Mamba 05 ch09 Reactions and Credits

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  well, and once again i have to tell
  you that there were again no real
  negative reactions at all (as usual).
  one guy asked us to do new sprites
  for every issue and for every collum,
  but i think that that will not
  happen, because there is not enough
  memory for so many sprites.
  sureley we will change the sprites
  in the future, but not, as said
  before, in every issue and we can't
  do different sprites for every
  collum. i hope you like our good old
  sprites anyway...

  o.k., i think that shall be enough
  about the sprites...

  now something completeley different:
  some people thought that crazy or
  mamba would die after the swiss
  members stopped (hi spitfire!). what
  shall i say about this? let me
  express it with just two words...
  !!! fuck no !!! by that way, let me
  send a little message to spitfire:
  hey man, crazy will never die, and
  we still kick ass as most people have
  recognized and if you don't stop
  talking shit about crazy we gonna
  kick y o u r ass. we really don't

  want to lead a war with mamba, but i
  think that your reaction on crazy's
  "dead" is worth to be printed here.
  for those who don't know what i am
  talking about: spitfire used to
  write: "crazy's dead! let's party!"
  after the swiss members stopped or
  left. hey spitfire, if you want a
  war go on like that, but keep in
  your mind, that it was you who wanted
  a war (if you want one!). we would
  like to live in peace, but if
  necessary then...........

  well, in future it is planned that
  mamba will be produced under the
  crazy-lotus label. some guys in crazy
  are against this decision, but they
  are the minority...
  but the majority is the reading
  public, now we want you to send us
  reactions, wether the mamba should
  be under crazy-lotus or simply stay
  like it is.
  but there is a different subject we
  like to discuss! we would please you
  not to give us advice how to improve
  our magazine, because we recieved
  such shit-advices, we should change
  the music and put in 3 new ones,
  which can be separate clicked on...
  an other joke was that we should in-
  vent some sprite-colors, waaaaahhh!!
  lame, look at the sprites carefully,
  you will see they are hires and a
  multicolor-sprite would never fit in
  the mamba-outfit!!!
  next point is, announces. please do
  not expect your address in mamba if
  you want us to set it in. we are to-
  tally bored to write down hundreds of
  addresses, till excess...

  for more, read different things...

  click one more time '+' to see our

           + -mamba-staff- +
          +  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  +
          +  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  +
           + XXXXXXXXXXXXX +

            press '+' to see
            the credits...

  thanx to:

  action jackson,macmagix/trc,amok,gp,
  lotus,x-ray and success,cosmos,fresh
  dominators,origo,the others...

  intro by: mgm,frank,gotcha

  mamba-main by: mgm,macmagix,gta,frank

  editors: aj,tycoon,frank,gotcha,deff,
           and in the other issues more

  last greets to: martin,stingray,joel!
                  bye friends...
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