Mamba 05 ch01 News and Rumours

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  here are the news for the last month,
  unfortunately i didn't receive many
  news from overseas, but i think
  there did not happen so much!
  but, if you miss something, then it
  is your fault because you did not
  send the news to the mamba staff.

    ok, send your latest news to

           mamba red.

  - the crazy & genesis cooperation
    splitted up as the swiss members
    were the only ones who kept the
    cooperation alive.
    martin quit the c64 and buyed an
    amiga, stingray left crazy on
    account of time-problems and
    cyberpunk left to genesis.
    also the us-member wild bill joined
    genesis, so his bbs land of
    confusion is also a gp bbs.
    the boards warez castle and
    disk shoppe are still crazy & gp.
    so there are no swiss members in

  - dj left crazy in order to join
    crazy got a new swapper called

  - firefox, dean and richie joined

  - many people on the usa got billed
    by the us-operator, one famous
    victim is overmind of exc who quit
    his bbs telephone anarchy. the
    data-disc was transfered to gizmo's
    bbs, all users of t.a. can call
    his bbs.

  - gene, comic, firkin and kilroy
    splitted from ils to build a new
    group called unisex.
    after some weeks they returned.

  - falcon call themselves culture.

  - macro nit left dominators.

  - the only member of derby ram joined

  - euzkera left censor design.

  - snake eyes left atc.

  - the ruling company got 2 new
    members called dpl and rebel mc.

  - expert was kicked out of paramount,
    czyps(ex-711) joined them.

  - headhunter, mike and b-man of
    sphinx joined alphaflight.

  - the baboons party in frankfurt a.m.
    will be a trc-baboons party.

  - sonny and trap left success in
    order to rejoin bonzai.

  - play power of msi joined shape.

  - big ben of cosmos has to join the
    army in the summer.

  - citizen of alcoholics joined

  - 2 guys from turkey wanted to join
    crazy, but crazy refused.

  - light opened a bbs in sweden.
    sysop is jedi of light.

  - blitzkrieg of x-ray and micha of
    amok joined cosmos.

  - the bbs hellsgate is down.

  - tir, sonix and red left wwe in
    order to join cosmos.

  - jace is a new tera member from

  - tera opened a bbs in australia
    called pizza hut: XXXXXXXXXXXX.
    it's only 300/300 at the moment.

  - manowar opened a dutch bbs called
    short circuit.

  - mr german of dynamix joined unicess

  - markus of afl joined action.

  - ralf was kicked out of afl;powell
    (ex-sodom) joined.

  - tamtrax, rooster and rogi of
    process joined wot.

  - tli and x-ample are in war (?)

  - garden of eden east is down, the
    sysop can't pay his phone-bill.

  - x-ray consist of 2 members :
    slasher and chrysagon.

  - robodude joined excalibur.

  - success also consist of 2 members,
    arrogance and pyle.
    the other members became legal
    and joined authentic arts or quit.

  - fantasy's bbs fabulous disaster
    is down.

  - slow poke is a new magazine made
    by wot.

  - ninja of manowar joined f4cg.

  - thinker of twg is back.

  - victory(yoguslavia) joined transcom

  - the editor of the 'cccp' is back
    in transcom, so he'll produce a new
    issue soon.

  - highway star is a legend+dcs hq.

  - derek b of crazy quit the c64.
    (he selled his modem to spt)

  - the skeemer of inc is back.

  - storm/nuclear joined dynamix.

  - asterix joined excalibur.

  - orion is dead.

  - f4cg opened a bbs in belgium, but
    it's only for a few hours on the
    net : 00.00 - 07.00 am (cet)
    sysop is ninja.

  - the wanderer of fantasy joined
    nec, he put up a bbs in canada
    called wanderland.

  - jetblack(sharks,success) joined wot

  - flimbo's quest will be released on
    the 25th of april.

  - laxity joined maniacs of noise.

  - steel of success and beatmachine
    will probably join 20cc.

  - the 'scene press' mainly contains
    wrong informations.

  - the executioner stopped his
    activities on computer, he gave
    all his stuff to grimreaper.
    joel prefers to spend his time
    with his girl friend.

        that's it...
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