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 here we present to you an interview
 with stealth/tsm! m=mamba. t=stealth

 m:hi tom, tell us a little about

 t:well i'm 19, 5ft 10 and weigh about
   140 pounds. i have brown eyes and
   black hair.

 m:how long have you been in the scene
   and how did your career begin?

 t:around about 1988 i started in a
   group called aab with longshot/abyss
   about 1 year later i joined a group
   with instigist called image. in
 t:june '90 i joined tsm. that's where
   i am today.

 m:what is your job in tsm?

 t:my main job is fixing games but i
   also do little but of coding & some
   cracking when i have some time.

 m:how long have you been coding and

 t:i've been coding since 1988 but did
   not release hardly any demos. i
   started fixing about a year later.

 m:can you tell me where your handle
 m:came from?

 t:i took stealth because of it's

 m:what do you think about the scene

 t:i like the demo scene more nowadays
   because there are more coders out
   there. when someone new comes along
   there are always people around to
   help. when i started everybody was
   on there own. but the warez scene i
   think is really slowing down. there
   are to many people fighting over the
   few games we do get.
 m:have you any regrets about your time
   on the 64?

 t:i don't regret it, it's fun and i
   have learned a lot and made a lot of
   new friends.

 m:what do you do in your spare time?

 t:i play basketball and sometimes go
   and watch movies. i also do some

 m:tell us your favourites?
   music: a little bit of everything.
   food : pizza
   drink: coke
   game :fighter bomber on the amiga
   demo :there are to many good ones
   movie:home alone

 m:who are your friends/enemies in the

 t:everybody in tsm especially aycee
   and rainman, kickback, doctor o,
   morrissey, blade runner, instigist,
   revenger, double k, longshot/x.abyss
   bod, xxx, fletch and some more...
   my enemies...i don't think i should
   name any. hahahahaha

 m:is there anyone that you look up to
   in the scene?

 t:probably mitch/esi because of what
   he did for the cracking here in the

 m:anything you would like to say at
   the end of this interview?

 t:don't take pirating to seriously.
   it is supposed to be fun.

 m:thanks for your time tom.

 t:you're welcome!

  yes, only one interview this time,
  as we were in a great hurry
  (as usual!!!)

      next time you'll see
        two interesting interviews...

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