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             * INTERVIEWS *             
welcome to another quit interesting     
chapter of issue number #12.            
this time we present you some interviews
that were made by JOKER and me (matt)   
both of the WOW ofcourse...             
maybe some people'll say, bah, those    
boring interviews... i say, they aren't 
boring at all, i think it's quite inter 
esting to know some facts of some scene-
anyway, everybody may have his own opin-
ion about that, ain't it?               
well, go on reading, but first, wriggle 
yer joy in port two RIGHT and enjoy,    
the first interview is done by the JOKER
with TRISECT/TRIAD...                   
J: joker                                
T: trisect                              
first this...                           
the interview was done on the phone,    
so only a limited amount of questions   
were asked...                           
J: please tell the readers something    
   about yourself...                    
T: well, i'm 15 feet tall, 20 ft wide   
   and have very, very long hair, bad   
   attitude and i eat germans. my age   
   is unknown! (ed: ?)                  
J: what groups were you in before you   
   joined TRIAD?                        
T: have you got a big piece of paper?   
   ok, i'll cut down to the important   
   -tmm (again)                         
   -ocean software                      
   -electric boys, and now TRIAD ofcoz! 
J: how did ya get in TRIAD?             
T: jerry/triad asked me and i said yes. 
J: what's yer job in TRIAD?             
T: i do what i wanna do...              
J: who do you most admire?              
T: i most admire ROB HUBBARD because he 
   is a good ripper! (ed: who the fuck  
   says this?)                          
J: what parties have ya been to?        
T: only some local copy parties! (ed:   
   you couldn't give some longer answers
   , eh?!)                              
J: who do you hate?                     
T: the interviewer (ed: go fuck yerself,
   man!). only joking! no i don't really
   hate anyone!                         
J: who are your friends in the scene?   
T: i don't have any friends, if i did   
   they should be jerry'n'king fisher/  
   triad, ironfist/electric boyz, anti- 
   christ/g*p and omg/amok.             
J: name some lamers in the 64 world,    
T: all exept 2% of germany, 100% of cana
   da and america, all exept 17% of     
   france, 100% of asia! (ed:i think you
   forgot to mention yerselv!)          
J: what do you think of this interview  
   so far?                              
T: lame with a capital z! (ed: that's   
   only your fault...)                  
J: if you would change your handle, what
   would it be?                         
T: (after a big pause) bercley! (ed:    
J: how did you get the name trisect?    
T: i read it in a dictionary.           
J: this interview is coming to an end,  
   any last requests?                   
T: fuck it!                             
and that's the way how this interview   
ended... let's go over to another one!  
                               joy RIGHT
this second interview is also done by   
JOKER of WOW and is made with WITTY of  
J: joker                                
W: witty                                
J: tell everyone ya name and where you  
   come from, matie!                    
W: ok, my real name is richard orr, and 
   i use the handle WITTY/OREGON. also, 
   i'm an australian!                   
J: how did you get into the scene?      
W: i got in the scene around july '90,  
   called the ratfink. i started off in 
   a group called SAVAGE SOFTWARE       
   (your usual incredibly lame start-on-
   the-scene sort of group) as a shit   
   coder and swapper. but as there were 
   few aussie coders back then i was    
   soon offered to join aussie's best   
   group at the time called OXYGEN,     
   which was pretty cool. this died, and
   then i joined BRONX which died a     
   month later. i was pissed with groups
   coming and going, so then i joined 8 
   groups at one time, under 8 handles. 
   but ofcourse this meant more work, so
   i gave them all up, and when i found 
   that a good friend, witty/OREGON was 
   leaving the scene, i took over his   
   handle and contacts.                 
J: what's your job in OREGON and what   
   tools do you use?                    
W: in OREGON i'm a coder and a swapper, 
   also, the previous guy called witty  
   still does good gfx under the handle.
   so what tools do i use? you mean uti-
   lities? well, mostly fast-sine-calc  
   (bonzai), 3in1 editor, logo-editor,  
   zipper, and the time crunch v5.1.    
   but recently i made a fastcruel v4.  
   look out for it! (ed: hey send this  
   to me!)                              
J: many people think you're the best    
   coder in australia, whatta your per- 
   sonal views on this?                 
W: well, i'd have to say i like your    
   interviewing style! to answer the    
   question though, it's not hard to co-
   de on the 64. learning the commands  
   is easy, but as every coder knows,   
   it's the 'tricks' which make good    
   demos, like mastering the use of the 
   vic graphics chip. i've already      
   learnt all this, and now i have      
   nothing left to learn, so i think co-
   ding is very boring.                 
J: what in you eyes is a lamer?         
W: a lamer? i've never liked that word! 
   it sounds like someone whose paraly- 
   zed. i suppose it means someone with 
   a paralyzed brain who is shit at     
   doing anything so they just rip other
   works. eg code-ripper, recrackers... 
J: what's you favourite...              
W: drink: coke                          
   demo: crest and flash inc. demos.    
         good demos are those which are 
         both reasonable technical in co
         de and look great. those two   
         groups seem to have got a good 
   food: if it buggers up the system, i 
         like it.                       
   game: defender of the crown, bloody  
         brilliant game!                
   utility: sine-calc's. a life neccesi-
   car: ferrari and lotus are my fav's! 
   girl: any that are hot enough to melt
         antartica from hawaii, and are 
         not smarter than iam.          
   contact: let's see, who's doing this 
            interview? joker! anyone who
            writes friendly, long let-  
            ters and not just 'got ya   
            warez, send faster dude'    
   group: crest, flash inc.; the groups 
          that are well organised!      
J: what can we expect to see from       
   OREGON in the future?                
W: well, OREGON has a new demo coming   
   out in a month or two (i think)      
   which should be pretty cool. also    
   quality cracks as usual!             
J: how many contacts do you have and if 
   you wanna grett some then do it now! 
W: at the moment, around 90-100 contacts
   greetings to ya all!                 
J: what's your opinion 'bout the scene? 
   the scene is very good, but you gotta
   live in europe or usa to have any    
   fun. down here, you get about 1 party
   a year (if you're lucky!) where there
   about 20 who turn up and 6 computers!
J: who do you most admire? in coders,   
   graphicians, musicians tec...        
W: the artists (ie. coders, musicians,  
   designers, those who have skill) who 
   can actually put the effort in to do 
   something! in particular, jch, who   
   is a very good composer and codes    
   his own routines at the same time    
   which are the best around!           
J: this interview is coming to an end,  
   any lasy requests before i put a mag-
   num to yer head?                     
W: yeah, if you'd like to swap 64, ibm, 
   women (make sure you cheat the stamps
   , it costs heaps!) then get in con-  
   tact with me                         
J: thanks for the interview matie, i    
   wish you good luck in the future,    
W: thanks too, mate...                  
another cool interview is ended, let's  
go over to the last interview of this   
                               joy RIGHT
this interview was made by me (matt of  
the WOW and was made with one of the    
very best composers in the scene:       
GUY SHAVIT/SCS himself... read and enjoy
M: matt                                 
G: guy shavitt                          
M: hello guy shavitt, ready for an inter
   view? here we go, please introduce   
G: my name is GUY SHAVITT. i am 18 and a
   half years old (born on 09/03/'73).  
   i have freen eyes and blond hair and 
   i am about 183cm tall. i have fini-  
   shed highschool in july and i am now 
   in the army. i had a tough training  
   from the 1st to the 18th of october  
   but i survived!!! i like swimming    
   (only in the summer), eating chocola-
   te, meeting new friends and telling  
   and hearing jokes. i am a funny guy  
   and i love to laugh and to be in a   
   good mood, but most of all i love mu-
   sic. i was born with a music talent. 
   my first musics on the c64 were done 
   without knowing a thing about music! 
   i started to learn music only in     
   april '91. my music talent was first 
   discovered when i started converting 
   musics from the radioto the c64 (on  
   future composer) only by listening   
   to them, without knowing the notes.  
   this was about two years ago. now i  
   own a yamaha dx7 synthesizer and i   
   record profesional sound-tracks at my
   music teacher's studio. i was born in
   israel and i live in tel-aviv.       
M: please tell the readers if you have  
   joined any group before you were in  
   the SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS.              
G: my first group was THE FORCE, and i  
   am still considered a member of this 
   group, although most of my work is   
   done for  the SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS. no 
   other groups in my history           
M: do you have any other function in    
   S.C.S? and what did bring ya to the  
   idea to become a composer?           
G: in S.C.S i compose musics and code a 
   little when it is needed (for example
   i coded the sidchip score files). in 
   THE FORCE i do intros and other co-  
   ding stuff from time to time and i al
   so give ideas for good demoparts...  
   i was always fascinated by c64 music 
   and when i understood that i had a   
   music talent, i decided not to waste 
   it. i started doing musics using the 
   future composer, and with time got   
   better and better.                   
   later i developed a system of my own,
   and made a musicplayer of my own.    
   my tips for beginners: the beginning 
   is always difficult, people tell you 
   how bad your musics are, but with ti-
   me you gain experience and start to  
   do original musics with a more sophis
   ticated body structure. then you find
   that your musics have a certain style
   and you understand that you develop- 
   ed a style of your own. however, al- 
   ways try new ways of doing musics,   
   try new styles and be ready to except
   new ideas. the most important thing  
   is a lot of practice (months of      
M: do you have  many work lately? i mean
   i know many groups ask you for some  
   cool sounds. but do you sometimes    
   work for software-houses?            
G: yes, i just finished musics for two  
   games, and two others are planned.   
   one is  boxing game from SIMULMONDO, 
   the italian software company, and the
   other is called blitz and is done by 
   a hungarian group. exept for the ga- 
   mes i am very busy doing musics for  
   demo groups.                         
M: like you probably know, the most     
   interviewed people say the scene is  
   getting lamer and lamer. dou you     
   think the same about that?           
G: these days, less and less demo groups
   care to do original demos and that's 
   a very sad fact. people should think 
   about anything they do before they do
   it. is it new? is it original? do i  
   make something worth watching or do i
   just repeat others? there is no limit
   to the ideas and the imagination, and
   some groups are still tend to prove  
   it, so why do groups make repeative  
   demos??? god knows!                  
M: please tell us something about the   
   israelian scene...                   
G: the israelian scene is LAME! the only
   real group is THE FORCE (honest!),   
   other groups (about five of them) are
   a bunch of useless lamers who steal  
   demp parts and recrack games, nothing
   elase to add.                        
M: S.C.S are a subgroup of THE FORCE,   
   and THE FORCE has also an aussie-    
   section, what do yu think about that?
G: i think that it's great that THE FOR-
   CE has an australian, italian, hunga-
   rian and israeli scene. it adds a lot
   of fun to our work, working with     
   other members from different count-  
   S.C.S is not considered (any longer) 
   as a subgroup of THE FORCE. the fact 
   that two THE FORCE members (me and   
   danny) are also S.C.S members has no 
   importance at all. S.C.S is a legal  
   group which was formed only to make  
M: what are danny his jobs in S.C.S?    
G: well, danny is in charge of the con- 
   tacts, music orders and publicity.   
   this means spreading our productions 
   world wide. we used to have two other
   members, sivan and eyal, but they    
   were kicked out since they did       
   nothing at all.                      
M: how long does S.C.S exists and did   
   you ones had any trouble with other  
   scene-guys or software houses?       
G: S.C.S exists for about two years now.
   we never had troubles with any other 
   group, WE'RE PEACE LOVERS!...        
M: ok, some usual mezz now, i'll mention
   some countries, you must say which   
   group you think is the best in those 
   here we go...                        
G: -denmark: bonzai                     
   -israel: the force (no competition)  
   -turkiye: clique                     
   -australia: the force                
   -norway: enigma                      
   -finland: beyond force               
   -usa: empire                         
   -italy: the force                    
   -belgium: legend (WOW getting closer)
   -holland: the ruling company         
   -germany: action                     
   -hungary: chromance                  
   -uk: xentrix                         
   -sweden: triad                       
   -france: babygang                    
   this list changes every month! i am  
   not sure about some of the groups.   
   (ed: yep, like enigma) i made the    
   list in about 5 minutes.             
M: did you ones thought about the fact  
   leaving the scene?                   
G: i never thought of leaving the scene,
   and i'm not thinking of leaving it in
   the near future. too many plans for  
   the future-more musics for games.    
M: if someone should attackAS.C.S by    
   saying your music sucks like hell,   
   what would you say on that?          
G: i would say NOTHING. every man has   
   the right to give his opinion. it's a
   matter of taste. the most successful 
   musician is the one most people like 
   and still there is no musician whom  
   everyone like his musics.            
M: ok, what's your favourite food, drink
   computer, car, group, diskmag, game, 
   demo and composer?                   
G: -food: pizza and burgers             
   -drink: cold apple juice             
   -computer: C64 ofcourse              
   -car: golf sky (my car!)             
   -group: the force                    
   -diskmag: emanuelle                  
   -game: wizball                       
   -demo: think twicw (brill!)          
   -composers: johannes bjerregaard,    
               tim follin-reyn ouwehand 
M: well, like in interview, take yer    
   chance to greet all your friends 'n' 
G: hello to: matt and stormlord/WOW,    
   remix/clique, gi909, zoris'n'zagor/  
   air design, force australia members, 
   especially paul, danny, nir p., viny,
   yariv, ronny, shirka k., assi h.,    
   ami n.,...........                   
M: well, stanks for this interview,     
   what can i say... go on doing your   
   great job composing those cool r     
   musics... bye bye...                 
G: bye to everyone... stay tuned for    
   more to come from SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS!
well, that was the last interview for   
this month. i hope you enjoyed reading  
all of them...                          
      press FIRE to go to the main menue
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