Mamba 03 ch02 The Interview

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  this month i even have two interviews
  for you. one with the executioner of
  exodus usa and the other one with
  gene of illusion norway.
  please forgive me for the strange
  answers in the interview with the
  executioner, unfortunately we called
  him, when he was very drunken and the
  answers might be strange sometimes.
  in the future i'll try to put two
  interviews in mamba monthly (one with
  an european, one with an american),
  but i can't promise that for sure.
  ok, let's start with the first

            interview with
        the executioner/exodus

            m: mamba
            e: executioner

  m: hi dude, first of all, introduce
     yourself a little. give me some
     personal things about you.

  e: ok, my name is joel, i'm 18 years
     old and i'm living in rochester,
     new york. in the scene i'm called
     as the (s)executioner.i have blond
     hair, blue eyes and my size is 5
     feet 8 inches.

  m: tell me something more about you,

  e: okok, my weight is 153 pounds, i'm
     half-italian and half-german. my
     muscles are huge and i have a big

  m: sunnyboy eh? what are you doing
     when you aren't sitting in front
     of the computer?

  e: well, i fuck women, go to parties,
     i'm getting drunk, fight, beat
     people up, go to the disco.
     i just kick ass...

  m: hmm not bad. what's the worst
     thing happened to you?
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