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hello and welcome to the 7th issue of mamba. also this issue is filled with a couple of interesting news, reports and articles... we really hope you will keep on that great support we always get on our mamba addrehts on it. the release date of this issue is the 20th of may 1990 ! now i will go on with the greetings and thanx to the following people and groups... lotus, dominators, trc (nice report,aj), censor, illusion, ikari + talent, blackmail, alpha flight + paramount, stingray, martin, genesis project, michael wandel, crest, cosmos, cosmos designs, origo, success & x-ray, shadows, transcom, exodus, nec, atc, napalm, the lords, artline designs, extasy, legend, mdg, amok, density, bonzai, the force, htl, oneway, light, fairlight, titron, wot, bytemare, wdr, dynamix and all the others... ok, enjoy reading this issue ! yours mamba staff !

Chapter 01 - News and Rumours
Chapter 02 - The Interview
Chapter 03 - Reports
Chapter 04 - The Charts
Chapter 05 - Hits and Flops
Chapter 06 - Announces
Chapter 07 - A Little Comic
Chapter 08 - Different Things
Chapter 09 - Besides Computing

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