Mamba 13 ch09 Did You Know

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            did you know...
  ...that spitfire of action made his
     driving-licence after he got re-
     leased from hospital

  ...that jereon tel coded a digi-
     player with four voices playable
     at the same time

  ...that freddy of titron killed spy's
     (ex-fresh) rat by blowing ciga-
     rette smoke on it

  ...that a-man of action plays the
     keyboard in a band

  did you know...

  ...that charles deenen has not coded
     the maniacs of noise sound routine
     but a good friend of him

  ...that jens-christian huus of the
     vibrants stopped producing musics
     for the crowd, but promised to do
     musics only for demos if good
     friends of him ask for it or he
     gets an offer for a game-music

  ...that gene of illusion has trouble
     with nearly everybody on the
     boards (goldfish,pwp,bod,tbb,blank
     tycoon,tom taylor and more...)
  did you know...

  ...that the winner of the highscore-
     democompetition will win a pc-
     computer. all demos (c64+amiga+st)
     will compete against eachother.
     the show is/was on the 24/11/90.

  ...that kickboxer of transcom had an
     accident with his mercedes 230 e
     while driving around with lkj,
     malibu and glasnost
     they were all stoned, they caused
     damage of about $3200

  ...that there exists no software-law
     in hungary (<)
  did you know...

  ...that xayne of crest composes his
     cool tunes in the hawkeye-editor,
     maniacs of noise coded a special
     music composer for this game

  ...that tycoon plays with lego while
     gotcha works hard on mamba

  ...that x-ample has coded 'eskimo-
     games' for the game-competition
     from double density
     all in all they did two games for
     this competition to take part

  did you know...

  ...that max of alpha flight 1970 in-
     stalled a +4 -2 trainer into a
     game. by choosing the first -2
     trainer you are not able to shoot
     the enemies and by choosing the
     second -2 trainer,you directly see
     the 'game over'

  ...that goldfish of legend publishes
     funny parts of gene's secret diary

  ...tristar is back with some former
     members like madman and dennis
     but they have some starting
  did you know...

  ...that a new issue of the legendary
     'pirates' will be released soon
     by solar of f4cg

  ...that markus wiederstein doesn't
     work any longer for digital mar-

  ...that the sarge of fairlight used
     to scan some of his brilliant
     pictures as it is said

  ...that deek and bizzmo of genesis
     project worked for several games
     in former times
  did you know...

  ...that exory changed his handle
     after he entered the charts.
     he realized that he never might
     enter the cracker- but the lamer-

  ...that death have a spinning vector
     'haken-kreuz' in their demo
     called 'heineken'. although they
     said that it would be the former
     sign of an aircraft-company, we
     think this is weak, dudes

  ...that mike d of chaos#1 has won the
     german taekwondo-championchips
  did you know...

  ...that mca, ex-authentic arts and
     thorsten, ex-arrogance of legend
     are graffiti-sprayers,but thorsten
     concentrates on doing rap-music
     in a band now, cool or what?!

  ...that slasher, ex x-ray was kicked
     out because of his lazyness on the
     c-64, but spends his time now
     being the pr-manager for a heavy-
     metal group called 'semitary'

  ...that master jam of science 451 had
     about 40 cm long hair and decided
     to cut it short
  did you know...

  ...that garfield puked into richie's
     (both illusion) car after the
     pcw-show (cat-puke, yuk!)

  ...that xxx of talent and omg of amok
     ran around on the pcw-show with
     stickers on their back, saying:
     "for children in trouble or danger
     ...speak to someone who cares -
     child line 0800 1111"

  ...that laurens van der donk, pro-
     grammer of 'flimbo's quest' fell
     through the driving-licence-test

  did you know...

  ...that jch of vibrants is a danish

  ...that narc of legend got his phone-
     line back.

  ...that the game dragonbreed,recently
     released by activision, was coded
     by ash & dave and is levelpacked
     with timecruncher by network.

  ...that activision stopped producing
     new games for the c64.

  did you know...

  ...that alpha flight and paramount
     translated starbyte's latest
     release 'transworld' into english,
     but paramount put it out first.

  ...that a guy called jinx joined
     paramount, but this guy is not
     jinx of chaos #1.

  ...that exory left holocoust, built
     a new group called 'trauma' and
     calls himself dystan now.

  ...that this is all for today !!!
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