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         dexion x-mas conference

  the conference takes place on the
  h0jstrup school in odense, denmark,
  from the 26th to the 29th of december

  the conference starts at 13.00
  o'clock on the first day and ends at
  12.00 o'clock at the last day.

  it is a conference for both, amiga
  and c-64, but held in two seperate

  halls. and as a special service for
  all travellers we have arranged a
  booking arrangement. what!? - yes
  you can order space for your group
  to be sure that you get a good place
  to set up your hardware. (ed:like in

  of course competitions are the main
  issue and there will be plenty of
  those too: on the amiga the best
  demo, music, animation, picture and
  kick-off-player. on the c-64 the
  best demo. but only no prereleased
  things can compete.

  due to problems at other meetings,
  alcoholic drinks are not allowed in
  the halls, so - if you wanna party,
  go downtown & check odense by night!

  at the conference we have a kitchen
  where you can buy coke, food, chips,
  floppy disks and a lot of other stuff
  - at fair prices of course. the
  kitchen is open every day from 8.00
  to 2.00 o'clock. in the kitchen you
  also can exchange your money.

  the prices in the amiga
  demo-competition are:

          1. $1000 us dollar
          2. $ 500 us dollar
          3. $ 200 us dollar
      4.-10. a box of chocolate bars

  the prices in the c-64
  demo-competition are:

          1. $ 500 us dollar
          2. $ 300 us dollar
          3. $ 100 us dollar
      4.-10. a box of chocolate bars

  some economial facts: if you send a
  letter to us stating some necessary
  facts before the conference you only
  have to pay 60 dkr. for the entrance,
  otherwise it's 100 dkr. if you send
  us a letter, this should be included:
  1. what computer type you bring along
  2. the group name
  3. ammount of persons arriving
  4. nationality
  5. postal code/town and...
  6. approx. arrival time.

  the adress:    h0jstrupskolen
                 rismarksvej 80
                 5200 odense v.
  when you are by train you can take
  the bus outside the railway station.
  it's bus number 23 or 24, you have to
  ask the driver to help you getting
  off nearby the school. (ed:i wonder
  if they understand english?!)
  it's at the "tarup center". when you
  leave the bus you have to pay the
  driver 9 dkr. you can also take a
  taxi, it costs approximately 70 dkr.
  if however you travel by car then
  leave the highway at 53 (odense v,
  lufthaven, blommenslyst), turn to-
  wards odense and look for the signs.
  problems?          dexion hq
  questions?         poste restante
  or registration?   dk-5000 odense c
  the starbyte x-mas-party-review:
  yes we were present on the starbyte
  x-mas party 1990. starbyte is a well-
  known german software-developing
  company, they started with some well-
  known games too, like leonardo,
  rings of medusa, table tennis, but
  their new games are one of the best
  like trans world, lords of doom,
  inve$t, or their newest crime time.
  so you see, a company which produces
  quality games.
  the party took place in bochum, where
  the company's office-rooms are and
  which were prepared for a quite at-
  mospheric x-mas party.
  many people were invited, mostly
  members of the company, free-lancers
  but also just good friends.
  here is a short list of the present
  ones, like: dieter mueckter and wife,
  thomas koncina and girl-friend, all
  digital marketing, some asm prolls,
  sebastian broghammer & steve kups/
  byteriders, zaz/ex elite, norman
  anhut, veto (painter,trans world),
  arnd (starbytelogo), peter and me
  (gotcha) and many more...
  but there were a lot more invited but
  did not come like mario v.zeist,
  walter konrad, etc etc...
  when the party started, steve was the
  first at the buffet-table, which was
  was stuffed very well by the female
  members of starbyte (marvellous, i've
  never eaten such good non identifi-
  catable stuff, burp !!). luckily
  steve has not eaten all but not so
  for the beer i suppose! hehe...
  also luckily zaz came later ( i mean
  for the buffet) who got a little bit
  fat in the last time...
  anyway, the meal was not the only
  attraction this evening, but it was
  the best as i said before.
  later every invited person could
  fetch an x-mas present under the tree
  and they had a lot of amiga-originals
  laying there to and everybody was

  allowed to take as much as he could
  carry... (mh,i guess not, but i did!)
  peter took even more, you couldn't
  see his face when he took the big
  pile of his selected games... haha
  we had some nice talks to the people
  there and again with a guy who said
  my graphics would be shit, he would
  be the non+ultra, the best, bob
  stevenson would be a wimp and there
  would be no artist who could mess
  with him... yuk! funny indeed.
  although the beer wasn't emptied so
  far, peter decided to drive back
  home as we had school the next day,
  shit! well, i enjoyed it though!
  the highscore-tv-show report:

  the show started 18.30 o'clock on
  saturday the 24.11.1990, but peter,
  magic man and i (gotcha) were there
  already 14.30 o'clock, because we
  were invited to take part in the show
  as it was said that we would be one
  of the winners in their demo-compe-
  tition. ok, we knew we would be the
  first on 64, but there also was red
  sector on the amiga with their demo
  'cebit 90' and if you know this piece
  you can imagine that we didn't ex-
  pect to have a chance...

  so, we were introduced how, where and
  where to we had to walk, stand or
  talk during the show. hard work for
  a non-film-star! (ehem...)
  anyway, we bared all their commands
  and tried to act well.
  we, that means: the programmer of the
  demo 'cebit 90' for red sector, me,
  gotcha for crazy with 'that's design'
  and a postman for the atari st, who
  didn't dare to come, cause if you had
  seen his demo, you would understand,
  the show began and for me it was from
  the beginning on clear, that we would
  take the second place.

  our first act in the camera was, when
  the demo was introduced to the spec-
  tators. yes you really could have
  seen 'herbertzan' on tv! (i wonder if
  they recognized it as an anti-demo?!)
  so every demo was shown on tv, not in
  it's whole length of coz, but our
  demo was shown longest of 'em all,ha!
  so we had to go over, out of the au-
  dience (live-show!) direct to the
  show-masseuse ute welty and introduce
  the demo. puh, i imagine the feeling
  i had firstly in a spot light, yuk!
  ok, everyone got a box full of new,
  really new software and had to take
  place again.

  after their lame programm, near the
  end, the winner over all computers
  was announced. he could take the 1.
  prize home, a pc on which the game
  'leisure suit larry' was coded, by
  al low! worth $4000. well at least
  that was the price the highscore-guys
  payed for it.
  so, we stayed in a row, left from me
  the red sector freak on the other
  side this funny postman, who always
  said: 'i hope this will be over soon'
  and then ute opened the envelope,
  where the winner's name stood in...
  you can't imagine, if you hear
  y o u r  name in tv, all the people,

  uuuuuh... and i never thought we
  would win! no really, i don't under-
  stand it until today! but one thing
  i'm proud about is that we won
  against atari st (shit) and even the
  amiga!!! good feeling! the pc is fine
  of coz too! hehe...
  now, the show was over and magic man
  wanted home, coz he had a headache.
  we decided to put the pc into peter's
  car and take a fast-meal at
  mc donalds. and guess what, there
  were the red sector-freaks, boasting
  around when we entered, but soon
  went home by train, imagine, they
  came the long way, expecting to win,

  as the amiga would have no competitor
  but what happened, the little c-64
  beats the big boss amiga, hahaha!
  after the meal at mc donalds, i got a
  bad feeling (in my stomach this time)
  and we celebrated till late in the

  ...and they lived happy after...

       the crusade + shape party

  the party takes place in switzerland
  on the 22nd and 23rd of december.

  the town's name is grenchen, the
  entrance fee is 10 sfr (ca $7)

  following things are promised...

  * a bar with cheap beer available
  * a demo- and drinking competition
  * a shop, kiosk and phonebox nearby
  * for further informations call
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