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  different things

  the reason for us to skip 'reports'
  was to avoid two columns, which had
  to be filled by extraordinary stuff,
  because articles and reports are the
  most difficult stuff to get lately.
  (as noone wants to write anything!)

  you will also find reports (like the
  venlo report) in this sub...


  the monthly venlo-meeting was visited
  by a couple of guys although it was
  one week delayed, so i didn't reckon
  with all the people.
  as usual many amiga-dudes showed up,
  but surprisingly more c64's were
  present than (l)amigas !

  as usual most of the people where
  quite lame because the only reason
  for them to come to the meeting is
  to copy some lame stuff...

  it was the second time i drove by
  myself in order to avoid the stupid
  train, which costs a lot of money,
  you also have to walk about 30 min
  to the meeting-place !

  beside the hall itself, the snack-bar
  was the second best visited place...
  as usual...

  some nice people showed up this month
  who aren't available there periodly
  like some transcom dudes from belgium
  and france (lkj & co), ninja/dom,
  a couple of action dudes, jack d./gp

  georg bo sky/abary (yoo), and of
  course a lot of other people which
  i either didn't know or didn't see...

  the stuff spreaded there is not even
  worth to be mentioned except this mag
  and some i+t stuff (hehehe)...

  wait, also action and dom had a few
  datas to spread...

  yes, i'll be there next time when
  the x-elite dudes will show up again,
  or i+t switzerland and of course
  abary with some pictures for me...

  ach ja, straight after the meeting,
  in the streets of venlo, we had some
  obstinate was spitfire
  with his gang who was proud like hell
  that he could drive to venlo by car
  for the first time...

  hmm on the autobahn (highway) he
  slammed on the gas and overtook us
  by sending a friendly (?) greeting
  towards our vehicle...
  too bad they didn't recognize the
  'spalters sux' sticker we showed them
  all the time when they still were
  behind us...  the end !!
      - postcards from the edge -

      starring meryl streep and
   shirley mac laine, dennis quaid

 he young actress, suzanne vale, is
 amous and on her way down..
 uring the making of a new film, she
 ollapses and is sent to a hospital
 or treatment of alcoholism and drug
 buse. after her treatment, she is
 ffered a role in a new film, but with
 ne slight problem, she will have to
 et a person to look after her, or she
 on't get the role!
 nd what is more logical, she moves
 ack to her mothers place.. but this
 s only the beginning of all the
 roblems she could do without.. a new
 over (dennis quaid) drives her mad,
 nd things couldn't be any worse,
 hen your mother starts to treat you
 ike a teenager, and you are 30!

 ating: meryl streep sings, and she
        actually does is quite well.
        and with a cast like that, who
        could go wrong.. did you like
        meryl in "she-devil" you will
        love her in "postcards    "

        produced by mike nichols and
        well played..........   73%

           - bad influence -

  starring rob lowe and james spader

 ichael boll (james spader) is a young
 uppie who has it all, a car, a blond
 irlfriend and a nice house.. one day
 e meets the charming and smooth alex
 ho shows him a whole new view of los
 ngeles, a world he could only dream
 f. within weeks, michael is slowly
 ragged into a world of drugs and sexy
 irls, strange club's and high voltage
 n this world, he also meets claire, &
 oon his ties to the real world & his
 ormer girlfriend is gone, but what
 ichael boll does not know, is that
 head of him, there is a bill to pay,
 nd a murder to come!!
 ill he be able to get out of this,
 nd will he do it alive?!

 ating: rob lowe is back on the silver
        screen, and he plays the role
        very power-full, maybe his own
        experience with the jail, sex
        and press has influenced him
        to play so brilliant!!

        james spader is know from lots
        of films, but the most recent
        was "sex, lies and videotapes"

        a brilliant thriller.... 89%
           - air america -

 tarring mel gibson, robert downey jr.

 ene and billy are caught ina war that
 oes not exist. the time is 1968-69
 nd the place is laos. both are pilots
 n the topsecret c.i.a airline company
 alled "air america".. the vietnam war
 as it's hero's, and gene and billy
 re two of 'em.their base is placed in
 he jungle and they fly with anything
 nytime and anywhere, even with drugs!
 he u.s army has made a deal with the
 ocal general, and in return for the
 eneral helping the u.s army, they
 ave to transport his drugs, and in
 hat way they can also make illegal
 ransports of weapons, enuff to make
 hem a nice fortune, and put 'em up
 or their old days. the problems start
 hen a u.s politician arrives at the
 irport to inspect the rumours about
 he illegal drug transports. the major
 f "air america" is deeply involved in
 he illegal drug transport, and is of-
 ourse getting alot of money by the
 ietnamese general to keep his mouth
 hut!  to cover up for the illegal
 ransports, the general and the major
 ide some drugs in gene and billy's
 lane, and they have to prove that
 hey are actually innocent, and also
 tay alive to prove it!
 ating: this is the worst mel gibson
        film i have seen in a long
        time, and the plot is pretty
        obvious, so unless you have
        5 bucks you don't want to give
        to the homeless, you go watch
        for yourself, but don't say
        that we didn't warn you!

        weak, with no real plot.. 50%

 k, that's it for this months issue of
 he mamba-film-review, but be sure to
 et the next mamba, where we'll review
 he new block-buster "predator ii"

                reviews by excell

              predator ii

  the alien with the space dreadlocks
  returns, this time in the future.
  roger glover plays the character that
  will remind you of mel gibson's role
  in the 'lethal weapon' flick. dary
  busey plays the part of a
  co-ordinator of a high tech posse
  that has been tracking the alien.
  sorry, no arnie in this one...

  ganga violence is high, drugs are
  still a major source for plot. the

  gangs have three officiers pinned
  down in the street and glover comes
  along to save the day. plowing his
  car in the midst of them, the cops
  are able to get to the downed
  officiers and the gang is forced
  inside. once inside our alien friend
  adds the gang members to his list of
  needless to say this befuddles the
  cops. that is the first of such
  happenings, and we're treated to
  another slaughter later on, this time
  the alien gets careless and leaves
  one of his weapons behind.

  busey sets an elaborate trap for the
  alien and fails miserably! glover
  does manage to pick up another of
  aliens' weapons, which end up being
  its downfall. if you've not seem the
  movie, i'll stop here so as to not
  blow it for you.

  rating: the storyline is weak. glover
          is no replacement for arnie.
          more could have been done to
          make this more interesting...

                         rating: 73%


  kiefer sutherlands, julia roberts and
  kevin bacon play three med students
  in this columbia picture that have
  found a way to stop their hearts,
  experience the 'going to the other
  side' and then coming back.
  unfortunately they bring something
  back with them...
  some very good special effects in
  this, and is more of a thinking movie
  than a blood and guts type.
  well worth the time to view it.

  rating: bacon stepped in to this out
          'tremors' roberts is still
          on a roll with 'pretty
          woman' and sutherland shook
          the dust and bullets off
          from 'young guns ii' their
          chemistry works well!

                       rating: 89%

         sleeping with the enemy

  robertsm trying to escape from her
  husband, well to do investment banker
  who turns out to be an abusive sort
  and obsessed. after pulling up with
  three years of physcial and emotional
  violence, lauro burney (roberts)
  takes her own death and begins a new
  life. some clues tip her old man,
  martin (patrick bergin) that she's
  not as dead as she would like all to
  believe. he tracks her down and
  starts playing mind games with her.
  if you've seen 'fatal attraction'

  just reverse the roles.

  rating: joe ruben did an excellent
          job with his flick.
          there's enough to keep all
          on the edge, right up to the
          end. you'll like that!

                       rating: 90%

  the last 3
  reviews by
  tsm !!!

  allright, i would like you to write
  any kind of articles or reports for
  this column, which are based on a
  certain quality...

    send your article/report etc to:



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