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             THE INTERVIEWS

 as a premiere to this new main-routine
 we have two interviews. the first is
 with ses of genesis project . the 2nd
 one is made with  jack daniels when he
 was a member in genesis. eventhough he
 was kicked out for a strange reason we
 decided to print his interview. his
 ouestions is therefore answered as a
 g*p member.

         interview with S.E.S.
 * hi there man. please tell us your
 real name and your age?
 s: my real name is simon stelling. my
 birthday is on the 6th of december'72
 and therefore i'm 18 years of age now.

 * what's your job in g*p?
 s: i'm a coder. i do most of the gfx
 to my demoes aswell.

 * in what group(s) have you been in
 before genesis?
 s: i was in fear and before that i was
 in no group at all. nearly at the same
 time when i decided to join g*p, some
 guys from scream and oracle asked me
 to build up a new coder-group. i
 agreed and so i'm in sunrise aswell as
 in genesis. you have to know that i
 went to both groups because both pro-
 mised to get some converting jobs for
 me. at the moment it looks like as if
 sunrise failed while genesis suceeded.

 * how many members are there in g*p?
 s: well i don't know exactly how many
 members g*p has, i guess around 15-20.
 for sure in g*p are: antichrist, fgth,
 scrap, deek, bizzmo, s.e.s., snacky,
 the goblin, punisher and some more
 which i can't remember at the moment.

 * when did you buy your commodorre ?
 s: on the 15th or 16th of may 1987. i
 bought a c128, a 1571 and a 1301 mon-
 itor which still works (hey man, i got
 a drive which have been working since
 the 12th of september 1984!). in oct
 1989 i bought a second 1571 to be able
 to copy easier and to leave my master-
 disk in one drive, while the actual
 workdisk is in the other one.

 * how many hours per day do you spend
 infront of your computer?
 s:  i spend every free minute infront
 of my computer... that means 12 hours
 on saturdays and sundays, 6 hours on
 mondays, no time at all at tuesdays, 8
 hours on wednesdays, 5-8 hours on
 thursdays and 1-3 hours on fridays. in
 holidays of course all night long !

 * what do you think about cracking ?
 s: cracking is fun... i did it myself
 many years ago... nowadays cracking
 seems to be harder. you have to be
 fast and good at the same time.

 * what's your future plans?
 s: on computer i'll try to finish a
 converting-job for kingsoft as soon as
 possible, after that i'll try to get
 some more such jobs to earn money, and
 ofcourse i'm going to release some
 demoes in the near future!

 * who are your best pals in the scene?
 s: they are: typhoon/fts ,  hje/amok
 and ofcourse all g*p members.

 * who is the best coder, graphixer and
 s: when it comes to coder it's quite
 difficult to judge... i think... it's
 me (hehe)! no, i really can't name one
 that should be the best of'em all.
 turning over to graphixers it's the
 same problem. i think bizzmo is quite
 cool aswell di-art and redstar/logic.
 musicans are easy: vibrants . but i
 like mon too.

 * so what do you think about the
 scene these days?
 s: uh... well... at first i have to
 say that there are way too much lame
 discmags(ed. like rock'n role)! most
 of them are so bad to read that you
 can't even read them if you wanted to!

 * what's your opinion about the amiga ?
 s: well, as everyone knows, it's quite
 cool concerning graphics and music. as
 far as i know, the amiga scene is
 lame. anyway, i have no amiga yet.
 maybe i'll buy one as soon as i've
 earned some money with these convert-
 ing jobs i told you about.

 * the best disc-mag?
 s: difficult to say... i liked s'n c
 very much.  also mamba, remark, bild,
 corruption, bad news and of course

 * describe a real lamer.
 s: hmmm... a lamer is either someone
 who releases a lamermag(i've already
 given you a description of a lamermag)
 or someone who writes to me and wants
 to know if cosmail is a group or a
 demo(really happened to me!).

 * have you ever been to a copy-party?
 s: no, i  have never been to a party.
 i was in venlo twice, but the first
 time i was there, the party was not!!

 * what are you doin' in your spare-
 s: well, i told you before that i do
 alot of computing... i also give some
 private math-lessons to some extremly
 sweet girls(really! no joke!).

 * what's your favourite:
   food: pizza, cheeseburgers
   movies: pretty woman, back to the
           future, total recall, abyss,
           dead poets club
   magazine: 64'er although it's lame
   games: maniac mansion, turrican,
           zak mc kracken, last ninja.
   music groups: i can't tell you any
           special groups... anything
           from phil collins over fgth
           to front 242(ed. yuch!)
   sports: coding and nothing else

 * what makes you happy ?
 s: to read my interview in a cool disk
 magazine, or to read my name in the
 coder-charts. the best thing was to
 read the review of megaparts ii / fear
 in mamba... it got a better rating
 then flash inc's demo!! so i really
 have a reason to be proud!

 * angry ?
 s: to type a letter in a notemaker &
 after one hour of typing accidentially
 to hit the resore key so that all the
 text is gone because the notemaker
 crashed! also reading so-called "lamer
 charts". i get really annoy, because
 i bet that 95 percent of the voters
 are real lamers who don't even know
 the people they named.

 * do you have any enemies ?
 s: enemies? no! (i hope so...)

 * name three things you'd bring with
 you on a desert island?
 s: 1 - enough food, water etc..
    2 - a girlfriend
    3 - a complete computer system in-
 cluding c128+1571+1901, an amiga+a 2nd
 drive+monitor, thousands of discs full
 of stuff and a long long telephone-
 cable attached to a modem and a normal
 phone aswell.

 * and at last, do you want to say
 something to the public?
 s: yes i do. please, before you fill a
 votesheet, make sure that you know the
 groups/coders/graphixers/musicans and
 demoes that you vote for! and then
 don't believe only one discmag, but
 read several discmags and then judge
 yourself and make your own opinion.
 and please  don't vote for the fastest
 crackers or best importers when you
 get all stuff four weeks after the
 release date. how the heck can you
 dare to say this group is the fastest,
 when you are not able to judge?! and
 besides, forget everything i told you
 just before and vote for g*p in all
 charts, including demo charts! and
 please vote for s.e.s/g*p in the coder
 charts! or haven't you seen my work?
 then stop voting in general, because
 you are out of touch!

                     JACK DANIELS
      interview with JACK DANIELS
 * hey pal, please tell us your real
 name and your actual age?
 j: my name is tobias and i'm 17 years
 old and i'll turn 18 on the 7th of
 august this year.

 * what's your job in genesis?
 j: i'm a swapper with 80 contacts, the
 main-editor of corruption and some-
 times a little bit of cracking, but
 nothing special at all. i'm soon going
 to buy a modem.

 * in what groups have you been in
 before g*p?
 j: first cocaine, later orion, atg and
 paramount before i joined g*p.

 * who found the name genesis ?
 j: moses was the one who invented the
 name genesis, it was the first of his
 5 books in the bible. the name indi-
 cates, that we are the first in most
 of the cases... and the best ofcourse!

 * when did you get first commodore 64?
 j: i got it in 1986, i suppose.

 * what's your future plans?
 j: as far as the scene is concerned
 the most important thing is, not to
 get caught by the cops, because in
 germany it's still illegal to swap
 illegal copies of games(cracks). i do
 also want to do some more issues of
 corruption and i want to get some new
 friends in the scene and i'd like to
 meet lots of my foreign contacts any
 time, any place!
 in "normal" life i want to stay tough
 and healthy. i want to continue my
 alcoholican career and to fuck more &
 more girls. all in all, i just want to
 have fun...

 * in your eyes, who is the best coder,
 graphixer and musican?
 j: coder - zodiac , sam+zentrix, fgth+
    gfx'er - red wiz, sparkler, bizzmo,
    musican - griff, deek, jeroen tel

 * how many hours a day do you spend
 infront of your computer?
 j: usually not more than 1-2 hours per
 day. here and there i have to take
 some more time for my computer activi-
 ties, for example when i have to write
 texts for corruption and that means 3
 to 4 days of hard work, or when i
 want to satisfy my contacts with a
 sending... there are also some days
 where i don't even touch my computer.
 computer is a hobby, not a full time

 * who are your best pals in the scene?
 j: g*p members, the dudes in my town
 (ex-hitmen, pulsar, abary), raze/xray,
 deff/enigma, scorpie+kid+fen 1/f4cg,
 aj/trc, peter+bod/ikari+talent, crush/
 bonzai, gabriel/chromance, gabriel/the
 force, tmb/victims, richie/enigma,
 dr disc/chromance, tyger/ex-paramount,
 thunderstruck+antitrack/legend, mr+
 psycho/censor, adolf/victims, moon +
 morpheus/flash inc. and some more....

 * what do you think about the scene?
 j: the scene dudes care too much for
 the charts and for their so-called
 carrier.. it's nonsens! friendship has
 to be more important! i love the
 momentary demo-scene, yeah cool! there
 could be more originals and less mags!

 * what's your deepest thoughts about
 the amiga ?
 j: it's good for playing games and
 watching demoes and nothing more.. the
 scene is lame.

 * which is the best disc magazine?
 j: corruption of course. bild zeitung,
 bad news and hotshot are the only
 competitors nowadays. mamba is also
 not bad, but they have written too
 much shit lately. i like these mags
 like gamers guide aswell, they are

 * hotshot then?
 j: a cool mag, but what about a new
 main-menue? (ed. your wish has come

 * describe a lamer .
 j: that is someone who ripps or re-
 cracks things and then when someone
 finds that out, he declares them the
 holy war ( you mean wildcat/ics?)
 as for an example this guy called
 playboy. he ripped an amok intro. 3dk
 and i noticed that and published the
 proove of his ripping. lately he wrote
 an anti note against me. yeah.. lamer!
 suckers to the wall!

 * do you often visit copy-parties?
 j: i'm very regular in venlo. from the
 next year on, i'll be on more parties,
 because i'm getting my driving license
 in a month or so...

 * do you want something to be changed
 in the scene?
 j: i'd like to force all rippers and
 recrackers to leave the scene. but i
 think it's senseless... there are too
 much of them.

 * what are you doing in your spare
 j: i often going out to the bar or to
 the disco in the evening, this takes
 all my time in the weekends. i love to
 sleep, when i find the time to do it.
 school takes alot of my time. i played
 some soccer and trained body-building
 in the past, but i nearly stopped all
 these sports. i also meet my friends
 in the afternoons quite often, so it
 isn't boring for me at all.

 * what's your favourite:
   food: pizza, rumpsteak, gulasch
   movie: all monthy pythons
   country: italy and great britain
   mag: sport mags
   game: i hate games! but welltris is
   music group: klf, 2 live crew, and
         everything in this direction,
         but i also like rod stewart,
         runrig, western hagen and more
   sport: active - soccer, tennis
          passiv - soccer, ice hockey &
   animal: dog! i hate cats!

 * what makes you really happy ?
 j: holidays, good sex, cigarettes,
 jack daniels tennessee whiskey, beer,
 sunshine, meeting with friends, beach,
 good music, going out, having fun, no
 school, sleeping, long letters and
 phonecalls and to travel around.

 * angry ?
 j: lame magazines, getting up early in
 the mornings, too expensive alcohol,
 sendings without letters, cats, double
 training, school and extremists.

 * what would you bring with you to a
 dezert island? three things only!
 j: a brewery, a girl and a ship to
 travel back home.

 * mucho gracias for this interview. do
 you want to say something to the rest
 of the guys in the scene?
 j: try to get all the latest genesis
 wares, including corruption. and then
 be objective and vote for us, because
 we really kick ass nowadays. but
 always remember, that computing is a
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