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 besides computing:
 well, this time we can offer you some
 charts and other stuff from the actual
 music scene, so here we go...

 hip hop charts:
 1.lords of rap 'in effect' (ragga mix)
   (white label, uk promo 12") times leather 'the woman in me'
   (geffen us lp-cut) j 'to da break of dawn'
   (def jam us 12") bug 'jamaican funk'
   (dancehall remix)(popular us 12")
 5.kwame and a new beginning
   "skinee muva"(atlantic us lp-cut)
 6.nardo ranks "burrup"
   (gold disc us 12")
 7.tla rock 'i'm gettin' mine' (remix)
   (fresh us promo 12")
 8.skate master tate 'floral bouquet'
   (island us promo 12")
 9.antoinette 'never get enough'
   (next plateau us 12") 'the devil made me do it'
    (tommy boy us lp)

 kick plus to see the dmc
 (disco mix club) charts...

 1.twenty 4 seven 'i can't stand it'
 2.madonna 'vogue'
 3.snap 'the power'
 4.adamski 'killer'
 5.atmosphere feat.mae b. 'atm-oz-fear' josh 'infinity'
 7.soul ii soul 'a dream's a dream'
 8.innocence 'natural thing' intern.'dub be good to me' stand 'ghetto heaven'
 11.jungle brothers 'what u waitin' 4'
 12.deejays united 'dance computer one'
 13.westbam 'the roof is on fire'
 14.technotronic 'this beat is technot. sar&the real mccoy 'it's on you'

  12" news from bmg :

  curcuit - shelter me

  d-shake - yaaaah!

  costa del soul - costa del soul

  wee papa girl rappers - get in the

  fun for fun - relax your soul

  mosaic - is it serious ?

  no reply - come together
  (featuring 2 different club-mixes of
   the beatles's classic!)

  that's about the music scene !

  if you got any kind of aricles for
  'besides computing' then write to

     mamba staff

  to finish this column here is a
  little poem dedicated to ronski
  (x-intense) who might come back to
  the c64 scene :

   when i am born, i'm black
   when i grow up, i'm black
   when i go out in the sun, i'm black
   when i'm cold, i am black
   when i die, i'm black
   but you!
   when you are born, you're pink
   when you grow up, you're white
   when you're sick, you're green
   when you go in the sun, you're are

  when you're cold, you go blue
  when you die, you're purple

  and you have the fucking nerve to
  call me coloured !!!

  the end...
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