Mamba 13 ch02 The Interview

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  another month...another interview...

  this time we caught joe cool of
  paramount at the phone, go ahead !

  mamba    = m

  joe cool = >

 know what to press...

  m : hi dude, tell us something about
      yourself !

  > : hello, my name is armin huber,
      i am 21 years old, i am living
      in oppenau in the 'schwarzwald',
      near the french border.
      i am 185cm tall, my weight is
      150 pounds...and i am already

  m : ok, what's about your computer-
      career ?

  > : well, i've got my c64 in 1984,

      my first group was trianon,
      after trianon died i joined
      fantasy cracking service, after
      their death i joined madonna
      cracking group and now i am in

  m : interesting career, and how did
      you become a paramounter and when
      was your group formed ?

  > : after mcg's death in 1988 sting,
      sls and me decided to build a new
      group. actually paramount has
      12 members, two from holland, one
      from norway and the rest germans.

  m : what is your task in paramount ?

  > : hmm, due to sting quitting the
      scene i became something like the
      leader, so my job is to organize
      the group, but i also do some
      imports and mailtrading with
      about 30 people !

  m : how did you get your handle ?

  > : in 1984, when i was in spain on
      holidays and i got a sportswear
      with a 'snoopy' and the name
      joe cool on it, and i decided to
      take the name over !(not snoopy!)

  m : what's your opinion about the
      scene nowadays ?

  > : at the moment there are only 5-6
      top groups who release all the
      games first, but the scene is
      much better compared to the amiga
      scene, where the people don't
      care for each other. on the c64
      the relationship between the
      pirates is on the whole better.

  m : yeah, that's also my opinion,
      did you ever get in trouble with
      the cops ???

  > : unfortunatley, after sting got
      busted when he was still in mcg,
      they found some addresses in his
      house and also mine.
      some time later they visited me
      and found about 60 discs, but
      weeks later they stopped the
      process and i only had to pay
      150 dm ($100) to a social

  m : what do you think about americans
      in comparison to the euros ?

  > : the americans i know aren't

      conceited at all, they just are
      way cooler, they've got a
      differnt manner to handle the
      things !

  m : if there would be one thing in
      the scene you could change...

  > : well, what i really don't like
      is that all people turn into
      mysterymonger concerning their
      shops where they get their
      originals from, that's really
      childish !

  m : aha! are there still any aims
      you still want to reach ?

  > : no, i can't remember of anything!
      of course, everybody in the scene
      has the wish to be no 1 once, but
      i don't have any special wish !

  m : did you ever regret your years of
      computing ?

  > : no, never, no reason to !

  m : what are your future plans
      concerning compuer ? (amiga?)

  > : well, i like the c64 scene like
      it is, and as long as the scene
      is alive, i am gonna stay if
      nothing unforeseen happens !
      i own an amiga for about 8 months
      and i am getting all the games,
      but as the scene itself sucks i
      can't imagine to join the scene!

  m : describe a lamer ! (no names)

  > : a lamer calls me several times a
      say, always wants to know what's
      new and what's old, always wants
      me to send something to him,

      he always sends empty discs to
      me without putting stamps on the
      envelope, and who always asks me
      how to connect a modem, at which
      i don't have any idea by myself!
      those people really exist !

  m : ok thanx, now some personal
      questions will follow...

      what are your favourites ??

  > : my fav. hobbies are especially
      sports like handball, volleyball
      and hardball...

      my favourite food are steaks,
      then i like warsteiner, bitburger
      beer, tequila and exotic drinks.

      further i prefer books by stephen
      king and music...everything
      what comes along except hardrock!

  m : ok, what are your future plans
      concerning life ?

  > : hmm i hope that everything works
      fine concerning my job, that i
      have a safe future, no money
      problems, no diseases...

  m : what is the greatest thing and
      biggest disappointment in your
      life hitherto life ?

  > : (m:armin begins to brood!!)
      i don't know !!

  m : ok, a lost word you want to say ?

  > : yeah, some greetinx to you, peter
      and to everybody i know !!!
      so i hope everything will be well
      and we'll see what happens '91
      in the scene !!! bye

  m : thanks armin...
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