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 about magazines
 in the last weeks i had to see that
 the one day so great idea to make a
 scene-magazine got very popular and i
 fear that there aren't yet enough and
 a few more groups will do a mag.
 i don't wanna argue with those mag-
 makers whose magazine is best - god
 beware me, because i'm a member of
 crazy who produce the -mamba- - no!
 i only can say "i'm bored!". where
 are all the good times gone when only
 several of your contacts told you that
 your last crack wasn't that good??!

 press £ plus £ to go on!
 nowadays there are about three mags
 who tell that to the whole world like
 "(member of a known group) ashames the
 other members! he only made a plus 13
 but genesis managed to make a plus 14!
 what a lame cracker he is..."
 words like this are very lousy and
 ofcourse silly! guys who tell such a
 shit should quit because they kill the
 scene. not long ago i wanted to build
 up a new group with two other crazy
 members but we failed, afraid of the
 now so fucking scene, afraid of the
 day when we give out a lame crack
 because the mags would have eaten us!

 press £ plus £ to go on!
 another thing is the fact where those
 mags get their news from. i can say
 when you report objective and have re-
 lieable informers you are ok. omg of
 amok told me one day that they only
 put stuff into the sex'n'crime when
 they can prove the facts (i don't mean
 the rumours 'cause rumours are ru-
 mours, ya know?)! and that's more than
 i'm not sure about the voting-systems
 of the other mags, there was much
 trouble caused by some guys who didn't
 like s'n'c's charts. but i can say
 that the system of this mag is 100
 percent ok!
               £ plus £ to move!
 well, i must say that i don't care
 much about the charts. but it's good
 to know that some people know us...

 people, go on making magazines like
 hell and when i one day get a disk
 full of disk magazines i know, it's
 time to quit because soon one disk-
 mag will have killed the other!

 we in mamba try to be objective and
 fair, but most of all to be funny and
 £ cool £!

 yours, thorn of crazy !!!

 yoo dudes!i think that thorn is right
 when he says that there are too many
 mags. i think there are too many
 lamers which try to get famous by
 doing a magazin. they only do a simple
 menue, copy ideas from other good mags
 and think that they are cool. most of
 them have nearly no interesting infor-
 mations at all. i think that's not the
 right way. try to get famous by produ-
 cing high quality-demos or doing fast
 and good cracks. if you still want to
 do a magazin, try to do a good one
 with new ideas and lots of interesting

 at the end i want to send an important
 message to all those guys who want to
 do a magazin...

 i can promise you that it is a very
 hard job to do a good magazin. it's
 not easy to get all these articles and
 news. i guess many people will fail in
 the future, and then there is again a
 mag in which you can read the sentence
 "that's all for this time. pleeeeeease
 send us more news, reports, articles
 ect." after nearly every article...
 so guys, please stop doing all these
 lame mags only to get famous...

         bye from frank/shine of crazy!
 if you think you have interesting
 articles or anything like that send
 them to:    mamba red.

 keep the sendings coming dudes!!!
 bye for now...

                      $the mamba stuff#
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