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  news & rumours

  y0! as much as there happened the
  last month in the eternal c64 scene,
  as boring was this month...

     send your latest news to


  * the master kracker/x-inc joined
    mirage to improve mirage's quality
    on further releases.

  * glasnost left transcom and joined

  * after alphaflight's short
    separation, the crew decided to try
    it once again, with most of the old
    members. (max, sys, mark etcetc)

  * after causing a lot of trouble
    parson was kicked out of x-ray and
    apparently rebuilt dcs.

  * garfield of illusion quit computer,
    rebel mc will start again.

  * maniac, sky, thage, rick and chris
    left paramount and built a new
    group called pandora together with
    tronic and yankee of dynamix.

  * scorpie and kid left f4cg to join

  * terminal obsession is the newest
    nec and action headquarter.
    sysop is prodigy/nec # XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  * sidearms joined a touch of class.

  * the tsm headquarter 'the shaolin
    temple' was down for about two
    weeks as somebody disconnected the
    line by using the same trick as
    thor/random used by disconnecting
    second to none (nec)

  * euzkera/censor, the editor of
    the fatal news, takes a break from
    the computer scene for several
    months due to school, fatal news
    won't be released in that time.

  * sonny/dominators put up a dom-euro-
    reign in blood XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  * stanz was kicked out of dynamix and
    joined hitmen.

  * glerc of science 451 quit the

  * mad mad world is the latest
    paramount board in the states.

  * verdict was built up by the remains
    of culture (krs#1, druid etc)

  * vintage is a new american importer
    group consisting of x-destiny
    members and more.

  * tallman of mof joined nei as a
    card hacker.

  * xox left action to join paramount,
    left them again to join manowar.

  * pandemoneum is the ics-atc head-

  * rumours report about a comeback of
    dogfriend together with magic
    (x-class) and some english dudes.

  * alphaflight's new us-headquarter
    is romstar XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    sysop is hardcore/alphaflight.

  * dark knight left tsm due to
    internal disagreements.

  * the newest padua demo will be
    released at the horizon easter-

  * grab the next issue for details
    about those rumours of an elite's
    comeback, the elite.


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