Mamba 10 ch01 News and Rumours

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  news (& some rumours)

  we still need your support, so keep
  sending news (no rumours) to us,
  another cnance to contact is just
  to catch us on any board in the
  states...or better the crazy boards!

  or simply write to mamba< staff
       or simply call XXXXXXXXXXXX
          and ask for XXXXXXXXXXXX

  - p.c. ltd of censor (better known
    as psycho!) got shot into
    the head by an airgun and nearly
    lost one eye ! by good fortune
    his eyelight could be rescued !
    it happened when he was walking
    through the 'bronx' of the swedish
    town sodertalje !
    all crazy members and especially
    frank and me (peter) wish you a
    speedy recovery !!

  - intense is dead again! after quit
    c64 forever and villain, their
    original-supplier joined napalm !

  - sys of alphaflight and omg/amok
    had a big quarrel for several
    months! they spread lots of lies,
    even about the families !
    (at least omg did!)
    sys threatened omg to beat him up
    if he would ever meet him!
    then, at the last venlo-meeting
    on the 18th of august both guys
    were present! sys said to omg to
    go in front of the hall to fight,
    but omg refused and stayed in !
    after the meeting omg had to come
    out and sys knocked him directly
    into omg's face! omg took a little

    bottle of poison-gas and sprayed it
    into sys' face !
    omg kicked sys and finally ran

  - cosmos is dead ! after yon and the
    other remaining cosmos member left,
    antitrack decided to quit cosmos !
    him and big ben searched for a new
    group, it was rumoured that he got
    an offer from transcom !
    finally att and big ben
    joined legend !!!
    yon, jez and some lazer member
    built a new group called 'austrian
    cracking crew' (acc) !

  - the federation against omg is over!
    omg and excell, the leader of the
    fao, had a phonecall and came to
    and agreement !

  - murdock left fantasy and joined
    nec/nei !

  - the crazy & lotus cooperation is
    over due to a lack of time of the
    lotus guys ! maybe they come back
    one day...

  - pyle left legend to join crazy !

  - also the alphaflight and paramount
    cooperation splitted up!
    as they are almost in a war again
    they seem to have neverending
    quarrels !

  - the danish demo group bones quit
    the c64, their last production was
    a demo called 'total decay'

  - nam/extasy opened a danish bbs
    called never never land ! its
    number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX !

  - x-men joined ikari+talent as a

  - croydon/nato quit the scene and
    is going to the usa for one year

  - the disk shoppe is also a destiny
    hq now! it also is nec/nei, crazy,
    genesis hq !

  - mca/authentic arts quit computing.

  - tj, one half of arrogance, joined
    x-ray, while torsten/arrogance is
    still groupless.

  - chris(beatmachine) quit the c64 and
    wants to participate in the real

  - trix/atrix joined bonzai.

  - after an absence of several months,
    euzkera of censor released a new
    issue of his magazine 'fatal news'
    it contains eg. a miss c64

  - jesper olsen left amok and bought
    an amiga.

  - action released a genesis project
    demo, which consisted a game, in
    the states as action-release, with
    an action intro in front of it !
    it is called antifriction !

  - accu left flash inc and rejoined

  - cyberpunk left genesis and joined
    illusion, kampftrinker will
    probably follow

  - the censor and fairlight war is
    over, both groups plan to release
    a peace-demo

  - chris huelsbeck will never produce
    any c64 song or utility again

  - hein design joined black mail

  - twist quit conflict and joined
    paramount, he will release a new
    magazine instead of cocooc

  - unifier was kicked out of censor

  - tycoon and jnjun changed their
    group again, left triad and joined

  - stanz left abstract and joined

  - the master hacker of tsm is
    extasy's new calling card supplier

  - the radwar v5 party will take place
    on heinsbrg from the 31st of august
    to the 2nd of september,
    besides the usual disco there will
    be other entertainments like sport-
    competitions and a barbecue!

  - the crypt and dark angels party
    will take place in hameln on the
    1s of september ! entrance are 5
    german marks! the party will take
    place from ca 10 o'clock am to
    11 pm !
    for infos write to XXXXXXXXXXXX

  - att/legend is going to sell a
    s-mon and the turbo assembler,
    both working with a ram-expansion.
    you can order the package,
    consisting of an assembler, re-
    assembler and s-mon for 30 german
    marks at att's po-box in

  - rumours report about a splitting
    of the english and the danish
    dominators guys! at the pcw-show
    in london the future of the
    dominators will be discussed, when
    the most important danish and
    english guys meet there!    -return
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