Mamba 10 ch09 Did You Know

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  did you know...

  ...that jch came up with the idea to
     make out of this an extra sub?

  ...that laurens van der donk plans
     to code 'flimbo's quest 2' each
     level will have 100 screens and
     therefor 3-4 painters have to do
     a lot of work.

  ...that link of vibrants will do the
     sound-track for 'chase hq 2' under
     the maniacs of noise-label?

  ...lumberjack of genesis project are
     more than only one guy?
  did you know...

  ...that thomas mogensen (drax) of
     vibrants is only 14 (fourteen)
     years old?

  ...that the so-called best interrupt-
     loader by markus wiederstein looks
     very similar to the black mail-
     interrupt-loader which they coded
     earlier (sophisticated 3)?

  ...that hannes sommer has coded two
     games and will soon sell one to
     system three as they showed inter-
     rest in his new game-idea?

  did you know...

  ...that the legendary software-in-
     spector freiherr guenther von
     gravenreuth was in venlo?

  ...that excell of ikari and talent
     has moved back home to his home-
     country denmark, sweden sucks!

  ...that snacky of genesis called
     markus wiederstein after he had
     cracked 'logo' and told him how to
     improve the timex-protection,
     after that mws called mr.cursor
     immediately and told him about it.

  did you know...

  ...that rygar/ex-x-ray codes a new
     game on 64 called 'matrix'

  ...that mortician of genesis admitted
     in public that he is a gay.

  ...that the crazy hq 'disintegration'
     crashed and everyone who was on
     has to call again.

  ...that the disk shoppe has a new
     number and went more private be-
     cause of this.

  ...that ultima 6 will be out soon.

  did you know...

  ...that weetibix/x-scouse cracking
     group, is still active on amiga
     for oracle, his last crack i've
     seen was a brilliant version of
     flimbo's quest !

  ...that in sweden will excist a new
     software-law from 1st of octobre
     against software-piracy.
     so don't write any group-names on
     the envelopes.

  ...that slasher of x-ray is still
  did you know...

  ...that tristar on the amiga has the
     best european-hacker for pbx-codes

  ...that weasel/crazy spent one week
     on translating 'sunny shine'.

  ...that butcher of nec is 29 years
     old and owns 24 employees.

  ...that already one 'game on' reader
     has written to us! -a new record!

  ...that chris huelsbeck will never
     produce any 64-music again...

  did you know...

  ...that the transcom-party in yugos-
     lavia was the biggest flop of
     1990. 25 people all in all showed
     up, 15 hungarians (chromance) and
     3 other foreigners. the organiser
     of the 'party' has now to pay
     about 3500 german marks, ca.1500
     dollar for counting with 100
     visitors and sleeping places.
     the party was the worst organised
     party ever(according to chromance)
     poor transcom yugoslavia...
     we mean it!

     that's it...        -return-
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