Hotshot 14 ch02 News and Rumours

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             NEWS & RUMOURS

 * the wisebrain called antichrist of
 genesis project is once again back.
 after morpheus wrote some true facts
 about antichrist he recieved a letter
 saying: "i kill you if i see you!
 and that means war from the whole g*p
 against flash inc". morpheus says: "if
 you must use gas against s.y.s. just
 to escape, how is it possible that you
 gonna kill me? haha!"

 * both scrap & antichrist cracked for
  joy division , ofcourse under other

 * hotshot and some other mags wrote
 that razy and rcs was kicked out of
 ikari. that lie was spread by the real
 lamer: antichrist of genesis*project!

 * wisch left flash inc. as he is bored
 of c64-coding at the moment.

 * a new game from the danish software
 company silverrock (who previously
 made "hugo" and "oswald") is soon
 coming up. called "goldcorn-express",
 it will be a little like the "loco"
 game but with new game elements. the
 amiga version is coded by s0ren
 gr0nbech (who made "datastorm" and
 "sword of sodan") with music by jesper
 olsen. the c64 version made by thomas
 villadsen (scorpio of starion, who
 made hugo and oswald on the 64 aswell)
 with music by jch . the music was
 composed on the c64 and then converted
 by hand to jesper's routine on the
 amiga and that means that the amiga
 music was indirectly composed by jch.

 * the music group the vibrants will
 soon appear on a forthcoming issue of
 the popular english magazine zzap 64 !
 with the demo that was released to the
 scene some months ago, on the cover-
 tape!!   bizzmo and deek did the demo
 with one tune from each vibrants

 * the game orcus (that jch made a
 large bunch of musics for) seems to be
 totally dropped since the english
 programmer mike agar apparently coded
 other games like sly spy and soon one

 * the company software creations which
 tim follin works for, have announced
 that they will not produce any more
 c64 games. could this mean that tim &
 his brothers mike and geoff will leave
 the scene? anyway, get gauntlet iii to
 hear the latest from tim.

 * dominators got a section in holland
 by letting the guy venom from slite
 design into the group.

 * coldrake left excellence to join the
 guys in hotline .

 * a new swedish group called abc
 (another bad creation) existed for a
 while. members were: godfather and
 pimpernel (ex-science 451), white lion
 and methabol (ex-censor), cleric (ex-
 paragon), martin (ex-g*p), scope (ex-
 omega) and poison.the group died after
 some weeks when pimpernel and white
 lion and methabol joined pandora.

 * ikari died. all the members except
 rcs joined legend. excell, who left
 ikari some time ago joined legend too.
 rcs joined brutal.

 * sting of enigma hacked some pass-
 words from sky and maniac of pandora
 and wrote shit about legend under
 their names. finally he was discovered
 and was banned from second to none.

 * earlier there was a vote-competition
 on mystic cavern. the question to
 answer was if parson of nato should be
 kicked from the board or not. 90 per-
 cent of the users said yes!!
 he's gone...

 * manx was kicked out of f4cg because
 he talked shit about his own group.

 * after some months of lazyness, brain
 bombs are back. and they are as secret
 as always.

 * the panoramic+hoaxers party was a
 huge flop. only 100 persons showed up.
 (they even tried to blame us for the
 fact that no-one wanted to go there..
 grow up, pleeeease!)

 * daw and chorus left triad and the

 * flood of fairlight was forced to
 take down his board "wonderland",
 'cause nearly no-one called it and the
 wares were at least one month old!!!

 * skywize (ex-triad) and lapskaus (ex-
 war deal lamers (ed.who!?)) and joy-
 ride (ex-cosmic) joined hoaxers.
 joyride's board "the highway" (which
 is only up 20:00-07:00!!!) is now the
 hoaxers+brutal hq.

 * judge left artline and joined death-

 * raistlin (the author of the demo
 serie 'delirious') left genesis and
 joined xentrix.

 * exulans left atrix and joined conic.

 * alpha of x-factor sold his c64 and
 went to the amiga but he's still in

 * network asked x-factor to join them
 but ofcourse x-factor refused.

 * king was thrown out of x-factor.

 * ricky and drax left bonzai and
 joined conic.
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