Mamba 05 ch02 The Interview

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  hello and welcome to the interview.
  yes you read right, this time we pre-
  sent you only one interview, due to
  some problems to get an american on
  the line. but as this interview is
  very funny and we think this crap
  does anyway interrest nobody, here
  we go:

  interview-partner: mumbo-jumbo/cosmos
  interviewer:              deff/ crazy


  m: mamba
  c: cosmos

  m: yo, micha!

  c: yo, mario, he he!

  m: what is your handle to which
     group do you belong,man?

  c: i call myself -mumbo-jumbo- and
     i think you know who gave me this
     name... i 'pretend' to belong to

  m: what is your task or at least ya'
     job in cosmos?

  c: i supply the group with originals,

     and i'm swapping, but i concen-
     trate more on swapping.

  m: how old are you?

  c: i'm 17 years old (*08.01.1973)

  m: when did you start computing?

  c: in 1982 i bought a vc 20 and i
     was fascinated by the basic-prgs
     in the manual. i learned basic
     and still didn't get it.
     (red.: err...)
     i got my 64 in 1984 and started
     swapping in 1988!

  m: in which groups have you been be-

  c: no comment! lame,lame,lame...

  m: why did you became illegal?

  c: be cool, be illegal!

  m: please describe yourself, err i
     mean describe a lamer...

  c: just look at mtv/bb!

  m: have you real good friends in the

  c: yes, my friends are: blitz/cosmos,
     deff/crazy and most of the crazy-
     (red.:wanna have war???! he he...)
     fuck fun/lotus...
     (red.:lost yer tooths,or what?!)

  m: what are your hobbies beside com-

  c: editing some stories for news,
     working for highscore,making

     phone-calls,jerking with my friend
     and watching english video-films!

  m: what future-plans do you have??

  c: to get as cool as mtv/bb... no no
     i'd like to get a professional
     journalist !

  m: aha, what's your favorite music?

  c: i like phil collins, pink floyd,
     dire straights....
     i hate the fucking disco-shit!!!

  m: how did you get into cosmos???

  c: i just called up antitrack and he
     agreed with me that i'm the king!
     (red.:elvis is the king!)

  m: do you have a girl-frind?

  c: i had a rabbit! but it died and
     i'm not able to love other pets
     or people right now!
     (red.:stupid or what...?)

  m: what is your opinion of the
     current scene?

  c: i think the amiga-scene is lame
     and the c-64 rules! crazy sucks!
     (red.:ever seen a fat dot on the
     ground with 10 crazy members

  m: what is the best group(s) ever?

  c: ikari and eagle soft inc.

  m: how did you get your real lame
     handle (he he)?

  c: once deff met me and we ate pizza
     (he ate the pizza!) dummy deff
     took my dictionary and opened it

     on page 334! at the top stood just
     'mumbo jumbo'!!!

  m: what's your weight???????????????

  c: my weight is less than tj-lazer's
     (red.: he is just kidding!!!)

  m: what are the best groups in the

  c: after crazy went in coop with
     genesis i would say it's mtv/bb!
     no, it's ikari and talent!

  m: and the best cracker?

  c: it's antitrack of cosmos!

  m: the best demo-group?

  c: scoop!

  m: the best sound-maniac?

  c: mon, amok s.d.

  m: best graphix-man?

  c: gotcha of crazy!

  m: best disc/paper-magazine?

  c: mamba/pirates+perestroika.

  m: did you ever regret your computer-

  c: no, i met nice persons like green
     (red.: cops!)
     and i got a job at wdr's high-
     score (tv)!

  m: thanx and fuck off!

  c: bye bye, lamer!
     (red.:that should be proved!)

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