Mamba 14 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  guess is christmas-time,
  the time with the most originals
  coming out !!!
  at least it used to be this way in
  former years, but see for yourself...

  further we got again some game-tests,
  press '+' for more...

  magic land dizzy         i+t/tsm
  *a codemasters budget

  tilt                     i+t/tsm
  *and another codemaster, but not the

  skylark                  action/lru
  *a game by double density

  puzznic                  i+t/tsm
  *an ocean game, nice to play !

  the untouchables usa     lru
  *the usa-version of the ocean game,
   released many months ago in europe.

  micro league football    nec
  *by microleague sports...

  scooty's fun             lru
  *a game by enigma

  strider ii               dom/random
  *big name, shit capcom/

  turrican usa             mirage
  *cool mirage release, from electronic

  kwik snax                i+t/tsm
  *i+t loves codemasters ?

  un squadron            censor/exodus
  *nice game by capcom/us-gold

  blazing thunder        genesis/random
  *by hi-tec, including a cool tune...

  stun runner            censor/tsm
  *that one is from domark

  huxley pig             illusion/rnd
  *a budget by alternative software

  fire & forget ii       censor/xds/tsm
  *where's part i ? by titus !

  e-swat              censor
  *never to be ntsc-fixed (?), by us-

  bat                 nec
  *cool role-playing game by ubi-soft

  days of thunder     i+t/tsm
  *wasn't that supposed to be an usa-
   release ? by mindscape

  summer camp         illusion/random
  *nice thalamus-game

  superted            i+t/tsm (nei)
  *by alternative, 100% fix by nei

  edd the duck        dominators/random
  *budget release by bbc-enterprises

  invest              paramount/kfi
  *great game, translated by paramount
   into english, by starbyte

  gazza ii            i+t/tsm
  *poor soccer-simulation by empire

  helter skelter      legend/nei
  *average game by audiogenic, arduous
   protection (?)

  narc                illusion/random
  *good game by ocean

  popeye              i+t/tsm/kfi
  *original game screwed up after the
   first level, non working game by
   syndicate inc.

  crime time         genesis/xds
  *english version by the goblin, great
   graphics-adventure by starbyte

  basketball manager f4cg/destiny
  *f4cg hit it again...

  lettrix            legend/nei
  *for brain-artists, by bytec/dm

  also worth to be mentioned :

  turrican ii prv by sioux/genesis
  (full game will appear in spring '91)

  narc prv by culture
  (released only a few days before the
   100% version came out)

  fasten your seats for the coming
  game reviews...

              narc - ocean

  the game consists of 6 levels, each
  containing a lot of enemies to kill
  by shooting everything.
  the sales curve's latest production
  contains partly average graphics,
  except the levels and sprites itself,
  an average sound, but nice special
  effects, a two-player-modus and more.
  gathering weapons is possible...

                       valuation : 73%

        fire & forget ii - titus

  the 1st part has never been produced,
  but considering that the successor is
  usually said to be better than its
  predecessor, we do better without it.

  the game is a car-racing game with
  the only difference that you have to
  shoot your opponents and the
  hindrances. after you made enough
  speed you can take off and also shoot
  the flying circus around yourself.
  graphics, music, fun etc are low !!

                       valuation : 40%
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