Mamba 05 ch08 Different Things

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  different things:

  why is it that all people worship
  blackmail for their one and only
  demo 'sophisticated iii' ? we don't
  wanna make propaganda, but we only
  believe what we see. and what we see
  is that blackmail stands in the coder
  charts for years although they don't
  release much better and more. the
  demo was of course no flop, it was
  quite nice to see some good graphics
  but the code didn't make me fall off
  my chair. after a long time blackmail
  released 'tequila-sunrise',quite no
  demo as said but a revolutonary intro
  it should be. was it ever used by
  action? now black mail gave out a
  short note, advertising for their
  soon coming demo, let's wait ind see
  if they come up with a new smashing
  demo and keep their standart re-
  ferring to the charts.

  about the crazy-genesis-cooperation!
  (the biggest flop in 1990!)
  the cooperation between crazy and
  genesis project took about 3 weeks!
  the inventors of this flop were
  stingray/ex-crazy and goblin/genesis.
  the other members of both groups were
  informed after their decision!???!
  most of the afterwards informed mem-
  bers didn't agree to their decision.
  you can say,the cooperation was only
  between these two guys due noone of
  the different group-members have ever
  seen or known each other.
  stingray suddenly declared to be lea-
  der over crazy and we had to quit
  the cooperation with lotus immediatly
  that fact caused big trouble in our
  group and the result was that martin
  stingray quitted and cyberpunk joined
  genesis project.
  but now the trouble slowed down and
  we decided to go in cooperation with
  lotus again, that proves how stupid
  the whole thing was....
  did you know...

  ...that danny/the force is a deejay
     in a disco in israel

  ...that rygar/ex-x-ray is coding a
     role-game on 64

  ...that nemesis of cosmos earned
     7500 german marks for his self-
     made game and it will be out in
     a couple of months on a game-on-
     disc as 'elite-squad'

  ...that contex got a new original-
     supplier who is said to be faster
     thin the former one
  did you know...

  ...that 'outline' is an usa-magazine
     by the new ruling group the lords

  ...that the guy who used to be in
     paninaro with the handle the
     yattering was the legendary
     weetebix of the scousers

  ...that overmind's real name is not
     marc johnson

  ...that arrogance of success are 2

  did you know...

  ...that ics has a girl called lady x
     as a member for importing,
     cracking and swapping

  ...that the snack-pack doesn't exist

  ...that oneway is still active as a
     cracker group

  ...that spitfire has a relative
     working for rainbow arts
     on account of that he gets the
     ra games weeks before the others

  ...that this is the end
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