Mamba 10 ch02 The Interview

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  i think almost everybody knows our
  first interview-partner, it is
  side of hotline !

  the second interview was made with
  butcher/nec+nei !!!

  hopefully you enjoy both views into
  the boys' life !!!

             - plus it -

   side  : s
   mamba : m

  m : hello side.
      tell us something about yourself!

  s : well, my name is said and i'm a
      19 year old male, i'm a part
      marrocan, part dutch with brown
      eyes and hair, my length is about
      1.75 meters and i'm getting
      trained in the telephone business

  m : what's about your computer
      career ?

  s : well, i started out as a lamer
      in '84, years later tbf asked
      me to join sphinx(cuz i got a
      modem) and after some months i
      got a fight with him concerning
      at&t's. that day i got a phone-
      call from sledgehammer asking me
      cuz bam bam was at the point of
      being thrown out!
      so i joined on the condition that
      my good friend rico could also
      join, and well, i'm still here...

  m : what's about your group ?

  s : hotline exists for the 6th year
      now, and some big names that have
      been in are popeye, coco, bambam,
      rico, xxx, bod, airborne, 3030,
      sh, marc...
      the current members are only
      rob, tss and me !
      sledge and sh are on the st as
      the no 1 group hotline !

  m : how did you get your handle ?

  s : i got my name from learning
      americans pronouncing my name.
      (the only who said it like it
      really is was pudwerx on a 3way!)

  m : what do you think about the scene
      today, what would you change ?

  s : the scene today is like constant
      new groups who die and start a
      new one. there's also too much
      attention to the lamers !
      if i could change anything, i
      would confiscate all modems
      except from the elites !

  m : what do you think about
      americans/euros ?

  s : the europeans are ok, but there
      are a lot of americans who do
      nothing but bullshitting on how
      cool they are (in real life)

  m : are there still any aims you want
      to reach ?

  s : no, i've been in a group which
      was no 1 and i have been the
      no 1 importer '90, i don't think
      there's more to do (or the lust
      to do it!)

  m : did you ever regret the years
      of computer ?

  s : no, it has been fun and without
      it i would never had the friends
      and music and video contacts i
      have now !

  m : who do you think is the best
      group ever/today ?

  s : as the best group ever i would
      say hotline or ikari...

  m : did you ever get in troubles with
      the cops ?

  s : yeah, but not cuz of computers,
      although i once got shit with
      a phone-company for using their
      pbx (someone mentioned my name)

  m : what are your future plans
      concerning computer ?

  s : i have no plans after the c64
      dies, but maybe i changed my mind
      by that time and go either amiga,
      st or pc!

  m : describe a lamer! (no names)

  s : a lamer is someone who thinks
      the f.a.s.t. is a new racing-
      simulator and walks through venlo
      thinking he's 'the' man while he
      is a '0' !!!

  m : who are your best friends in the
      scene ?

  s : my best friends would be sledge,
      rob,rico,marc,tss,tlb,dragon, the
      people on the boards (esp. gazoo
      and stan) and everybody i forgot
      i'm story !!

     some talk about you personally

  m : what are your favourites ?

  s : movies : childs play, totall
      recall and all horror movies
      that are so dirty you want to
      puke !
      music : hip-hop,swingbeat and
      soul-balades(to close dance...)
      drink : the real thing
      food : pizza,shourma and food
      from exotic places
      other thing : hippie clothing,
      nike shoes,sony walkmen,beautiful
      women,bmw,mercedes,above the law.

  m : what are you doing in your
      sparetime ?

  s : watching video, going out,
      hanging out in rotterdom, musics!

  m : what is your biggest (dis)-
      appointment /greatest thing ever
      happened to you ?

  s : i can't think of anything, so
      i'll send you the answers if i
      ever think of them during my
      life! (ed. don't forget it!)

  m : how does your future plans
      concerning your life look like ?

  s : living in a penthouse in
      rotterdam married to a beautiful
      youg wife !

  ok, that's about it, thank you very
  much !
  one last you want to say ?

  s : i would like to thank everyone
      who helped me and still helps me!
      (looks like the credits on the
      back of an album!)

  ok, yup here's the second one...

  butcher : b
  mamba   : m

  m : hi!
      please tell us something about

  b : ok, my name jimmy, i'm 29 years
      old, i live in texas! i own my
      own business, i am a salesman!
      i have 3 children,17+14+6 years
      old, i am living together with a
      woman but i am not married to

      my weight is 238 pounds, i'm not
      fat but very tall,i'm able to
      stem 450 pounds! i have a handle-
      bar(?) moustache and to any good
      looking woman, i am game for any-
      thing !!!

  m : uff, ok, what's about your
      computer career ?

  b : ok, my equipment consists of a
      c64, 2 1581'er, 1 1541'er, a
      colour monitor, a commodore-
      printer ! i got my computer in
      1982 and i ran up a 1800 dollar
      phone-bill in one month !

      because of this i put it up for
      8 years and several months ago
      i decided to return because of
      boredom !
      about 6 months ago i got asked
      by horizon and tdo to join nec
      as a wares-spreader! i also hack
      at&t's !
      in 1982, after i saw the film
      wargames,i had to buy a computer!

  m : what's about your group ?

  b : nec has been around for a year
      and a half. horizon started the
      group. ther have been so many

      members in nec, i can't remember
      them all !
      there were times we had about
      15 nec-headquarters at one time!
      now there are only horizon, tdo,
      prodigy, archmage, trojan, tinman
      defiance, murdock, nynex ninja
      and me!

  m : how did you get your handle ?

  b : because i'm so big, people called
      me butcher before i got into
      computing, it was my nickname.

  m : what do you think about the scene
      today ?

  b : overall the scene is pretty good,
      but people are telling too much
      bullshit about others for no
      reason! compared to the former
      times it's nothing to what it
      was !
      ragging on people for no reason
      is wrong!

  m : what do you think about americans
      compared to europeans ?

  b : i think everyone tries to make
      the scene good looking!
      there are no big differences
      between euros and amiericans,
      both sides have eg. good
      crackers !

  m : are there still any aims you want
      to reach ?

  b : yeah, i wanna make nei kick-ass!!

  m : did you ever regret the years of
      computing ?

  b : no, i never have !!!

  m : who do you think is the best
      group/cracker ?

  b : well, for importing it's xds+dom,
      they really kickass at the
      moment! for crackink it's nec,
      the best single-cracker is
      horizon !

  m : did you ever get in troubles with
      the cops/phone-companies ?

  b : yes, i've got a lot of troubles
      with the cops and the phone-
      company!(i got a 1800 d. bill!)
      with the cops for fighting,

      i almost killed a person.
      also for drugs, i like to fight
      and being high! but never for

  m : what are your future plans
      concerning computer ?

  b : i don't know, i'd like to see the
      c64 having a comeback...i will
      stay with the 64 until the scene
      dies...then i probably move on,
      probably to the ibm, but mostly
      for hacking and phreaking !

  m : describe a lamer! (no names!)

  b : a lamer is alway telling shit
      about others !

  m : who are your best friens in the
      scene ?

  b : juergen(weasel), tdo, cure and
      scraggs !

     - some more personal talk ! -

  m : what are your favourites ?

  b : my favourite movie is highlander,
      fav. drink is a crown bulldog,
      (eg. he tried to explain me the
      trimmings...ask him by yourself!)
      fav. food is venison (deer).
      fav. book is 'talisman' by
      my fav. author stephen king !

  m : what are you doing in your spare-
      time besides computing ?

  b : racing cars, diving and fucking!

  m : aha...what is the biggest
      disappointment/greatest thing
      ever happened to you ?

  b : my biggest disappointment in my
      whole life was my divorce,
      my greatest throw was making my
      first 100.000 dollar in a year !

  m : how does your future plans
      concerning your life look like ?

  b : i plan to retire by the age of
      36 !

  m : ok, thanx jimmy, one last thing
      you want to say ?

  b : i wish everybody to try to get
      along better with everyone else!
      i want to greet everyone that
      know me personally, especially
      weasel, atc, xds and definately
      all the guys in nec/nei !!!

  m : thank you very much...

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