Mamba 10 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  hits & flops

  ok, first of all here's a little
  letter by mik/dcs, who wuit c64 and
  sent this last letter to his
  contacts! the reason why i write it
  in this sub is that i have already
  packed the other subs, so this is the
  last one...


  mik's letter :

  'this day has finally arrived. as
   most of you will have concluded,
   jog and i have finally quit the 64

   jog has stopped all illegal
   activities, but will continue to
   finish his game which will hopefully
   be released soon. i have only quit
   the 64 scene, but i will start
   swapping realistically on the amiga
   now. hopefully the coop between dcs
   and rsi will be very successfull.

  you may be wondering why we quit the
  64 scene. there are infinite reasons
  but the main ones are that there are
  too many lamers and too many big
  heads around which corrupts the
  enjoyment on the scene. if we be-
  lieved everything we read in crack-
  intros and even off the mouths of
  groups, there would be about thirty
  no. 1 groups, best crackers and
  fastest crackers. realistically there
  are about two, amybe three groups,
  who deserve to call themselves n0. 1
  groups. i will not name any names but
  most of you will know who they are.

  so there you have it,
  the doughnut cracking service is dead
  on the 64. but remember, if you have
  an amiga, do not hesitate to start
  swapping on that machine. this
  applies to anyone who wants to.

  o.k. that's just about all i want to
  say, maybe i will go down to the
  show in london in september.'

  ok, i hope it's ok that we published
  this letter in a public magazine,
  but there isn't anything private,
  i think !

  ok, here we go on with the usual
  stuff; some game tests and a short
  listing of games released this 'dry'
  month !

  the game-reviews concerned these
  games :

  shadow warrior        ocean
  double dribble        konami
  sunny shine           rainbow arts
  para academy          players prem.

  but first i'll start with the games..

  shadow warrior     dom/xds  i+t/tsm
  (full price game by ocean)

  outlaw             dom/xds
  (low budget game by players premier)

  dragons of flame   nec
  (american game by broderbund, it is
   the follower of heros of the lance)

  wobbler            i+t/tsm
  (a double density game, programmed
   by cyberstyle/cologne)

  steel eagle        dom/xds
  (low budget by players premier)

  skate warz          tsm
  (an american game, it's a re-release
   of starball, cracked some time ago
   by a euro-group and imported by atc)

  double dribble      napalm
  (an american release by konami)

  operation hanoi     dom/xds
  (low budget by players premier)

  drum master         i+t/tsm
  (an english music-utility, but very
   usefull indeed!)

  para academy         dom/xds
  (again a low budget by zeppelin games

  starace              culture/fantasy
  (a game from an english magazine)

  sunny shine          crazy+lotus/xds
  (a german game by rainbow arts,
   completely translated by crazy)

  lords of chaos       illusion+atc
  (by blade software, i think)

  evening star         legend/nei
  (a re-release, first cracked by ccs
   some years ago, bad luck!)

              game reviews

         shadow warrior - ocean

  the conversion of the arcade-game
  didn't suceed! many effects and
  options of the arcade are missing.
  you have to fight through several
  levels, you can beat or kick your
  enemy in the beginning!
  the game looks like a typical ocean-
  game : left-right scrolling, average
  graphics, average sound and fx !
  only the fans of those kind of
  thrashing-games will like it !
                       valuation : 67

         double dribble - konami

  another sport-simulation from the
  american softwarehouse konami is
  their second hit after
  this time you are a basketballer, you
  can play in a team against the
  computer or a human being. the game
  itself is confusing in the beginning,
  so you have to practise some time.
  the steering is quite difficult, in
  the menu there is a great number of
  options ! the game also consists of
  good effects like digitized throws
  into the basket !
                       valuation : 79

     sunny shine - rainbow arts/l&m

  you just lost an expensive car, not
  owned by yourself. you have to make
  enough money and find the same car
  again, because it was a very special
  car. your name is sunny shine, you
  have many possibilities to make
  enough money,but you need your brain!
  you steer your person through
  different pictures and you can pick
  up and throw away all kind of things.
  the structure of the game reminds me
  of maniac mansion! about 40 nice
  pictures and a few tunes make the
  game very interesting. valuation: 89

      para academy - zeppelin games

  you make a training in a military
  training-camp! some 'lessons' are
  sprinting, swimming, target shooting
  or weight lifting. on the whole there
  are 8 different events! most of the
  lessons are composed of joystick-
  shaking, except the target-shooting.
  the music and graphics are average.

                      valuation : 41

   ok, that's all for this month...

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