Mamba 03 ch05 Hits and Flops

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 grand prix simulator 2 - code masters

  the second g.p. simulator, a low
  budget game from codemasters reaches
  the quality of the predecessor !
  the game consists of digi-speech,
  a nice music and some average
  graphics. your task is to drive
  against 2 opponents and also against
  a time limit. you have to solve
  different tracks with your (very)
  little car, but you need much skill
  to manage some tracks. the game has
  a 3-player-modus, some nice effects
  are entertaining you like the replay
  after each track. valuation : 71

             ninja warriors
      the sales curve/mastertronic

  ninja warriors convince with ugly
  graphics and a cruel music arising a
  pain in your head! from my point of
  view only the biggest ninja fans play
  this game to the end, because the
  bad programming work deprives you
  of all your motivation you maybe had.
  you have to fight against an army,
  monsters and other ninja-fighters!
  after you have managed the 6 levels,
  you see a textscreen with another bad
  music! if you have an amiga, buy the
  amiga-version, it's great! val. 29

          wild streets - titus

  after titus released some nice games
  on the amiga, they produced a c64
  game, but they better hadn't done
  that! this game is really a flop,
  because i have never seen such bad
  graphics in a full-price game! and
  the music is hurting your brain !!
  the sprites and the animation of them
  is just ridiculous !
  i can only warn you not to buy this
  game(and even not to copy it, because
  it's a pure waste of time) !
  but maybe it is a joke !
                      valuation : 08

       target - graunitz software

  target, the first game of the author
  michael wandel, challanges you
  to fight your way through 4 levels !
  in each you have to shoot the
  enemies until a big enemy appears,
  after you have fighted him, you can
  go to the next level! the graphics
  are good looking(by gotcha and mike)
  and the music composed by rockin'
  limited sounds pretty good !
  althouh the levels are quite similar
  you don't loose the motivation,
  because new opponents and formations
  are showing up !     valuation: 73

         the champ - linel soft

  you aren't the champ yet, but you are
  on the best way to be one - with
  linel's new boxer-simulation ! you
  steer a boxer through 15 rounds or
  to a knock out. the background-
  graphics are average, but the boxer
  himself and the animation is very
  good, it makes really fun to play
  this game! you can also save the
  actual worldrank and your personel
  highscore. nice effects are coming
  during the whole game! i didn't
  discover any music, but it's the best
  boxing game i seen on c64! val. 86

   ok! you have seen that there
   weren't so many tests as usual, but
   you may have recognized that there
   didn't come out so many games last
   months! anyway  keep cool !!
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