Hotshot 16 ch02 News and Rumours

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             HEADLINE  NEWS


 we are very glad to announce that the
 mega lame magazine called homonews
 will not be produced again. humanoid
 of hoaxers found out how lame the mag
 really was. praise the lord!!

 deek of genesis/the vibrants stopped
 all c64 activities whatsoever. this
 comes after several months of none
 answered packages from him.

 did you know that the mega-cool intro
 to the game 'conquestador' was coded
 by anonym , graphics by creat - both
 members of padua - and the great music
 and soundeffects was done by edvin van
 santen of 20cc.

 tomahawk , steve and powpin left padua
 and stopped all c64 computing. gordon
 is now both a member of padua and
 origo,and the chief is also in xentrix
 as in padua.

 the popular english magazine zzap!64
 has gone down, claims gerard of sonic
 graffiti, who knows some of the mag
 editors. this means a big shock for
 the 64 world, as alot of us thought it
 was the number one magazine of all
 times.the vibrants demo will therefore
 not appear. however, gez will try to
 get it in on commodore format instead.

 now there are 2 americans using jch's
 player aswell, under his permission.
 they are the last dragon of empire and
 sequencer .

 forget what you read in hotshot about
 some kind of war between g*p & flash !
 that mistake was caused by infinity
 of brainbombs who has been sending out
 'war-letters' to lots of mag editors
 in antichrist's name !!! lame..
 rumours say that it also was infinity
 who released the faked version of gp's
 mag "propaganda". (some people will do
 anything to get some attention...)

 jch of the vibrants is trying to sell
 his music editor to the danish soft-
 ware house interactivision .the editor
 will be packed into two versions, the
 1st with the older ed player 14+17,
 and the 2nd with the new editor and
 probably the newest v20 player aswell.

 trinity of triangle joined dominators
 design as a coder, but he'll stick
 with triangle on amiga though.

 hawk (graphicsmaker) and tjagvad
 (musician) left conic to join
 dominators design.

 jch also made music+sfx for domark's
 forthcoming game "pit fighter" and sfx
 for their "race drivin'" aswell. the
 latter will, according to domark,
 support simultaneously 2 player action

 the finnish coder delta left death-
 sector and joined extreme (a new group
 built up by b-wyze/ex-victims and some

 jesper olsen has been hired as inter-
 activisions inhouse computer musician
 for two months. if jch finds jesper
 suitable for the job during his test
 period, he might get himself a job! jo
 will be offered a c64, amiga and a pc
 for musical works.

 unifier of flash inc was involved in
 a freelance project on the pc rather
 recently. a local company called
 tech and teach ab created a measuring/
 timing hardware unit called loggy for
 the pc , and unifier was one of the
 persons who made some bucks by
 making the pc-software for that unit.

 johannes bjerregaard, who left the c64
 scene a long time ago, has been work-
 ing on pc's "sound blaster" music rou-
 tine lately. lovers of his musical
 abilities will in the future be able
 to hear his work on the pc version of
 "double dragon 3". i'm really sad to
 say that he will never return to the
 c64 scene again.

 o'neill of crest changed his name into
 msk , which is his initials.

 shock got a new picture in their menu
 part. soon there will also be some
 exclusive music from jch, enlargement
 of the possible text space, an irq-
 loader and some minor things.
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