Mamba 13 ch08 Different Things

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           different things

  hello again... once again i want you
  to participate in our competition...

  you just have to look at the comic in
  the 12th issue of mamba, and find out
  which group is shown on the comic and
  from which german city they come from

  write the name of the group and the
  town on a postcard and send it to
            mamba competition

  you can win...

     1) a cd, lp or mc  (your choice)

     2) a t-shirt with a gta-graphic

     3) a new competition pro joystick

 *the deadline is the first of december
 *a chance you can't afford to miss...
 *so send your answer !!!

  (crazy members and their girlfriends
   are not allowed to take part, sorry)
  i've to say...
  gotcha here.
  some people said i only could draw a
  picture if i would use a pattern.
  some people said my other graphics
  would have mistakes a little school-
  boy does (shadows,proportions,etc).
  some people said without any pattern
  my graphics would be shit.
  some people said my logos are color-
  ful, but shit!
  some people even said i would scan
  my pictures.
  but i say who cares what other people

  first i thought about all those
  things, people said, but now i take
  some as criticism and even as honor.
  to compare my hard drawn graphix with
  scanned pictures is strange, but i
  know now i did a good job on conver-
  ting decent comix to the screen.
  my last two comix were drawn out of
  my mind and you can judge for your-
  self which type of comic you like
  now what really makes me angry, is
  the jealousy of some people.
  why appears my name in the charts
  when i'm actually such a rookie?!

  i really wanna know why people offend
  me for the things i do and if i
  criticize themself they tell me how
  lame i would be, yuk!
  here is a little story:
  wizz-art (markus funk/mdg) called me
  up some day. he was one of the dudes
  criticizing me all the time, and so
  we came to talk about what other
  graphix-men think about me.
  he told me that he had talked to
  scrap of genesis in venlo. scrap
  would have said, that i only use
  patterns for my graphix, my other
  graphix would be shit and so on.

  i really was astonished about this,
  because i often saw scrap at venlo
  and sometimes i showed him some of
  my graphics. he critisized them, but
  never said it would be totally shit.
  anyway, i took it as his opinion, but
  never offended him really. he even
  has shown me some of his products
  which i criticized too, but always
  respected his work.
  but what should i say to his talking
  behind my back in this way?!
  anyway, i gave my statement some days
  later in the charts of mamba:
  laber nicht scrap, bist auch nicht
  besser, translated: 'don't argue,
  scrap, you aren't better.'because he
  was lower than me in the charts.
  ugh, i should have never done this,
  because now it began! scrap wrote in
  one of his disc-notes i would have
  offended him without any reason, i
  should apologize, how i would dare
  to talk in this way to his majesty!
  oh god! i thought, but kept my mouth
  shut till i was offended by other
  people (i won't mention here).
  the only thing i wanna say is:
  ok scrap, i apologize, if you apo-
  logize too. you've read the true
  story now and it's up to you, if you
  call me up and we clear the whole

  but those other, so called super-
  graphicians, bigmouths and those
  people who pretend to know everything
  better should keep calm or show me
  what they really can!
  the boy whom i'm talking about knows
  who is ment. come on show me you are
  better... (i'm sure you got my

  scrap, call me...

                 later, gotcha

  and here comes another bbs-review,
  only one again...sorry !

  board  : second to none
  group  : nec/nei hq
  sysop  : the dominant one

  the bbs went up september the second
  1989. 4 days after tdo joined nec and
  the bbs became nec, which it still
  is !
  the first name of the bbs was batcave
  in january 1990 tdo changed the name
  to 2nd to none.

  in may 1990 nei was formed and as
  tdo and horizon were the founding-
  fathers of north east importers, the
  bbs became the only nei hq !

  nei was only created for fun, not to
  work 24 hours a day to be the number
  one, what nei never claimed to be.

  also in may 1990 the bbs became
  legend hq, which still lasts !

  the bbs got about 100 users, half of
  them euros, the bbs gets about 25-30
  calls a day, about 5-15 new posts in
  each sub every day, it depends on

  the topics being discussed.
  the have been some funny raggings
  in the last time, so the messages
  cycled very fast !

  the board has 3 subs : for the usual,
  for uploads and for raggings !

  tdo put on 3 drives for the public,
  only if some 4-6 side-games are
  released at the same time, he gets
  problems to keep all games on, but
  that happens very seldom anyway !

  the wares are almost always 0-1 days
  old !

  about 50% of the users got n/a,
  nevertheless the board is not busy
  all day long.


  speed of wares.....88%
  sysop's character..80%


  watch next mamba for more bbs-reviews
  but we also need the help of certain
  sysops, so if any sysop got a crazy-
  member on his bbs, then simply leave
  a little history about your bbs and
  some more infos to them...

   for any additional help write to

        mamba<      or call...

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