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 now another thing to enjoy you folks!  
 this time we'll give you an interview  
 with ION/HOTLINE/BLACKMAIL!            
 a long title for an ordinary but cool  
 first this:                            
 C: chief editor 2                      
 I: ion                                 
 let's get this show on the road:       
 c: hello ion! first some traditional   
    questions okay?                     
 i: well, if i'd say no this interview  
    wouldn't be that long, or???        
 c: in which groups where you before    
    you joined bml?                     
 i: well, it started back in history,   
    when i was in the CCCP SQUAD. then  
    we met ICE and they had some inside 
    problems. due to those problems they
    splitted and one part founded TRC   
    and the other part founded, together
    with CCCP, BLACK MAIL. and since a  
    few months i'm also in HOTLINE.     
 c: what else do you do besides         
    computing and getting out of        
    all your depressions?               
 i: hmmm, what can a man do besides his 
    computer? well, i started skating   
    (skate-board ofcourse) when i kicked
    my modem. but my daily hobby is     
    irritating C-C/HTL. and i discovered
    a game called ROLE-PLAYING. it's a  
    mega-cool idea, but takes a hell of 
    a time.                             
    well and in the time i've got left  
    i'm going out these days. but that  
    will give big problems in the next  
    10 months, because i must do some   
    exams this year.                    
 c: who do you want to greet and        
    who are your best friends in the    
 i: that are the following dudes:       
           the BLACK MAIL gang          
            the HOTLINE gang            
    EVS/20CC                    NOL/??? 
    RH/???                   RAZE/X-RAY 
    RONNY/F4CG             PUNISHER/G*P 
     and ofcourse to my contacts i had  
    the last years, there were 367 dudes
            i've swapped with.          
       and ofcourse CHIEF EDITOR 2      
 c: if you could change the scene how   
    would it be like?                   
 i: like 1986, but with the quality of  
    today. i want to see the real times 
    trough the eyes of an elite.        
 c: what are your jobs in htl?          
 i: you can better ask:'what were your  
    jobs in HOTLINE?',because i stopped 
    swapping and kicked my modem. so i  
    can't say that i've any real job    
    in HOTLINE right at this moment.    
    but in the near future i'll have    
    some real important things to do,   
    time will learn. but it's to bad    
    that i can't tell you what those    
    activities are.                     
 c: do you have to pay rob also to      
    stay a member of htl?               
 i: wadyathink?                         
 c: is there a difference between the   
    old and the current htl?            
 i: hmmm, we've got other members(the   
    only old-HOTLINE member who's in    
    is rob). further we get all things  
    for more computers like:c64,c128,   
    amiga,atari-st,pc and more.         
    also we don't want 1st releases     
    (ofcourse it would be great to have 
    some 1st releases) but we're more   
    working on the quality(all must work
    100*,all must be in,not to much     
    but what do you mean with old and   
    new? HOTLINE never died!!! their    
    production was low, but they were   
    always there!!!                     
 c: have you got another computer       
    besides the good old 64?            
 i: two c64 and one c128 isn't that     
    enough? ofcourse i own some game    
    computers, but i still prefer my    
 c: how young are you?                  
 i: just became 19 years.               
 c: now some questions where you only   
    can answer yes/no. you can only pass
    once!...  okay?                     
 i: tja, that sounds tough.             
 c: do you think holland is ok?         
 i: YEAH, aint that though as i thought.
 c: do you have a girl/boyfriend?       
    (only answer with yes/no!...or pass 
    ... ion!...haha)                    
 i: a boyfriend? no, i'm a hetro sexual 
    of the purest race.                 
    a girlfriend? yes                   
 c: is htl the best cracking group in   
 i: yes.                                
 c: do you believe in god (of victims?)?
 i: pass.                               
 c: now some ordinary questions!        
    where did you get your name from?   
 i: tja, when i was young and had my    
    black-outs from time to time, i     
    liked hiphop(unbelievable i liked   
    that kind of crap). one day i got   
    a record with some nice tunes.      
    one of the texts contained the      
    words:'I Obey Nobody'. well that's  
    how my name was born. but as i grew 
    up and started to hate hiphop, i    
    wanted to change my name. but what  
    the hack? as i want to study        
    chemistry i think ION is still a    
    good name, or?                      
 c: since when are you in the scene?    
 i: do you mean as a lamer, or as an    
    elite dude? well i started in 1988  
    but became really known in 1989.    
 c: have you got any enemies?           
 i: not that i'm aware of. but if there 
    is someone out there who doesn't    
    like me, i don't even care. i'm     
    better anyway(hehehe).              
 c: do you want to say something to     
    the readers?                        
 i: yeah, BLACK MAIL never died as some 
    people said. i think they're all    
    afraid of our coming smasher witch  
    will be unbeatable(hehehe).         
          call our HOTLINE hqs:         
        CITADEL OF ILLUSION(whq)        
            STATE OF MIND(hq)           
         MANIAC CASTLE(dutch hq)        
 c: what's a lamer?                     
 i: somebody with only one leg, or one  
    eye. anyway he isn't able to act    
    like a normal person.               
 c: have you got any tips for the       
    readers to become 'famous'?         
 i: am i famous? i only can tell the    
    demo-groups that they've to make    
    better demos, and not those lame    
    'back to the old time' shit things. 
    for crackers i can't tell. to bad   
    but life's hard and before you      
    know it you've a tja depression.    
             WATCH OUT FOR A            
       'WAANZINNIG DEPRESSION'!!!       
 c: do you have any pets?               
 i: yes, two little brothers. i just    
    learned them how to get my post.    
 c: what's your favourite country?      
    and if you could chose where you    
    could be born where should it be?   
 i: that question is an easy one,       
    HOLLAND ofcourse. but where do i    
    want to be born? well everwhere     
    as long as i can get to HOLLAND and 
    get my DUTCH nationality.           
 c: why are you always saying:          
    'tja depression rules'?             
 i: some time ago i used 'tja' to stop  
    a discussion which i didn't like.   
    but soon it became an adiction, i   
    used 'tja' everywhere and all people
    around got really pissed off. you   
    can say that they had a real 'tja   
    depression'. but lately i use some  
    other words. so 'tja depression' is 
    out. waaaaaaaaanzinnig.             
 c: have you ever had any problems      
    with the post or the cops?          
 i: troubles with the post? no, because 
    i'm good friends with the post here 
    in my little village, so they know  
    what's mine, and they let it pass.  
    i just love the ptt.                
    troubles with the police on the     
    computer? no, and they won't ever   
    get me for it. but in my real life  
    i've seen the police enough. you    
    better can say, to often.           
 c: are you going much to parties?      
 i: no, and i hate not going to a party.
    but it uses to much time, and i need
    all that time for my study. and in  
    the holidays i've better things to  
    do(ever tried to fuck your user-port
    ??? i never tried it, but i know    
    i prefer other holes!!!).           
 c: well, i guess i'm out of inspiration
    but if you want to ask me some      
    questions then please do!           
 i: wauw, this is what i call a cool    
    interview. i can ask some things    
    too. well let us start              
 I: is still ion                        
 C: is ofcourse the chief editor 2      
 i: well i'll let it start very easy for
    myself. just give me your reactions 
    on the following words, okay?       
 c: i'm all ears...                     
 i: belgium                             
 c: the country with the best beers and 
    the best fries... a little country  
    with a strange and retarded law but 
    probably good enough otherwise it   
    wouldn't be called THE COCKPIT OF   
    EUROPE... like i said, belgium is   
    a country where the food,the people 
    ,the beers,.... are just GREAT.     
 i: HOTLINE (i always want to know what 
    other peolple think of us).         
 c: one of my favourite cracking groups 
    as c+c are QUALITY CRACKERS... for  
    me they're the number 1!...         
    (if you think this is sliming you   
    should see my dog...)               
 i: BLACK MAIL (that was obvious, or?). 
 c: a group with a lot of (famous) good 
    members but they're so inactive!... 
    it's quite lame that so much groups 
    have comments on them... every group
    is from time to time inactive but   
    perhaps it's time to set free some  
    of those marvel demos...            
 i: my delays                           
 c: i hate them.... as you know you're  
    my favourite dutch dude and it's    
    always nice to get a lot of cool    
    letters from a good pal... but i    
    forgive you, just keep swapping!    
 i: how's life these days in belgium?   
 c: like i said, the law is fucking     
    stupid here but till now life's     
    quite good. sometimes i get annoyed 
    by all those foreign inhabitants but
    the law admits it so what can we    
    else do then obey... anyway, this is
    a matter which doesn't interest me  
    anymore. i'm happy to be living in  
    belgium as i've been eating some    
    puke fries in holland and i wanted  
    to return to belgium immediately... 
 i: you where at the silicon party, and 
    there was this building called      
    'einstein', and there was this lane 
    called 'einstein-dreef'. well i     
    think, you could tell the people how
    to get famous, more as i can. so    
    tell us how!                        
 c: well, now you're dealing the cards..
    anyway, i shouldn't know how to     
    become famous as otherwise i would  
    not be interviewing some dutch      
    lamers...(haha..) just kidding ion! 
    i guess if your personality and     
    charisma is great enough or you're  
    a very good coder,cracker,musician, 
    ... you can become a so-called elite
    dude. but who cares about that crap?
 i: well what are your favorites? and i 
    don't mean computer things ofcourse.
 c: what favourites?... girls,cars?...  
    i like eating things which aren't   
    good for my health (and weight),    
    i like going out from time to time  
    to fool around. i like watching     
    t.v.... i'm a real home-guy...      
    there's no place like home!...      
    i'm a quite boring character, but   
    i like to spend money!...           
 i: well i'll give you some words and   
    you may make your own sentences, or 
    stories. do understand?             
 c: hit it!                             
 i: amiga, c64, te wauw.                
 c: i once had an amiga but when the    
    thing broke down i'd switched over  
    to my c64 again which gave me such a
    blow that it was te wauw for me so  
    i joined wow.                       
 i: americans,europeans,germans         
 c: americans are normal guys with some-
    times a real EGO and a lot of guys  
    think all americans are gods!...    
    it's handy to live in the usa as    
    most of the boards are in america   
    and it's a country of luxury.       
    europeans are nowadays a real       
    competitor towards the usa as the   
    ussr is braindamaged but let's hope 
    the europeans can keep everything   
    in order and won't start a WORLD    
    WAR again.                          
    germans have suffered quite a lot   
    under 2 world wars but are back with
    a strong economy. let's hope they'll
    make everyone rich...               
 i: real life, computer life.           
 c: real life has some comparisons with 
    the computer life as in the scene   
    you meet all kind of characters and 
    you learn from your mistakes but    
    real life is still a lot different  
    as i p.e. spend to much money on    
    telephone-calls... luckily for me   
    i still live home otherwise my      
    computer life would have been over  
    allready... i hope i'll have enough 
    free time over as i'm going to      
    university (from the 7th october)   
    but i'll rise and kick!...          
 i: well, some normal questions now     
    would be right placed here,or?      
 c: what's normal nowadays?             
 i: you're on amiga too? or?            
 c: well, the story is that i bought    
    an amiga 1 year ago but then the    
    damned machine broke down and i     
    sold it too cruel/wow (ed. the      
    amiga was fixed!)                   
    anyway, i think the amiga scene     
    has still a lot to learn from the   
    64 scene as i could join DEFJAM     
    if i'd bought a modem...(lame!)     
    anyway, the 64 rulez and i hope     
    it will stay forever.               
 i: are you one of those 'i'm waiting   
    for DUTCH BREEZE' guys?...          
 c: i like a good demo but i'm not      
    awaiting this particular demos.     
    a lot of others are and i guess     
    that's their bussiness...           
 i: well, don't ask me when it's ready  
    to spread, but i don't care anymore 
    as it takes me much to long now.    
    i'm completely out of my questions. 
    i'll never do an interview again.   
    it would take too much of my brain- 
 c: well, let's hope i'll be seeing you 
    at some more dull parties...        
    anyway, we stay FRIENDS FOREVER,he? 
    so readers... i hope you've enjoyed 
    reading this as it was done all for 
    your pleasure but personally i think
    interviews are quite boring... but  
    i know some guys who can really     
    make something out of an interview! 
    but for this time i say goodbye and 
    a lot of 'present-cheques' to ion/  
    htl/bml for this cool interview!... 
                        CHIEF EDITOR 2  
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