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              * REACTIONS *             
well, we know we're going to get loads  
of reactions on this magazine. we first 
thought OMG would begin to pick on us   
for releasing yet another magazine, but 
as he stopped S'N'C, he won't be interes
ted in any new mag, so...               
give us comments on everything, we know 
the code is simple, but cool (i hope!). 
altought this is a the first issue of   
the NEW internal, we got a reaction from
'well, i think you're magazine will be  
 cool, as i see how you work on it'     
 you saw how i worked on it ?? where ?? 
 anyway, it's good of you to have faith 
 in the magazine.                       
 now that you see the mag, is it as cool
 as you thought it would be ?           
 ALL reactions are welcome, the adress  
 of the redaction is in the editorial.  
 and remember, we're NOT trying to beat 
 all other mags, we simply wanna keep on
 doing something for the scene.         
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