc
  and postage into your letter...
  (or 2-3 discs instead of postage!)

  hi major x,
  you're right, i put some wrong news
  in the last issue, i wanted to write
  it was majesty who rejoined...

  also a biiig hi to glasnost, thanx
  for sending the latest issue of cccp,
  it was very interesting (grrrr)
  (hobbit go home!)

  hello adrian/action...
  thanx for your letter, hmm i think
  the quarrels with action are
  finally solved now, (for some time
  now) so i don't understand your
  letter. we never ignored neither your
  letters nor your demo, which you sent
  for the first time...

  hey mandrake of role, your letter
  sounds quite bold, i'm not interested
  in swapping news, i won't call you
  and i won't send mamba either!

  yo rune/hoaxers...
  ok, the address is

  hey spike/noice
   i'm wondering why you always send a
   corruption voting-sheet ??!!

    hello harlequin, so you've been
    the party-rapper ? great !
    thank you for your concern about
    the omg/antichrist subject, but
    i think to ignore him is the best!

  yup, that's it, next time more ??!!

     if you have any question, want
    to express your opinion, or just
   to send a greeting, write to


   we are looking forward to reply to
   your questions !
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