Mamba 13 ch01 News and Rumours

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           news and rumours

  * tankard of autopsy has quit the
    scene, yeah. maybe panoramic
    designs have given him the rest,
    you will understand, if you've
    seen their latest demo, pd also
    seem to have a lot of enemies

  * democompetition results from the
    censor design party:

    1."channel 64" by flash inc.
    2."mist ii" by vision
    3."for your eyes only" by censor

  * after steel quited the scene, chris
    beatmachine seems to be the only
    remaining music-wizzard in mega-
    blast, he composed a tune for
    crest's "two years crest"

  * mitch was kicked out of dominators

  * fox went to dominators and will do
    the graphix for dom's magazine on
    disc called 'business'. but he will
    do the graphix from the second
    issue on

  * chorus went to flash inc. he did
    some of the hotshot graphix

  * the dominator's party v.2 will
    take place easter 1991!
    dom:"be prepared for the best
         party ever!"

  * in spite of extasy giving their
    latest release 'golden axe' to
    exodus they are still trading with
    destiny, no destiny'er was avaiable
    at the right time.

  * the next issue of corruption by
    paramount will contain a completely
    new main-menu.

  * pyle/crazy is not in brainbombs.

  * x-ray released the first issue of
    their new magazine 'bild-zeitung'.
    the name was chosen from the
    german popular-press newspaper,also
    the contents seem to correspond.

  * after airwolf germany of action
    was caught by the cops he quit for
    a short time and re-entered the
    scene as xox of action.

  * the censor party in copenhagen
    wasn't the expected success as
    mostly swedes, some danes and
    norwegians showed up.

  * bacchus of fairlight who announced
    to quit computing still can't stay
    away from 'those little beasts'
    as he still cracks some games once
    in a while.

  * cyberpunk quit c64, he is going to
    sell his equipment.
    also stingray slows his computer
    activities down on account of
    investing more and more time into
    his girlfriend.

  * tmbc, legends x-cracker from
    belgium, came back and is already
    cracking for legend.

  * markus wiederstein was dismissed,
    the reason for digital marketing
    to kick him out was not his
    activity as testament of genesis.

  * the green griffon (x-inc), who
    recently returned to the c64-scene,
    began a quarrel with crumbsucker
    of fantasy and keeps i+t's
    headquarter 'warez castle' busy
    by calling too often.

  * crazy is not going to release
    sebastian broghammer's game 'crime-
    time', but got his permission to
    review the game.
         the transfer^market
  dude        ex-group     new group
  skreemer    exodus       ???
  twp         class        x-ray
  kreator     depredators  dynamix
  lieutenant  century      dynamix
  bonk        dynamix      crest
  lawyer      dynamix      crest
  ziggy       legend       ???
  shadow      transcom     legend
  fox         bonzai       dominators
  jihad       action       hitmen
  mitch       dominators   ???
  macro nit   nato         dominators
  steel       megablast    (quit)
         the transfer^market
  dude        ex-group     new group
  dense       depredators  ruthless
  brego       atg          ruthless
  z.fastfire  culture      destiny
  freestyle   fresh        talent
  dave        fresh        talent
  tom taylor  paramount    byteriders
  tsb         extasy       browbeat
  dark knight ???          tsm
  chorus      triad        flash inc.
  heathcliff  ???          culture
  dutch composer ?         culture
  ventor      ???          extasy
  dogfriend   dom          ???

  * crazy won the highscore-democompet.
    look in 'reports' in the next issue
    for more detailed informations.

  * michael detert of x-ample quit c64
    on account of releasing a record.
    it is said that steve/pet shop boys
    supports him.
    as a result x-ample will dissolve

  * tristar is already dead again,
    some members built up 'raisors'.

  * maduplec is still coding on the c64
    although he announced he'd stop.
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