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 reports and credits!
 sorry, but this month we can't offer
 you any report or something like that.
 we know, that sucks, but that's live.
 anyway, we try to give you some
 interesting informations to the
 upfront, trilogy and dominators party.

 this shall be a party for c64 and
 amiga. the party will be held in a big
 school in randers/denmark. the party
 will be held on the 26th to the 30th
 of december.
 there will be a democompetition for 64
 and amiga. the first price will be

 about 5000 dkr. (1270 dm, 415 pounds)
 in each democompetition. the second
 price will be about 1000 dkr (250 dm
 or 80 pounds). there shall be a big
 lasershow and arcademachines.
 they will hire an electrician to fix
 the power supply, so that there will
 be no fuses blown.
 you have to charge 80 dkr. (about 20
 dm or 7 pounds) for the entry.
 people without invitation will
 probably have to pay more.a few guys
 from the states will show up there and
 the whole elite shall be there.

 and now the thanks, credits ect.

 thanks for helping us to finish this
 mag go to: omg/amok, x-ray, exodus,
            illusion, scoop, trc, nec,
            relax (the mag), contex,
            genesis, success, excalibur
            talent%ikari and many many

 credits for the intro:
 - coding by mgm
 - graphics by shine and gotcha
 - music by mgm

 credits for the mamba:
 - coding by shine
 - graphics by gotcha and shine
 - music by reyn owerhand/scoop
   (don't ripp it, coz it's especially
    done for us !!!)

 send your reports and everything else
            mamba red.

 bye for this time.
                    $the mamba stuff#
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