Mamba 03 ch01 News and Rumours

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   here are again some news and
   this time i dropped the news about
   totally unknown people, because we
   got some negative reactions and
   we wanted to change this anyway!
   because of this the news haven't
   the usually circumference, but
   this issue contains very interesting
   news (& rumours) this time!
   hope you will enjoy it...

  - derek b changed his group the last
    time : he left action and came
    back to his old group where he
    became famous : crazy !!!
    he said that this is his last group
    on c64.

  - nightwriter joined atc (usa)

  - nam left nuclear and joined contex

  - x-ray make their paper magazine
    'perestroika' together with
    transcom. first issue is avaiable
    in venlo (20.1)

  - tj lazer left lotus and rejoined

  - the green griffon (usa) was caught
    by a phone-company ! he got a 1500
    dollar bill and went amiga.

  - the origin 2001 (usa) sold his c64

  - a new us-importer group arose.
    they consist of overmind (ex-nec),
    x-factor(ex-rampar), the cavalier
    (still in crazy,too)
    the name is excalibur!

  - x-men (usa) joined nec

  - with the beginning of 1990
    seven eleven stopped their
    activities !

  - cosmos is back !!
    members are antitrack, big ben,
    and an original supplier from afl.
    they also asked rygar of x-ray,
    but he refused.

  - nicky of 711 wants to start his
    own group with a danish original

  - mik, hendy and nosah quit their
    activities on c64. they went amiga.
    nosah produces an amiga mag now.

  - the danish dcs members(ex-channel
    42) and magic from england(ex-rti)
    are still active.

  - hellsgate (us-bbs) was an inc-f4cg
    h.q., but changed now to dcs and

  - 2 days before ^that^, dcs had a
    little war with fantasy; the
    warez castle isn't a dcs h.q.
    any longer.

  - x-ray has a new member called
    'blitzkrieg'. he swaps only.

  - oneway plans a comeback as (fast)
    cracker-group. zizyphus called
    some former members to come back.

  - the results of the dominators
    demo competition on their party :
    1. bones
    2. upfront
    3. triangle

  - tanner left success

  - asterix and mantronix of fantasy
    are back after they claimed a
    phonecompany had caught them

  - trap and sonny of the ruling
    company joined success

  - the danish paper-mag 'business'
    will be produced also in the
    future. arcana,dom and wwe will
    support them on the c64, scoopex,
    dom and pulsar on the amiga.

  - mosqua tv, who leads many lamer
    charts, became legal.

  - rygar of x-ray finished a new
    utility : the rygarpack
    it contains et al. a cruelcruncher-
    level-linker depacking while
    loading and a cruellevel-cruncher
    which is build up like the
    legendary matchham-levelcruncher
    (crunch,scratch,save,load new file)

  - a new f4cg hq in the states :
    electro violence

  - taskmaster (usa) joined syndicate.

  - censor's mag 'fatal news' is also
    on paper now.

  - the german rough trade members
    build up their own group called
    phoenix. new members are mr stack,
    softwar technics, independant (ex-
    paradroid of x-ray) and some other
    from level 99 etc.

  - after flyboy of exodus used some
    trap-codes he got a high phone-bill
    and took his bbs 'fab. disaster'
    down for a few days. rumours came
    up that he was kicked out of xds,
    but now his bbs is on the net
    again (exodus bbs of course)

  - dogfriend of dominators got a modem

  - blaspherer and arrogance of success
    started an organisation called
   'crackers aid for africa'. for
    support send a donation to
    (hope this information is true.ed.)

  - the viking of dom stopped trading
    on c64

  - dominators cleared their group; no
    there are 8 members left

  - viper was kicked out of fairlight

  - pernod and judge of fairlight
    (programmer of the demo 'rutig
    banana') joined horizon

  - garfield of illusion will may be
    stop because his computer broke
    down. (hope he'll fix it!ed.)

  - genesis project claimed never to
    crack a digital marketing or
    double density again, if walter
    stops spreading shit about them.

  - at&t calls us-bbs's to get the
    phonenumbers of phreaking euros!

  - the legendary talent & inc
    cooperation died.

  - the executioner/exodus will maybe
    buy an amiga soon (or he will card

  - nato asked illusion to arise a
    cooperation but illusion denied.

  - the gamer/nec stopped computer
    for a while, because his wife wants
    to get a divorce. he used to spend
    many hours with the computer
    instead of spending his time with

  - stingray of crazy will maybe soon
    stop cracking, because his girl-
    friend complained about his waste
    of time.

  - two orion members joined manowar.

  - there was a new no 1 in the scene
    for some days, this group cracked
    already op. thunderbolt, hard
    drivin' and some other games...
    they all worked for the companies
    and got the games at least 3 weeks
    before they appeared in the shops!
    but then they decided to stop,
    because they feared the revenge of

    the companies, so they gave order
    not to spread these games.

  - excell of ikari moved again; this
    time to sweden. he asked us to
    print his new address, because he
    wants noone to write to his old
    address. so here's the new one :


  - mr cursor didn't join genesis p.

  - a new american magazine called
    'chaos chronicle' was released by
    international network of chaos.

  - talent has a new member called
    panther. he is from england
    and cracks and codes.

  - solar died! druid and pilot joined

  - the joker of excess stopped all
    c64-activities and joined the

  - acid/belgium joined legend.

  - beyond force got 2 new members
    called 'pi' and 'control'

  - contex is going to kick their
    danish original-supplier called

  - scorpion was kicked out of contex

  - genesis project and transcom are
    in cooperation !

  - optic freeze of intense(usa) went
    to the amiga and ronski stopped

  - radman joined fantasy

  - trc is going to make a magazine
    called frontpage, it will be
    released every venlo-meeting

  - contex and shadows are planing
    a party in norway

  - macryf and pst left action on
    account of spitfire's trouble
    with the software-company

    ok, that were the latest news!
    maybe something is wrong but then
    just send a correction to us !!
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