Mamba 05 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  y0! the softwarecompanies did a
  great job this month and released
  much more games than the month before

  here are the names of the games i
  reviewed for you :

  - black tiger       - us-gold
  - x-out             - rainbow arts
  - p47               - rainbird
  - rainbow islands   - taito/ocean
  - north sea inferno - magic bytes
  - space harrier ii  - grandslam
  - wierd dreams      - rainbird

      black tiger - capcom/us-gold

  your country is supressed by 3 mighty
  dragons and it seems you are the
  only one who can free your land by
  killing the 3 dragons.
  black tiger consists of 6 levels,
  each level contains an endmonster
  like a dragon or a knifeman. many
  enemies make the search of the
  endmonster more difficult. you also
  have friends, you get hints and other
  kind of help from them. the good
  music was composed by mark tait and
  the graphics are good or excellent
  (the endpicture!)   valuation : 80

          x-out - rainbow arts

  aliens came to the earth and settled
  at the bottom of the sea. as they
  already destroyed 10% of the land
  you are called by the government to
  fight the aliens.
  you steer your submarine through
  8 levels guarded by a big monster.
  you can buy all sorts of weapons in
  a shop before, but you need a lot of
  money to be well prepared.
  the graphics and the gameplay are
  excellent, the music made by fame
  is great. the intro, converted from
  the amiga is great.  valuation : 93

             p47 - firebird

  you steer a fighter-bomber in the
  2nd world war, of course you fight
  for the allied forces. the combat-
  area are parts of europe and north-
  you have to solve 8 missions in
  different sceneries. your enemies
  appear in the air and creep over the
  ground. you can get some extras like
  speed-up, double shot or bombs.
  unfortunately the scenery appears by
  jerks, the graphic is average and
  the music is bad. all in all the
  game can't delight.  valuation : 51

   rainbow islands - graftgold/taito

  rainbow islands, the follower of
  bubble bobble. here you have to
  fight your way through 7 levels, each
  of them is divided into 4 sections.
  the end of each level is guarded by
  an endmonster.
  your weapons are an unlimited amount
  of rainbows, you can use them to
  fight the enemies or to climb on them
  to the top.
  the graphics are average, the music
  sound pretty good. an endsequence is
  build into the game. the gameplay
  arises much fun.   valuation : 76

     north sea inferno - magic bytes

  terrorists attacked an oilplatform
  and took 6 hostages. they also placed
  a nuclear bomb somewhere on the
  platform. it is your task to free
  the hostages and to disposal the
  bomb. but you have to solve your task
  within 20 minutes. only one hostage
  know where the bomb is placed.
  you start with a pistol but you can
  find other better weapons.(uzi)
  you sometimes need a keycard to enter
  a room. but the graphic, the gameplay
  and the 'music' are terrible. no
  real fun arises on the c64.  v. : 33

    space harrier ii - grandslam/sega

  you are the space harrier and you
  have to free the fantasyland of the
  cruel tyrant dark harrier.
  it is your task to fight through 12
  levels, at the end of each level you
  meet an endmonster.
  in the 12th level you meet all
  monsters from the first 11 levels,
  then it comes to the final conflict,
  you meet the dark harrier!
  on the whole the game is comparable
  to its predecessor, the music is
  weak and the graphics are not
  delighting.           valuation : 47

        wierd dreams - rainbird

  you have a horrible nightmare and
  steer a man in pyjamas through a fan-
  tastic country. you have to make your
  way from a sugar-wadding-mixer,
  escape from a giant-bee and choose
  one of the three magic-mirrors.
  the game-graphic is different, the
  man is hires over multicolor-sprite
  but the bee is an expanded sprite.
  the backgroundgraphic is acceptable,
  the sound is awful but the game-play
  is quite funny and interresting.
  but the c-64 version is a bad copy
  of the amiga-version. valuation: 78
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