Mamba 16 ch01 The Month in Brief

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  hello !!
  as you can see we structured the
  magazine in a new way in order to
  improve the quality of the different
  columns and the whole magazine...

  certain subjects has been skipped,
  but we also got some new and
  interesting things for you !

  in deatil you will see the changes
  by hunting through the different

  this chapter was mainly installed
  in order to give you a short survey
  about the whole magazine, but you'll
  also find here (i.e.) all the new
  releases made this month, both, demos
  and games...including the new charts,
  (besides the old ones) and some demo-

  further we will inform you about
  headline news (in case there are any)
  but also a foreword or anything like
  that from us !

      for any further questions

              write to


         more's coming up...

  some of you already heard about our
  latest project...

  it is a papermag, but really no usual
  one...presumably we will release only
  one issue of it...

  the special thing about this magazine
  is, that you'll mostly find pictures
  of the scene-dudes in the mag, but
  also cool interviews, great gotcha-
  graphics and yet more...

  we already got a couple of pictures,
  but we still want yours...

  you might say now, why sending a
  picture, i'll get an issue in venlo
  or i'll copy it from a friend...

  but you are certainly wrong !!!

  only people who send a picture of
  yourself to us will get an issue in
  return (for free, of course!)

  you can try to copy it, but the
  quality will suffer hard !

  in case you are interested to see
  the elite of the scene, including
  yourself, just send your picture
  (no copy) to

         the big picture!

  ...and enclose your address...

  there exists no deadline yet, but
  don't hesitate, nevertheless !

  at this place you will usually find
  the headliners of this month, but
  no really thrilling things happened,
  next time more ?!

  ...and here is, as announced, the
  monthly list of first-releases and
  the charts resulting from all the

        first or not to be first

  we already introduced the new subject
  in the last issue (#15), we are going
  to make charts by counting first
  releases on 0hree major boards in the
  states. look at the last issue for
  detailed informations and the rules.

  there have been 13 releases in the
  past four weeks, every release earns
  one point...

  group                  points  month

  1. random                 05    --
     north east importers   05    --
  2. a touch of class       02    --

  random and nei tied to the number one
  both groups got 5 releases, atc got

                         0   last
  group            points    month

  1. paramount       02        --
     illusion        02        --
     dominators      02        --
  2. censor          01        --
     action          01        --
     legend          01        --
     italian c.s.    01        --
     pandora         01        --
     hysterics       01        --

  three groups tied to the first
  positions, hopefully there will be
  more releases in the next month to
  make the charts look more interesting


  only one american release this month

  7up spot cracked by mirage


  soccer challange      illusion/nei
  * by alternative software

  xenomorph             paramount/rnd
  * great game by pandora

  combat zone           dom/random
  * by magic disc

  super cars            illusion/rnd
  * by gremlin graphics

  7up spot             mirage
  * by virgin/mastertronic

  hunt for red october censor/nei
  * game to the film, by grandslam

  ferarri 3d-manager   ics/atc
  * by the italian company simulmondo

  tanks                action/nei
  * by double density

  cavmania             dom/random
  * budget by atlantis

  diplomacy          legend/nei
  * by

  deri colours       pandora/nei
  * by double density

  war for the crown2 hysteric/atc
  * a game by german design group

  loopz              paramount/random
  * by audiogenic

  unfortunately there was no real
  competition by releasing these games,
  no game was released by two groups at
  the same time...

 kalle kloakk - looking for toiletpaper

              by megastyle

  on the whole this demo consists of
  11 different parts, scroll did again
  an excellent job by coding smashing
  fli-raster-effects(eci), a great
  vector-graphix-part, about 25 dycps
  on one screen, which gets stretched
  and a couple of rasters behing the
  scrolls(where did you stole the
  rastertime?), 160 rastersplits by
  using the left corner...and many
  more more or less great effects !

  some cool graphics were done by
  sparkler although he didn't show all
  his talents, i'm sure !
  megastyle's musician did a great job,
  especially in the 'red man-part'!

  it was a pleasure to see each part
  of the demo (except the x-mas part!),
  we are looking forward to the next

  coding   : 93% quantity : 80%
  graphics : 74% ideas    : 83%
  music    : 84%
  design   : 70% total    :^81%

        wet dreams - by paradize

  paradize's latest is composed of
  8 parts, inclusing the intro and a
  menu where you are able to select
  one of six pieces of code, graphics
  and musics...
  i perosnally liked the 'let's bounce'
  part at the most as it contains
  a superb picture of a dragon by the
  dj and a nice scroller-sprite-effect!
  but also the other parts wer worth a big animated fish,
  a circletwist'er scroll, a nice
  upscroller including pictures, a game

  in the demo, (which i didn't under-
  stand very well), and last but not
  least the credits part where some
  neat graphics are finally shown !

  on the whole the demo was a great
  oops, not to forget the music, all
  exclusive tunes(?) by great musicians
  like j. bjerregaard, reyn ouwehand

  coding :   81%   quantity : 75%
  graphics : 90%   ideas    : 69%
  music    : 87%
  design   : 69%   total    :^79%

    sprite mania - by genesis project

  a remarkable demo, as everything you
  can see on your screen, is made of
  the demo consists of 4 parts
  including a menu in order to select
  a 290 sprites part, a little train
  plus background and a big stretcher-
  scroll. what else can be said about
  the demo ? there aren't much
  grpahics except for a gp logo in the
  menu (also sprites) and the back-
  ground in the train-part !
  in the first part you see a 290-

  sprites multiplexer, in the second
  part a little train, a moving
  background and some smoke, and in
  the last part a biiig stretcher-
  scroll, which indeed, looks quite
  smooth and nice to watch at.
  musics are quite ok...

  coding   : 92%
  graphics : 25%
  music    : 77%
  design   : 56%
  quantity : 50%
  ideas    : 79%

  total    :^63%

            techno - by action

  this demo consists of 8 parts, but
  to tell the truth, brainwashing new
  ideas or records didn't occur in any
  of these parts...

  most of the parts show scroll-,
  sprite-, and pixel-effects
  combined with mostly average graphics

  the best part was the one with the
  big scroll-stretcher, one line being
  wobbled around and a nice logo, where
  kamikaze showed some of his abilities

  the other parts were quite average
  like the fli-part, the pixel-vectors,
  the circle-scroller, and the
  multiplexer combined with a star/
  planet routine. also the 20-25 dycp-
  scrolls with the moving logo behind
  couldn't convince the audience.(me)
  most of the musics were already
  available in other demos before...

  coding   : 68%  quantity : 75%
  graphics : 65%  ideas    : 40%
  music    : 49%
  design   : 73%  total    :^61%

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