Mamba 09 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  hits and flops :

  hi! this is the second time i'll
  list up all games released by us-
  and euro-groups !
  sometimes two groups put out a game
  at the same time, both versions has
  been spread on the boards so i listed
  both versions ! (for example ruff'n'
  ready, which was put out by dom and


  ski or die      /nec
  ruff'n'ready    /dom+xds/i+t & tsm
  klax            /i+t & tsm/ils+atc
  kick off 2      /i+t/dom/ils+atc
  bloodwych       /ils+atc
  dynasty wars    /dom+xds
  escape monsters /ils+atc
  super stock car /dom+xds
  canoe race      /lru
  flimbo's quest  /ils+atc
  wings of fury   /nec
  rings of medusa /afl+p & napalm
  questmaster     /atc+ils
  spaghetti west. /dom+xds
  logo            /gp+xds

  little puff        /dom+xds
  prince clumsy      /dom+xds
  micro league bb 2  /nec
  mondus fight palace/nec
  t-bird             /dom+napalm/i+t
  darzan basketball  /trc+tbi/napalm
  satan              /f4cg+destiny

  hope i didn't irritate anybody by
  giving the wrong groupname, but
  i don't have time to check who
  cracked it 2 hours before the others!

  ok, press '+' to see some reviews :

  this month i reviewed 4 games to
  help these (legal) guys, who wants
  to buy some good games !!

  these games are...

   ...flimbo's quest  /system 3
      wings of fury   /broderbund
      klax            /domark/tengen
      kick off 2      /anco


       flimbo's quest - system 3

  flimbo's girl friend got kidnapped
  by a dark lord! your task is, what
  else, to rescue your girl by solving
  8 levels, filled with evil creatures,
  but also a shop, where you can buy
  a lot of usefull things !
  to escape to the next level you have
  to find certain letters by shooting
  some beasts !
  the game consists of smoothly 2-plain
  scrollings with stunning graphics and
  very good musics ! the introduction
  explains the story to you ! this game
  is worth its money !  valuation: 95

       wings of fury - broderbund

  wings of fury leads you back to the
  time of the 2nd world war ! tou steer
  an us-aircraft and you have to bomb
  some japanese forces out of certain
  islands ! you can land and start your
  aicraft on an aircraft carrier where
  you get new ammo and repair-sets !
  while the graphics and the musics are
  only average, the handling of your
  aircraft is very soft and easy !
  especially the steering and the
  firing makes a lot of fun !
  wings of fury is by far no 5-minutes
  game !!!             valuation : 80

          klax - domark/tengen

  klax - another long awaited so-called
  'drug-game' looks like it has been
  a 5 hours convertation ! the game
  itself is similar to the arcade
  of course, but the details, like
  graphics, sounds are neglected.
  you have to sort little building-
  stones in certain orders, while you
  can keep some stones in your shovel !
  on the whole the game is comparable
  to tetris : smart gameplay, but only
  average effects !

                      valuation : 72
          kick off 2 - anco

  i first played kick off 2 on the
  amiga and it is a hit on this machine
  when i got the 64-version i wondered
  if it would be cool too, but i got
  really disapointed when i saw the
  worst soccer-conversation in history
  of c64!!! not only the ugly unidenti-
  fy-able sprites or the confusing
  scrolling of the playfield make this
  game unplayable. on the whole-field-
  shower in the left corner you only
  can see the player that has the ball
  and the second players striker...
  kick off 2... wuerg !!
                valuation: scratch it!
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