Hotshot 13 ch07 Different Things

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             BOARD CORNER
             BOARD CORNER
  hello again and welcome to the board-
  corner ... it happened quite a lot of
  things since the last issue so let's
  take some board news right ahead !!

 * big things are going on at mystic
   cavern. it's now only the hq of
   censor design since sorceress got
   pissed off at victims for having two
   boards... roy, and all the
   others got ofcourse extremely pissed
   off at it (except for "some" people
   which seems to be real gentlemen
   (hey tronic)).
   so now debbie is all alone with bob,
   geggin, psycho and the rest of
   censor .

 * victims new hq is now instead
   shangrali ( sysop mr brownstone )
   and they also have a second board
   together with mirage called great
   escapes .

 * tunnel of warez kicked genesis out
   and took dominators instead,but they
   got also kicked after only some days
   so tunnel of warez is now the hq of
   atc+mirage .

 * genesis shortly afterwards entered
   terminal obsession instead,and that
   means that terminal obsession is now
   the hq of nei censor and genesis !!

 * enigma has 3 boards:
   - the forum
   - mad mad world
   - gee spot

 * a new euro-board is born.
   just a dream away is the name of it,
   and it's the euro north hq of
   dominators and enigma. sysop is gene
   of dominators .

 * problem child's board is back up
   again. he has changed the name from
   fabulous disaster to something else.
   it is now the empire and f4cg hq...

 * channel zer0 has been beta-testing
   c*base know what that
   means,don't you?
   yes,the board crashed and was down
   for three days!
   it is now back on metalsoft c*base

 * razy / ikari will put up the euro hq
   of ikari+talent with 3 1581's.
   it will be runned on ucbbs.


                    FUNNY LETTERS
        a bounch of FUNNY LETTERS
 yes, that's right! here's some funny
 letters that we decided to print. some
 of them are written in such a bad eng-
 lish so sometimes it can be hard to
 read. hope you'll enjoy this, and if
 you have some funny letters, please do
 send them to us.

         letter from TIEBREAK
 about the panoramic matter. i've got a
 mate who know olav quite well. he said
 that olav just wrote this to offence
 as many groups he was able to. he just
 wrote the worst shit he could think of
 and it's the same way with megastyle .
 it seems that they have joined in a
 "writing-the most-shit-possible-of-
 federation" just to make all other
 groups pissed.
 ofcourse they're all also quite wierd,
 and doesn't think as normal people.

     letter from SYLVIO/TRIUMWYRAT
 yo! sylvio writing.. you had surprized
 sure? i wanna a regular swap with ya,
 pal!!! i like the flash inc demos and
 products! anyway we came back at wien
 from cosmos ! we fixed our game called
 purple dragon. and cold beers - great
 talks - hot toasts... sorry, we didn't
 trade to horizon party. cool party??
 shadow/transcom sent me the 7th issue
 of cccp.(the transcommunist paper-mag)
 and not so bad, but great i think...
 i've got the hotshot#01. great mag! if
 ya wanna i'm send news and votes. sum
 mags wrote more lies about our group:
 the triumwyrat... more group(in the
 capitol of hungary called budapest)
 hate our group, 'coz we no well knows
 and we swapping with much cool groups.
 coz we working on sumthings week after
 week!!! (megademo what we spreaded
 called queerism fun with much cooool
 parts,much very great utilitizz: pack-
 ers, parallel-programs, cracks for
 quality not quantities, hardwarethings
 better fc iii and action 6.3/7.0 copy,
 our partners with swap: illusion, g*p,
 transcom, legend, trc, powers of pain,
 blasters, cosmos, action, manowar,
 cross, chaos, crime, tera, saga+time,
 cheyens, trust, x-factor, dominators,
 f4cg and more..... so, i hope you will
 answer me soon, pal!
    will your friend: sylvester
                 (as sylvio/tri)

                   HOLY HACKERS
       letter from HOLY HACKERS
 time for another party. saturday the
 9th of mars will there be alot of
 hacking, alot of playing and alot of
 coca-cola and pizza. because then it's
 time for holy hackers yearly copy-
 party. the party are for atari and
 commodore first but other computers
 are welcome aswell.
 we will start at 15.00 and it will go
 on the whole weekend. the party place
 is tordyvelns quarter place. if you go
 by car you can park it on the other
 parkingplace to the left on mjolmosse-
 vagen. if you go by bus, you may take
 number 60, 61 or 62 to ryd. if you're
 going of at timmervagen and trudge to
 the cross(see map). the place is an
 white one-floorer but yellow by the
 to pay the costs for the party, a en-
 terance must be paid(20 skr). so when
 you're inside, you'll put up your com-
 puter, monitor, tv, printer, plotter ,
 sampler, and keyboard or what ever you
 are bringing. remember that all disc &
 tape boxes shall be open for those who
 wants to copy games, demoes or just
 utilities. a programming and graphics
 competition will be arranged.
 bring your own extension cables and
 ramification cables so you'll not be
 short of power.

        letter from SATO/STYLE
 after careful and hard investigations,
 i have come to the conclution that a
 "gulf-war" won't hurt the american
 scene that bad. reliable sources of
 mine(my kid brother) told me that most
 of the american groups are top-trained
 for wars, so it will hurt the iraq
 scene even more. you see,  most of the
 american stuff is heavy trained'n ntsc

 ed. what the heck has this to do with
           the c64 scene ?

        letter from DUTCH/CULT
 a letter to tell you what he thinks of
 that was a hot day, he was restless,
 he start to think. (what can i do to-
 day) yo, i can kick some member. yes
 that sound good(he talk for him self)
 he start with a guy. farre is his
 name. alright i have kicked one now.
 ohh noo only one. (he think) after sum
 minutes he have kicked 3-4 more then
 he call me.he said that he have kicked
 lot of members now. i said, what have
 you done. i have kicked some member.
 (ha ha ha) yes that was very funny. (i
 think, what i'm now gonna do) i left
 sccs very soon after he call me up.
 the rest of sccs, start to think like
 this way, he is crazy, he is crazy, he
 is crazy. angel (the idiot) have same
 brain like saddam h. but after two to
 three day we all left sccs. sccs is
 now one member (him self) we hope that
 he have very funny now that was all
 from me.            dutch of cult 91'


 hai, i'm dandy of heatwave. i am going
 to tell you something about this new
 group. heatwave consists of 6 members
 and are a demo group only. how did we
 build up it all? well, a few years ago
 after laming around abit, we became a
 little famous by coding demoes in "the
 6th sense". our coop-demo with spench
 was successful that time. after relea-
 sing a few demoes we were getting much
 lazier than ever...
 after a few months, we decided to
 start it all over again by renaming
 the group into internal affairs . and
 we became active again, but because we
 were all doing our exams, we only re-
 lease one or two demoes in about one
 and a half year. a few months ago we
 decided to start all over again and
 now by taking in some hot'n cool, new
 members, which could make us doing
 more things. we also decided to start
 a magazine because we were able then,
 to release something each month.
 although we were also busy creating
 our first demo: heatwave's first demo!
 this one will be released soon because
 we have now time to finish it, as all
 members did their exams. so now heat-
 wave is here to kick the scene's ass!
 that's it!


 some time ago i got several cracks of
 the game scooby & scrappy doo and what
 none of the crackers seemed to have
 noticed were that it was produced by
 the cool guys ash & dave that
 released a lot of great demos some
 years ago.
 who have forgotten their cool double
 density and smooth criminal? they
 where simply great in my opinion. the
 fact that none had written anything in
 their intros about who had made scooby
 and scrappy doo makes me wonder if
 they have a bad memory or if they all
 are to new in the scene to remember
 them. anyway, i'm sure a lot of people
 would like to see a real ash & dave
 demo again. so come on guys and show
 lately it have become popular to make
 a comeback if you once upon a time
 were wellknown. the only comment i can
 give to that is: just do it !
 i'm aware that nothing can bring
 things back to what it was before. so
 i end this by saying: the future is
 behind us . this is infact an old, old
 slogan from a dead group. but i won't
 tell you which one...
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