Mamba 02 ch05 Hits and Flops

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          retrograde - thalamus

  retrograde is worth its money !
  the game is simply a hit; you have
  to steer a little fighter who has
  to fly through the space and can walk
  on the earth ! at some shops you can
  buy your equipment ! the backgrounds
  consist of some levels ! you have to
  fight against good painted opponents!
  music and graphics are very good,
  a fastloader sees that you haven't to
  wait long ! the graphics are changing
  in each of the seven levels !

                  valuation : 90 of 100

     double dragon ii - mastertronic

  here you have to fight through six
  levelswhich are full of ugly graphics
  and clumsy sprites ! even the music
  sounds terrible, so this game is a
  complete flop !
  also the two-player mode and a
  middling endsequence can not conceal
  that fact !
  to avoid a big disappointment buy
  another game or donate your money to
  a beneficient organisation !

                     valuation : 21

            chase hq - ocean

  also this game can not convice the
  gambler ! in ocean newest product
  you are a car-driver who has to reach
  his destination by using all ways
  and means; for instance by shooting
  your opponent !
  but the graphics in the game are
  composed of only three colours; all
  five levels are looking very similar!
  the graphics and the music are very
  bad nad your car seems to creep !
  result : no fun by playing this game!

                     valuation : 38

            no mercy - dm/dd

  at no mercy you have to shoot all
  things which are moving along the
  screen; sometimes you have to collect
  special weapons or an energy-package!
  that souns boring - but it is not !
  you are listening to a nice music and
  you see some average graphics !
  this game which was programmed by
  gollum(graphics by the sarge)
  consists of eight levels ! in each
  level you can see new graphics and
  new opponents, so that game is not
  boring at all ! for that cheap price
  it is worth buying!  valuation : 78

        ghouls'n'ghosts - us-gold

  striking is the very good music by
  this game, which was made by
  tim follin !
  strinking is also the graphic, but
  only because of its ugliness !
  the graphics remember to ghosts'n
  goblins, and that doesn't change
  in the five levels ! only the music
  encourages oneself to fight on,
  because the music changes in every
  level ! also the steering is a little
  bit strange, only the hottest
  ghosts'n goblins fans should buy this
  game !               valuation : 59

         turbo outrun - us-gold

  the follower of the oldie outrun,
  turbo outrun, doesn't hold what the
  announces had promised ! the graphics
  aren't not that good and also the
  music is sometimes boring !
  the extras of that game are nice :
  you can choose between manual and
  automatic steering, you can get
  extras for your car after each
  successful level etc !
  the steering is good but there arises
  no drive-feeling !

                        valuation : 63

      ghostbusters ii - activision

  only the name promised to be a great
  smash-hit !at ghostbusters ii you
  have to solve different tasks, for
  example to collect some slime to
  analyse or to rescue a baby to avoid
  vigo's rebirth !
  the music of gb ii is quite nice,
  the graphics are only middling ;
  especially the digitized pictures
  are not to recognize ! (or at least
  the game is hard to play, so you will
  have long evenings with that game !
                        valuation : 68
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