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Welcome to the Commodore 64 Diskmag Wiki


  • 2008-jul-28 All real issues of Corruption completed
  • 2008-jul-24 All issues of Are We The Best added
  • 2008-jul-21 All issues of The Crest added
  • 2008-jun-06 Added World News issues 1-2, 4-6
  • 2008-may-14 All Relax issues completed
  • 2008-feb-10 Added Addybook issues 1-4
  • 2008-feb-03 Added Network issues 1-3
  • 2008-jan-20 Added Condom issues 1-7
  • 2007-dec-13 Fixed some corrupted chapters
  • 2007-nov-29 Quick-added (almost no editing) the rest of the Skyhigh issues. Magazine now complete.


Magazines with issues converted

External Resources

Other stuff

  • Guidelines
  • Python scripts used for the conversion of the diskmags. Highly specialized and messy code, wear a necklace of garlic and don't look directly at the text for longer than a few seconds at the time.

Editing is now open for everybody, including anonymous users.

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