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   w a r r i o r s    o f     t i m e
              invite you to
           m e g a ^ p a r t y
         for both c-64 and amiga

      time : 27th-30th of dec. 1990
      place:   tydestrand, norway

  we in warriors of time are now going
  to arrange one of the greatest party-
  hits ever seen in areas like skandi-
  the party-place will tvedestrand's
  largest school. we will open the door
  for you thursday 27th of dec. at 8.00
  am and the whole thing will go till
  sunday-evening on 30th of december.

  the entrance-fee will be around 150.-
  norwegian kroner, quite much but as
  we have some real cool prices for the
  demo-, graphix- and music competition
  for you on both machines, c64 and

  we even will install a shop for you
  somewhere in this school, opened for
  your health and hardware-needs(discs)
  24 hours a day.

  no booze or beer is allowed!
  drink outside or get thrown out!

  the competition-results are shown on
  a big screen. no fuckin' jury will
  be responsible for the result! you
  have to vote on your own!
  the music will be boost out on a
  stereo rack.

  most cool guys of northern europe are
  expected, so why not going there?!
  nb: you might call this party a legal
  one, cause we don't take any kind of
  responsibility for what you gonna
  copy. the party is arranged for
  coding, composing, puzzling and mee-
  ting friends...

  for more information or the real
  paper invitation call or write to:


        phone: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  (party-text is shortened by mamba...)
  the venlo report, what a support,ehm
  venlo, this time one week-end earlier
  than the usual meeting takes place.
  the crazy-gang had to go to school
  therefor because this saturday was
  one of these saturdays i always ask
  myself why standing up so early,uhah.
  anyway, after school, peter fetched
  magic man and me (gotcha) at our hq
  and we drove to holland after we had
  packed the last bytes and the note
  of our demo, "that's design".
  peter's stoned greenpeace-music in-
  side the car made me dizzy and i was
  glad when i could convince him to
  listen some of my tapes (probably...
  ...snap!). (von peter:dario du arsch)
  we were late, peter was driving like
  my grandma, anyway, we reached venlo
  safely and imidiately took the two
  copies of our demo, not looking left
  nor right for friends but only to
  spread the thing.
  most guys had already packed in and
  went home, (15.00 pm).
  but as we had shown our demo, we soon
  were surrounded by some friends who
  usually go there, like aj/trc,tt/[p],
  max/afl,joe cool,[p],timm/vision,hok
  of action,jihad and many more, hi
  we decided to copy the shit before
  the fat pig cuts the power and took
  over a computer in the crowd.
  but what was this! one of our copies
  seemed to buck after copying it.
  we checked the other one out, phew,
  it ran.
  but after copying the second of our
  copies on that god-damn ram-expansion
  lameer-64 the second disc broke,gnaa-
  that's the reason why in venlo there
  was only spread a broken version of
  "that's design". sorry dudes, but
  that was bad luck for sure...
  besides several magazines that come
  up like hell now there was only
  spread the vision demo "mist 2" and
  the flash inc. demo "channel 64".
  after one hour venlo for us, the
  power-source was cut. i was frustra-
  ted anyway as i had no working demo
  anymore,but only some paper graphix
  to spread...
  the show was over and we drove back
  home after we had eaten some frites.
  peter turned on his gospel-tunes and
  i read the new "gridpoint observer",
  i got from action jackson (thanx
  friend!), trying not to hear the
  noise! magic man was telling bad
  jokes but noone listened...
  i recognized: gridp.obs.: amiga-ranks
  ...demo-charts: 1. vision,
  are there 2 visions??!...
                    ...anyway, gotcha

          censor party report

  by  zth/shadows
  and bhf/hoaxers

  'we came to the party on friday, one
   hour after it had started. there
   were only swedes at the party at
   this time... as we had no computers
   along, we took place in the same
   room as horizon, light and groovy
   bits, coz they had lots of compys !

   the party-place was a huge school,
   4 floors high! the groups took

  different classrooms in all floors,
  so we had to walk a lot through the
  all day went and no other foreigners
  showed up. the only foreigners that
  ever showed up were excell/ikari, jch
  4 other danes and one dude from
  poland. but most of the swedish elite
  was there. still the conclusion must
  be , because of the lack of people
  (and other things) : the party was
  lame..., or at least a major dis-
  appointment for us that had gone all
  the way down there. still i feel
  sorry for the censor dudes, coz they
  are cool guys and were good hosts!

  if there had been more people, it
  would have been ok!
  at the party you could buy candy+coke
  and there was a pizza-bar close by.

  the demo-comp.

  the demos were shown in a little hall
  on sunday morning. the demos were
  voted like this: best demo 3 points,
  2nd 2 p. 3rd best demo 1 point and
  everyone got to vote
  results : 1.flash inc  prize:3000 sek
         "   1000  "
            3.censor       "    500  "

  it also was allowed to vote for their
  own group.
  demo conclusions:

  flash had an ok demo with lots of
  animations and other things flash
  always has released (only stack-
  improvements). vision had a large
  filled vectorpart (animated) and a
  part with a rotating scroller. (and
  some good graphics, but very un-
  original though)
  censor had some nice parts, and one
  with a 4 screen high eddie-piccy,
  joystick-controlled(ofcoz by bob) and
  one part with an fli-hardware-scroll!

  my fgavourite partydemo was
  bergamygg iii, by groovy bits, coz it
  was very original (and that's more

             by zth of the shadows...

  (written on the train back home)

  ...and some additional words by
     bhf of hoaxers...

  'there were too less pornomags and
   films at the party. the party would
   have been totally lame if bob, shark
   geggin/censor haven't been there +

  some other cool guyz like : terrax/
  flt,vision,i+t,an-x-starion dude,
  nova/flash,masterjam and odin of s451
  goblin and flamingo of light and hz.

  it was about 190 people present,
  mostly c64 guyz, but many left the
  2nd day, only 50-60 were present at
  the democomp. it was cool with some
  heavy drinking. lot's of people did
  that. the school locked like a mess,
 but the party was an intime experience
  i got to know people better than i
  would at a longer party.


  there is someone i would like to
  mention : bob, geggin, slaygon, shark
  ...nice pals. especially the disco in
  town was nice : masterjam messed
  around with this ugly girl,regretting
  like mad the day after. groovy bits,
  light, hz, flt, viper, excell,s451
          zth and bhf signing off   '

   okay dudes...for any kind of reports
   call the states...XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

                         box 9021 !!!
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