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            different things

  the winner takes it all!

  the solution to our anniversary
  quiz is:

  * alpha flight

  * gelsenkirchen

  of coz it was the group alpha flight,
  since we all remember the quarrel
  they had with omg. also the town was
  not too difficult to guess, as one

  of the persons in the first picture
  of the comic wore a 04-sticker which
  stands for the german soccer club
  'schalke 04' and this club comes from

  we thank you for great participation
  in our competition.

  the first prize was a cd, lp, or mc
  (your choice).
  the second prize was a t-shirt with
  a painting from gotcha on it.
  and the third prize was a competition
  pro 5000 joystick.

  ...the winners are:

     1. max (tobias) of afl

     2. twp (mark) of x-ray

     3. martin of raisers (ex-holoc.)


  we will contact you soon to hand over
  the prizes to you...

  the winner takes it all!

  we have to correct...

  ...that you in bonzai take care of
     a subject which got already dis-
     cussed to its end!
     you wrote in your last issue of
     lethal news, that magic man of
     crazy has given out wrong infor-
     mations about other groups to put
     down other mags and to make mamba
     look better.

  but we have to say...
     that magic man is totally innocent

     as he made a non-important little
     mistake when he mixed up the for
     sure at this time dying group
     bones with bonzai! magic man never
     had much knowledge about the scene
     coz he never swapped and never
     reads disc-magazines.
     we already discussed the mistake
     with the corruption staff and all
     was carried out of the world.
     we saw that you only quoted on
     omg's words, only to make your
     sparely stuffed mag look better
     and fill it up.
     but talking about mistakes...
     we also found some mistakes, which

     could annoy groups, in your last
     issue of lethal news...

  only to show you...

  ...that nobody is perfect.

     after we had a short survey on
     your magazine we found the
     following mistakes:

  did you know...

  ...that last ninja 3 graphics won't

     be made by x-ample

  ...that jihad's former group was
     action and not paramount

  ...that vip is a member of gbf/crest
     and you listed them up seperately
     in your grphic-charts

  ...that magic man is hardly unable
     to speak nor write in english and
     you can wait for a letter from him
     until you are old and grey

     we hope this topic is closed up
     now, if you have any further
     questions don't hesitate and
  write to:
             mamba< staff

  or learn german and call magic man

   press '+' to read another board
   review, this time it's the
   warez castle...

  board :  warez castle
  group :  ikari + talent
  sysop :  warez king

  this board already got many groups
  on their back.
  i don't know the exact chronological
  order, but the groups having the
  warez castle at their hq were dcs,
  fantasy, crazy, exodus, genesis and
  finally ikari + talent.

  the board got about 110 users, about
  50% of them are euros.

  the board gets a lot of calls a day,
  about 15-20 new posts are made per
  day. it depends, like on every board,
  on the topic going on.

  only a few guys got n/a as the sysop
  doesn't like the users leeching too
  much on account of the time they
  need for that.

  the subboards contain three message-
  bases, 'anything', 'uploads' and
  'elite #'.
  there also exists a fourth sub only
  avaiable for the cosysops, which are

  mainly i+t members.
  as a consequence of a lack of system-
  disc-space only a few messages can
  be saved on disc, so the users have
  to call back after one day in order
  not to loose the topic.

  the bbs got three drives for the
  public which all together contain
  5807 blocks for the wares which
  usually are 0-1 days old.
  more disc-space is sometimes needed
  for long games, or just if many
  games come out.


  users              85%
  speed              80%
  sysop's character  23%
  subboards/posts    78%

  total............. 66%

  please note that the final judgement
  is the author's own biased opinion.
  other users might have a total

  different opinion about all mentioned

  ...and one last word about the sysop

  in comparison to the former bbs-
  reviews i couldn't give you an exact
  history of the bbs.
  that's of course the sysop's part, so
  i leave mail to the sysops asking
  for the history and other facts like
  how many calls the bbs recieves per
  day etc.
  in this case i was asking for that
  stuff three times, but never got an

  answer, thus i just wanted to explain
  my low valuation for the sysop's

    ok this month we've got yet
    another bbs-review for you, and
    that is about the forum...

    i got a complete story from the
    sysop (thanx jason) and as he
    of course knows his own bbs better
    than anybody else, i leave the
    story like i have got it...

                              plus it !

  board's name : the forum
  group(s)     : random, illusion, dom
  sysop        : pudwerx
  number       : private

  the forum opened in october 1989!
  it is a members-only bbs that does
  not allow new users to apply.
  the board's membership is limited to
  only the best in the pirating world -
  that is members of top groups that
  are the real wares producers.
  there are very few exceptions (a
  couple friends, runners and code-
  suppliers.)  other than them, it is

  only the top elites. new members may
  be added only through a reference
  from a current member. most referals
  are cool, however a few just don't
  make it...

  everyone on the board has n/a. each
  user also gets 90 minutes per call,
  and 10 calls per day.

  the board has 5 subs: wares talk,
  group news, the war zone!, oldies/
  requests and random space (for group

  the forum runs on a ltd kernal 20-meg
  hard drive. this makes all tranfers,
  e-mail and sub-posts much faster than
  other drives. for transfer, the bbs
  is divided into 3 new wares drives,
  (of 1.25 megs each) 2 oldies/requests
  (3.3 megs each) that users can swap
  missed or old wares, 1 pal-only drive
  (2 megs), accessible by europeans
  only, and 1 random drive (3.5 megs)
  for group member.
  there will be soon added another sub,
  just for the europeans, to talk about
  wares they sent to the pal-only drive

  there are currently about 70 users on
  the forum: about 30 americans, and
  40 europeans.

  the board usually gets around 20
  calls per day. and it's one of the
  first places that new wares get sent.
  (plus, with all the drive-space, the
  huge multi-sider games, like ssi, are
  ensured to be on the drives long
  enough for everyone to get it all.

  finally, the forum is running ucbbs
  on the latest version avaiable.
  (new features are always being added
  in preparation for ucbbs v 1.4)

  so far pudwerx's short description,
  some additional words, the forum was
  the atc hq all the time, when atc
  died about two months ago it became
  random hq.

  the wares are usually 0-1 days old...

  users              76%
  speed              80%
  sysop's character  85%
  subboards/posts    69%

  total............. 77.5%

  ok, this is not the end yet...

  for the first time we got excell of
  ikari & talent making some hot video-
  reviews for mamba !!
  he used to do that kind of stuff for
  the new magazine headlines, but
  decided to show his skills in mamba<
  for some reason...

   a monster ??? no !
   omg ??? nooooooo !

  it's the mamba-man !

           - the freshman -

        starring marlon brando
          matthew broderick.

 clark kellog has only been in new york
 1 hour, when he gets all his stuff
 stolen by a smart italian cap driver..
 not the best start for a kid from the
 country, who is about to start on the
 academy of filmart.. but by a twist of
 faith, clark meets the italian guy who
 stole his stuff, and he forces him to
 make up for the stolen goods.
 victor, as the thief is called, offers
 clark a parttime job so that he can
 get his money back..and who can refuse
 an offer like that ???
 clarks new boss turns out to be
 victors uncle, carmine sabatini, who
 is in the import business, both the
 legal and the no-legal. clark is not
 real sure that he want this kinda job,
 but when he meets the boss'es daughter
 he is very sure that he want to work
 for the uncle, if not just to be near
 the daughter.. clark has in other
 words, become a member of a very, very
 strange family, and what he has never
 expected to hear about, is not a part
 of his own life... lizards, gunmen and
 the fbi is only some of the new stuff
 that will change clarks new life...
                          rating: 84%
              - rocky v -
      starring sylvester stallone
      talia shire and burt young.

  loosing means nothing, unless you
 really have something to loose. rocky
 balboa was the man who had everything.
 but after 73 fights, and a long time
 he is almost completely down, both
 mental and physical.. futhermore his
 manager has lost all his money on a
 worthless deal, and left rocky and his
 family in a total ruin.. but the will
 to get back on the top has always
 been rocky's trademark, and when he
 meets the young fresh boxer,tommy gun,
 he decides to coatch him, and in that
 way prove to the world that rocky was
 for real,and that he can't be put down

 a big manager is trying to get rocky
 back in the ring for one final "match
 of the year"and ofcourse makes alot of
 money on it.. but since rocky has
 coursed a major damage to his brain,
 he will not fight,so the manager turns
 the young tommy gun against his new
 teacher, rocky balboa!
 will rocky take the challange, & maybe
 risk his life.. or can he just turn
 his back to a fight, something he has
 never done before ??
 did you like rocky 1 to 4, dont miss
 the new rocky 5...       rating: 90%
             - home alone -
       a new comedy by john hughes

 the mc callister family house is like
 a mad house.. everybody is confused &
 afraid that they wont be ready for the
 big event of the x-mas.. the trip to
 paris!  but one kid is just making too
 much trouble, and is told to sleep on
 the attic.. the next morning everybody
 is running around in a complete mess,
 cos they have to make it to the air-
 port in a rush!!  once on the airplane
 they start to wonder if they didn't
 forget something?  ... kevin!!!!
 kevin is all alone in the big house,
 and he knows that his parents won't
 be back for another 2 weeks..
 kevin finds himself in heaven, he is
 able to do all the things that he is
 not allowed when his parents are home,
 and he can go to sleep when he wants!
 but (there is always one!) the fun
 has an end, when kevin discovers that
 2 weird guys are trying to break in, &
 rob the house that kevin lives in..
 only one thing can stop these hard-
 boiled criminals, kevin!
 within hours, kevin has turned the
 once normal house into a fort!!
 if you were sure that fort know was a
 hard one to break, then try to enter
 the mc callisters house after kevin
 has filled it with trapdoors and
 other mean traps.. the only thing that
 kevin can do now, is wait untill some-
 one will come home and save him, and
 what's left of the house..

 this movie is a "must" for everybody
 that liked "problemchild" or just like
 to laugh their head off.. the best
 comedy this year!!!
                        rating: 98%

 all reviews done by excell for mamba<

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