Mamba 09 ch08 Different Things

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  different things :

  i'm sure you already heard about
  the federation against omg !

  here's a little part of a note, done
  by excell/i+t concerning the fao.

  'the fao is born, and i think that
   the fao will grow to the biggest
   anti-group against one person.
   anybody who wanna join the club is
   welcome to contact me, and leave
   their group name and handle and i
   promise that i'll add you to the

  list of members...
  the memberlist will be printed in our
  productions and cracks as new members
  are added !!!
  at the moment there are 18 groups in
  the federation .(listed in 'news'.)
  for joining the federation against
  omg, write to excell of i+t :


  well, excell also asked crazy to
  join the fao, but as i already said
  to him, when omg wrote something
  stupid about us (he did), he either
  made a correction in his magazine
  or we wrote a response in mamba< !

  as a consequence i see no reason for
  joining the fao.
  we don't want to follow every trend
  coming up and making enemies for no
  special reason !
  i hope your questions are now
  answered !
                mamba staff

  ok, 2 months ago we printed a letter
  written by ion/blackmail concerning
  mamba ! at least it was no friendly
  letter ! never mind !
  then for the last issue we got the
  information from buzz/bml, that ion
  has been kicked out for lameness and
  so we wrote in the last mamba !

  this time we got another letter from
  ion, it goes like this :
  'dear mamba,
   and again it's me, ion, writing on
   some 'news' you published !! why
   must you write about bml again ?

  in case you don't know what i'm
  writing about, it's about the 'news'
  or 'rumour' i was kicked out of bml.
  from who did you get this so-called
  'news' ? or did you make it up
  yourself after my last letter ?
  or did you put it in your mag without
  checking it, because bml is a well-
  known group. and that means big
  publicity for yourself ?
  please, check the news about bml, or
  don't publish !!!!

          again yours,
            ion/still in blackmail'

  ok, first i want to say that some
  sentences in your little letter
  don't make any sense to me !
  anyway, i am really confused now,
  as i said before, buzz of bml told
  it to us directly that you have been
  kicked out !
  so you better should clear your
  personal disagreements, before you
  consider writing to mamba< again !!!
  perhaps you got 2 ion's in your group
  or what ?
  ok, enough about it !

  yep, here are again some interesting
  'did you knows' :

  did you know...

  ...that mamasoft of italian cracking
     service was killed in a car
     accident in the beginning of 1990

  ...that mario van zeist got angry
     when he heard about some groups
     cracking flimbo's quest, because
     he made the protection !
     he wants to kick every crackers
     ass, so watch out !

  did you know...

  ...that gotcha is only one person !
     (hello shock-editors)

  ...that these games are supposed to
     be released on the c64 in late
     summer or autumn :
     turrican ii - rainbow arts
     california games ii - epyx

  ...that paramount got a german hq
     called warez world. call

  did you know...

  ...that the pcw-show takes place in
     london from the 13th of september
     to the 16th.
     according to excell/i+t 'pcw'
     stands for 'pick-up certain wares'

  ...that richie of illusion can make
     free calls by using a certain
     trick without at&t, cccs or
     anything else.

  ...that also trc+tbi got an american

  did you know...

  ...that the notorious archmage is
     going to make some money by
     acting in porno-films.

  ...that the hobbit/transcom also
     paints comics for the herge<
     publishing house. eg. for
     'tim & struppi'

  ...that overseas phonesex is
     impossible, because the line is
     too bad.(do you agree, bod?)

  did you know...

  ...that aycee of tsm is a girl, she
     (even) calls the boards and
     imports and spreads the tsm-stuff.

  ...that the tune you are listening
     to is also made by reyn ouwehand.

  ...that tankard/authopsy is i+t's
     personal spread-slave.
     (original quote excell/i+t)

  ...that black mail are going to
     produce a coop-demo with cosmos-d.

  did you know...

  ...that cure of lotus is the tallest
     in his army-company and has to
     do all the orders and commands at
     first, therefor he is at the end
     of his nerves after only 3 weeks
     army (keep up, only one year!!)

  ...that class has released 'cyber-
     blocks' as a 100% crack before
     gotcha, who shall do the graphix
     for this game has drawn a single
     pixel. the version included test-
     pictures by bob stevenson!

  did you know...

  ...that juergen of paranoima (amiga)
     was caught by the police and they
     found 2.8 kg drugs. in fact para-
     noimia is dead now, some recent
     members joined other groups.

  ...that lkj and some other members
     of transcom where at venlo and
     noone noticed them.

  ...that everything has an end only
     the sausage has two!

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