Mamba 03 ch09 Reactions and Credits

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 at the beginning i have to say, that
 we got many positive reactions again.
 keep up these nice letters, because it
 motivates us to go on with our mag if
 we get that many positive reactions.
 but i have to say, that we got the
 first negative reactions. one was that
 by optic freeze, which he released on
 a board. he gave his comment to mamba,
 which looked like this:

 crazy:mamba is a joke...give it up...

 well, i can't believe in these words,

 because this was the first negative
 reaction at all and it seems, as this
 guy accepts no other group but intense
  his own group. anyway, this guy hates
 crazy, so this could be a reason.
 i think you shall give an objective
 comment on mamba...

 some people said that mamba has one
 fault (?). they don't like that we
 load the several textfiles from disc,
 but this has a simple reason: we write
 so many text in here, so that would
 blow up the memory, if we would try to
 do just one file...

 now i will give you some positive

 warewolf: mamba kicked ass...keep up
           the good work crazy...

 cyborg: well...mamba was kewl this
         month! i love the comic that
         waz in it. i would give it a

 gazoo: guys did a great!!! job
        i have to say its the best disk
        mag i have ever seen man i love

 ardaverk/force: mamba excells over all
                 competition!!! please
                 keep it going forever.
 (note to aardvark:thanx for supporting
  us with your news and articles. keep
  up your letters pal...)

 o.k. dudes, i think that i shall stop
 with the positive reactions here again
 because i don't want to bore you...

 oh well, before i forget that: some
 guys from tnf'77 were angry, because
 they shall have recracked a game from
 ionix. that is not true, because they
 only used a cruncher written by ionix.

 and then you could read 'ionix produc-
 tions' in the decrunch line, so this
 just a missunderstanding. but an ionix
 member told us the story, so how shall
 we know??? o.k., i hope you aren't
 angry anylonger...

 so, that was it for the reactions. if
 you want to send us reactions ect.
 write to: mamba red.

 bye for this time...

                      -the mamba staff-
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