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              HEADLINE NEWS


 shade left contrast designs and joined
 flash inc.
 he is a musician, graphicsmaker and

 ronnie pasch left audial arts and
 flash inc., and quitted the scene.
 rodney balai seems to be the only one
 left in audial arts now.

 scorp was kicked out of flash inc.

 your beloved hotshot editors have now
 also joined the games producing group
 octabits members:
 zodiac/flash inc, redstar/logic,
 moon/flash inc, morpheus/flash inc and
 unifier/flash inc.

 creeper never joined fairlight.
 he left deathsector and joined flash
 inc., and he's staying in that group.

 redstar and the sarge have never been
 members of flash inc, despite some
 rumours in other mags.

 visual left science451 and joined
 pretzel logic. he also stopped to use
 his handle (like the rest of p.l) and
 uses now his real name 'johannes sjo-
 gren' instead.
 pretzel logic's follow-up demo to
 "the royal scam", which was supposed
 to be released in december 1991, has
 been delayed (anyone surprised?) as
 they've started working on a new game-
 project instead.

 decay (who was kicked out of flash)
 changed his handle back to macho and
 joined the ever-active gothenburg
 people in propaganda.

 betrayer, case, virus, gez and mad
 left xentrix and joined awesome

 jtm left cheyens and joined dominators
 design. kirk left cheyens and joined
 topaz. caprix (the guy that was group-
 less some time ago and made the demo
 "contact demo" to show what he could
 do) also joined topaz.

 maduplec left the alive-and-kicking
 nato, and joined crest.

 sting left enigma, and re-built the
 group elite with:
 * maniac     (who never was in enigma)
 * rick  (who was kicked out of enigma)
 * conan (the real guy from old elite?)
 joe cool rejoined enigma, after having
 joined elite for a few days.

 culture, ferro and mirage (not the
 graphicsmaker in censor) joined

 yabba of light demonstrated his new,
 shocking abilities on the amiga at the
 party in aars, denmark..
 he had learned how to use a disceditor
 and change text in the assembler he
 was using, from "assembler v6.00 by
 ..real coder.." to "assembler v6.01 by
 yabba the #1". we're shocked!!!!
 this amazing improved assembler will
 be released as light's first amiga
 release soon (that is, as soon as
 yabba learns how to use the packers on
 the amiga and finds someone to buy an
 intro from).

 rainman left antic, and quitted the

 chris of brutal changed his handle to

 a dude from the u.s called zapped
 joined fairlight.

 did you know that panoramic designs
 are to the c64 scene, what the rolling
 stones are to the music scene?
 both groups are built up of boring old
 farts who's been around forever, and
 both groups have been entirely crap
 the last 90 percent of their life, and
 none of the groups understand that
 they should have quitted long ago when
 they were any good.

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