Mamba 03 ch08 Different Things

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   ok, here is the story about
   spitfire of action and his problems
   he got on account of cracking the
   game 'target'. i hope i received
   no wrong informations ( i got
   informations from the programmer,
   from gotcha who talked to spt...)

   ok, here is it : press '+'

  about one year ago, mike of crazy
  left to the legal group magnetix,
  he begun to write a game!
  all programming was done by him,
  graphics were done by mike and
  gotcha. music by rockin' ltd./mnx

  some months later mike found a
  company who distributed his game.

  after it was finished he sent one
  copy of his game to the company
  (graunitz) and one to digital m.(mws)
  dm wanted to make a protection.

  although the game hadn't a protection
  yet the company got 2 orders and
  sent the game to the customers.
  one was spitfire and the other guy
  was a member of nuclear.

  after the company heard that a
  release of the game was spread in
  the scene, they called the guys.

  spitfire admitted at the phone that
  he released the game, but he didn't
  know that his voice was recorded on

  after he knew that he refused every
  information at the phone, he denied
  everything !

  but nothing happened to the lucky
  spitfire, because the company decided
  not to go to court, because they
  were afraid of loosing the case.
  they first wanted to demand about
  60000 and later about 25000 dollar!

  but they called 2 men to catch
  spitfire, one of them is guenni !

       that's it what came to my ears..

  ok, now we change to a more funny
  theme, here comes a message written
  by gene of illusion on the us-bbs
  wild wares on the 13th of january...

 " dear sirs,
   i would highly recommend our new
   satisfaction instructions concerning
   sex and funny sex.
   here's a quote from the book:
   'i spread his butt-lips and licked
   until i felt there was some brown
   water coming out!
   then i put my tongue further in and

  started licking shit!
  i inserted my enormous dick and butt-
  fucked him 'til my dick ws brown
  of shit and he came!
  then he took my dick in his nose and
  fucked until i came and the come
  ran out as blood when a girl has
  her period from his nose!
  (yes, the come was brown,since he
  hadn't licked my dick good enough)
  anybody there with a hard-on now?
  you stop doing that!
  l8z "

    ok, that was the message !
  (gene didn't know we printed it!ed.)

  after that message rumours arose
  that gene described a hot night
  between him and the sexecutioner(ed.)


     ok, if you think you have an
     interesting or funny article
     for this column then write
     to the mamba address !

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