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   ok, this time we have 2 reports for

   one is on the disc, it's a radwar
   party-report from cosmos designs,
   thanx dudes !!

   the other one describes the venlo-
   meeting on the 23/12/89 from
   action jackson's point of view.
   thanx also to you, man!

    venlo report 23th december 1989

         - the x-mas meeting -

  i (action jackson/trc) stand up at
  6.30 pm  and left my home at 7 with
  flash of coolex to rotterdam where
  i waited for the dj of trc! then
  at 9.15, he arrived,he had overslept!
  how lame! then we moved to venlo by
  train with aj and dj of trc, flash
  of coolex, genius+dennis of paradize
  jack of twins! at 12 o'clock we
  arrived in the building! almost all
  cool guys were present like : scoop,

  transcom, x-ray, falcon, m.o.n, f4cg,
  sphinx, fbr, bb(still alive), gp,
  atg, tnf, union, nuclear, density,
  blackmail, drive, wwe, vision, crazy
  afl, orion, action, tli, amok,
  paramount and many more. with most
  guys i had a nice talk!
  action and crazy were busy doing
  their mags mamba and magic news.
  other gyus were copying and try to
  be a cool hero!
  the ruling company spread a nice mag,
  not really a mag, called 'frontpage'.
  further tli was present again with a
  cool new demo! myth was the best game

  which was released at the party!
  atg brought a  x-mas demo and amok
  said that sex'n'crime will go on!
  at 4 o'clock the pig pulled the
  electric away, so we had to leave!
  in the train to the hague, we met
  nuclear, who began to fuck their
  wankers to get alogo from the dj!
  how lame!

  at 8 o'clock i was at home!
   see ya all in january!

  thanx to dogfriend of dom for not
  sending his dom-report! (bahaha!ed.)

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