Mamba 13 ch05 Hits and Flops

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            hits and flops

  this time we have something very
  special for you no other magazine on
  disc can offer! but first take the
  usual first-release-bulletins:

  in case you think you are treated
  unfair in this column, send us your
  first-release or leave us e-mail on
  the boards...

  press plus...

  dragon's kingdom      f4cg/destiny

  curse of ra           paramount/xds
  'the first rainbow arts game after
   turrican. coded by cyberstyle'

  atomic robokid        genesis/xds
  'one of the last activision games for
   the c64'

  aidon                 legend/nei
  'a double density game coded by hans
   ippisch (rock'n'roll/rainbow arts)'

  cyros                 culture/destiny
  'a 'game on' game...ugh...'

  rick dangerous ii      censor/xds
  'microstyle's latest, long awaited'

  heatseeker             legend/nei
  'usual thalamus quality, strange game
   get it though'

  last ninja remix       i+t/tsm
  'last ninja ii improved with new
   musics(reyn ouwehand) and a few new
   graphics, by system 3 of course'

  clue master detective  nec
  'taedaedaaaeee, a us-single-file
   release, it's a rarity, by virgin'

  digital tangram        culture/nei
  'another 'game on'...oh boyz'

  b-bobs                 action/fantasy
  'a double density game coded by

  bigfoot                dom/xds
  'a budget by codemasters...'

  monty pythons...       extasy/destiny
  'a flying circus by virgin'

  vyrus                  culture/nei
  'guess what...a 'game on'release...'

  sidewinder ii          genesis/random
  'a mastertronic budget'

  ironman                censor/xds
  'a game worth getting, by virgin'

  the spy who loved me   ils/rnd dom
  'cinema-success on c64...illusion had
   some problems while dom released the
   100% version, by domark/tengen'

  vindicator             legend/nei
  'the first games on the new cartridge
   arrived, by domark'

  badlands                legend/nei
  'the second cartridge game, also
   domark, both one-filers'

  crackdown usa           nec
  'finally the us-gold game for those
   gamblers in the states'

  yogi and his friends    ils/random
  'another comic-strip game by hi-tec'

  transworld              paramount
  'in german, but translated by p.'

  golden axe              extasy/xds
  'quality by virgin mastertronic'

  midnight resistance     illusion/rnd
  'the 100% version: 9 levels,by ocean'

  skating usa             dom/random
  'a game by atlantis software'

  kwik snax               i+t/tsm
  'what's that ??'

  cyberball               legend/nei
  'the first multi-file from cartridge,
   by domark/tengen'

  tmnt                    nec/mirage
  'finally it's konami'

  now for the surprise, ehmm...
  ok, we are  proud to present you
  four gametests. nothing special i
  hear you say, but these games tested
  here are not released yet !!
  so get hooked by this stuff:

  i. 'square out' by hannes sommer
     probably released by system 3

  square out is a new idea in game
  coding. your task is to steer a ball
  through pipes, divided in quarters
  which you have to puzzle in a complex
  row. the time-pressure is your enemy
  and you have to save the ball from

  falling down. the graphix by redstar
  are stunning and the music is made
  by thomas mogensen (drax/vibrants).
  hannes told me, system 3 showed in-
  terest in his game and i'm sure it
  deserves to be a fullprice-hit!
  you really get hooked by playing
  square out. i wonder who will manage
  to crack antitrack's protection...

        design : 80%
        idea   : 84%
        graphic: 75%
        music  : 74%
        total  : 78%
  'ball-fever' is the second game in
  cosmos's game-row. it seems hannes
  has nothing better to do or perhaps
  he needs money...
  anyway, this game is designed and
  coded by hannes sommer, yes you've
  read right, he painted and coded all.
  you say hannes can code but not paint
  hahaha, you will wonder, the graphix
  are nice and this is a statement by
  gotcha! ok, now about the game:
  again you steer a ball, but now your
  task is to collect water-drops.
  ough, boring, no! it's really funny!
  you have to solve different levels
  by jumping over your enemies who re-

  duce your energy. paralax-scrolling,
  really nice! well what to say more...
  just watch out for 'ball-fever'!
  i don't know who will protect this
  game. but i think hannes will choose
  att once again... let's wait an' see.

            design : 82%
            idea   : 65%
            graphic: 66%
            music  : 60%
            total  : 68%

  'crime time' by the byteriders is an
  adventure in the style of zak mc
  cracken. the graphic is made by
  x-ample, which should be a reason for
  buying this game.
  'crime time' is selled to digital
  marketing and will be a full-price
  game. the game is available in german
  and english.
  the idea of the game is:
  you are presumed as a murderer and
  you have to prove your innocence by
  finding out the real murderer.
  the comments are funny and the play
  is really interresting.
  you miss an adventure if you don't
  play 'crime time'.
  the music by x-ample is very funny
  and cool too, miami vice!
  for me, as an adventure freak, one
  of the best games of 1990!
  sorry, i'm not allowed to say some-
  thing about the further game-play...

            design : 89%
            idea   : 96%
            graphic: 80%
            music  : 78%
            total  : 86%

  watch out for this masterpiece...
  'vincent' released on golden m.d. is
  a game in the style of great giana
  sisters. the graphix are done by
  gotcha and if you are a fan of giana
  sisters,you shouldn't miss this game
  coming out on 'golden disc' !
  you have to steer a little vegetarian
  vampir through different levels.
  your energy-food are blood-oranges
  and your enemies are the cross (of
  course), dragons, rats, zombies etc..
  your task is to solve about 30 levels
  to reach the land of everlasting
  night and blood-oranges, haha,...
  funny game, it will be out around
  march 1991... ugh late!   rating: 70%

  i saw more things that around out yet
  and i could tell ya....
  ok here are some more:
  i saw the intro of 'dutch breeze'
  you remember that demo by black mail,
  the successor of 'sophisticated 3',
  that is stuck in all our minds,
  anyway, it's really great. you see
  a dragon flying over the see and you
  see cliffs all around, looks like the
  coast of england. the dragon crosses
  the moon and the atmosphere is really
  cold. wonderful graphix, really.
  if the rest of this demo is like this
  intro, i only can say: bring this
  damn demo out,'soon'!!!  rating: !!!

  here once again our address if you
  want to correct or supply this
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