Hotshot 12 ch06 The Reviews

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      *    THE REVIEWS   ;;
      *                  ;;

type: megademo

THE INTRO simulates a login into
a mainframe computer (you don't
have to type in anything your-
self, as you'll see the commands
being "typed in" for you).
first a password is entered, and
then various commands are given
to list information about the
demo. the coolest effect is
after the command "define c-64
demo interface system", when a
linevectorroutine with a rota-
ting c64 appears inside a square
at the bottom of the screen.
this is completely unexpected
the first time you see it 'cause
the rest of the screen only
contains some text...
when the command "initiate
project conspire" is given, you
will first have to wait a while
and then the music will start
and the intro will show some
fullscreen single color logos
saying: this,is,con,spire.
after that the intro ends, and
the computer tries to load the
first part, but the installed
diskturbo didn't work on the
reviewer's drive, so i had to
load each part seperately...

PART 1 - FLEXTECH features a
logoarea (which changes between
showing a oregon logo and a
conspire logo) that either is
flexing or techteching. below
that are some mountains and a
textshower which displays the
credits for all of the parts in
the demo.

PART 2 - BOBS contains a vector-
bobroutine. you can use your
joystick to choose between 7
different objects. when you have
selected a new object, the old
object zooms out of the screen
and then the new one will zoom
in. if the chosen object wasn't
already calculated, a picture of
a roadworker with some moving
"zzz.." sprites will be shown
while the coordinates for the
object are calculated. you can
have all 7 objects calculated in
the memory at the same time, but
from the beginning only the
object called "cross" is already

PART 3 - 302 SPRITES features a
multiplexer in the same style as
the so-called "290 sprites
multiplexer" by s.e.s. !
the multiplexer occupies both
the textarea on the screen and
the up & downborder.there's also
a oregon spritelogo at the right
most columns of the textarea and
this spritelogo also goes from
the upborder to the downborder.
there's also some 3fff chars
from the upborder to the end of
the textarea, saying "oregon..
quality never goes out of style"
and below that, there's some
rastercolors in the downborder.

PART 4 - BOUNCING contains a
hireslogo, a 1 line high greets
shower, some oregon sprites in
the downborder, a scroll, and a
huge ball moving around. when
the ball hits the scroll, the
scroll moves down in a fld.

PART 5 - VECTORS features a line
vector. you can change between
8 different objects. when you
select a new object, the old one
zooms out from the screen and
the new one zooms in. if the
chosen object wasn't already
calculated, a "conspire" logo
will be shown while the co-
ordinates are can
have all objects in the memory
at the same time, but only one
of them is already calculated
from the beginning.

PART 6 - FLI SCROLL features a
rather high fli scroll.there is
nohting done to hide the area
where the scroll leaves the
screen (at the leftmost position
of the usable fli area), so the
text doesn't leave the left side
of the screen in a smooth way.
below that is a "oregon" logo,
a little vector with hidden
lines showing the mtv mark
rotating around, and some moun-
tains that reaches the down-
border in some x positions.

CODE by dub 1 of oregon.........
............................70 p

GRAPHICS by dub 1,excel,blue,
esprit,butch of oregon. pain of
x-factor. karl and shez of house
designs.....................60 p

MUSIC was ripped............50 p

overall rating..............60 p

comment: all in all a nice demo
from a group who deserves a lot
more attention.


type: one filedemo

THE INTRO contains a big revenge
logo, some cavegraphics and a
little focuslogo. after a while
the focus logo starts moving in
x and zooming in and out, and a
1x1 scroll appears.

THE PART features some vector
balls above a logoarea, which
changes between showing a focus
hireslogo and a 3 color revenge
logo which is more than one
screen wide.
below that is some animations
showing 3 different 3d objects
(not built up by lines).
all the objects are shown on the
screen besides each other at
the same time.
at the bottom of the screen is
a scroll.

CODE by the dark judge,keysystem
of focus....................70 p

GRAPHICS by compyx,vulcan,atom-
rock of focus...............80 p

MUSIC was ripped............50 p

overall rating..............67 p

comment: another really stylish
demo from focus.the code and the
calculations are cool too..


type: megademo

THE INTRO shows 3 men walking on
a bridge above a waterfall. all
of a sudden a monster rises from
the water. the men starts to
shoot at of them hits the
monster, and it falls down dead.
now a space alien rises from the
water and shoots down the three
men from the bridge..
after that a new screen appears.
on the top is a wonderland logo
(which looks like it's built up
by expanded sprites) and below
that is a 2x2 upscroller.
this demo is made in the same
way as "4th dimension" by the
voice: you can press space in
each part if you want to, but if
you don't do that the demo will
continue by itself after you've
seen all the effects in each
part. there's no space checking
rout in the intro, so you have
to see all of it each time.

PART 1 contains a 2x2 megadycp
where each char is rotating in
the z axis. behind that is a
sprite star routine that shows
some text and graphics patterns.
geggin got some help with the
code from boogaloo/horizon.

PART 2 begins with an expanded
spritescroller in the up- and
sideborder, and the name of a
camera flashing on the screen.
after a while, some flying birds
and jumping dolphins appears.
there's also some cornersprites
which symbolizes the camera.
when you've been watching this
for a while, a picture of a girl
appears instead and the camera
sprites are removed. this leads
to a hardware scroller with two
pictures in y direction.

PART 3 features the upper half
of the girlpicture from the last
part, and some moving heart-
animations over it. the main
thing in this part is swallow of
censor's sample mix of "pray" by
mc hammer. when the mix gets to
the rap parts of the song, the
picture disappears and each word
in the lyrics appears on the
screen, built up by reversed

PART 4 is the most hardcoded
part in this demo. it features a
x-moving hardware scroller with
several pictures (built up by
copying small gfx blocks, like
fonts or logos, and where each
piece of graphics is used
several times in the pictures).
not bad at all, but horizon made
a bigger version of this which
also included a y-move, in their
demo "biltandborste".
in PART 4 there's also an
expanded spritescroller in the
sideborder, that looks a little
bit three dimensional, as the
sprites move faster in the
middle of the screen and slower
in the border.

PART 5 is some kind of graphics
show. first a small man walks
across the screen, and then a
picture of a man scrolls into
the screen. the man starts
shooting (you both see that on
the screen, and hear some
shooting-samples) and the screen
is covered with blood.
a picture of a planet out in
space appears on the screen with
a fld, and a little space ship
appears and travels to the
planet. the picture disappears
with a fld.

PART 6 contains some zooming
balls, a net moving around the
screen and a stretched sprite
scroller in the sideborder with
some rastercolors behind it.
the net updates rather slow, so
it doesn't look very smooth..

CODE by psycho,bob,guran,swallow
and geggin of censor........60 p

GRAPHICS by dragon,sensei,taito,
skater & geggin of censor...80 p

MUSIC by danko (ex-censor) and a
sample mix by swallow.......90 p

overall rating..............77 p

comment: this demo is an attempt
to create an original and funny
demo, instead of showing some
advanced coding. they have
succeeded with doing that in at
least some of the parts.
the intro and all of the demo-
parts feature some high quality
music. the graphics and design
should be given a high rating
aswell - except in the intro,
which lowered the final rating
for the graphics a bit.


type: megademo

THE INTRO is their usual demo

THE INFOPART contains a flilogo,
an upscroller with some informa-
tive text, some mountains and
some sprites moving in the down

PART 1 contains 4 expanded
spritescrollers all over the
screen (including all the four
borders). two of the scrollers
change x-position each pixel and
the other two have got a new
x-position for each sprite that
is scrolling.

PART 2 contains a field with 120
colors. below that is a 1x1 char
scroll, and on the bottom of the
screen is a hires plate with
some sprites moving over it.
after a while, a logo is plotted
out on top of the plate.
if you wait a while longer, the
colors in the color field start
to move.

PART 3 features a hires scroll
containing hires chars and
pictures, and a dycp in the
upborder which uses the usual
technique to make it look like
it's unexpanded.

PART 4 contains 7 mega dycps
with ora (so it haven't got any
of those ugly spaces covering
each char).

PART 5 features a 60 char dxycp
routine, a scroll and some

PART 6 contains a real time
filled vector, some mountains
surrounding it, and a scroll.
the vector routine is not made
with the same method as kjer of
horizon used, so this routine
can use bigger objects than
kjer's routine could. some of
the objects in this part have
got more than 3 colors, and this
routine is able to transform
between the objects aswell.
some of the bigger objects in
this part is being updated a bit

CODE by flamingo,waco,rash and
yabba of light..............75 p

GRAPHICS by goblin and scooby of
light and redstar of logic..65 p

MUSIC by danko (ex-censor)..90 p

overall rating..............77 p

comment: this demo features much
better design and a bit better
graphics than the light demos
usually does. danko's music is
really good too.the ideas behind
some of the parts are a bit old
and not very original, but some
of the parts features rather
impressive code aswell.


type: megademo
(this is the second spread
version of this demo.)

THE INTRO features a sideborder
logo and a moving "breathless"

PART 1 contains a 3d plot scroll
between two tubes, and a logo.
the tubes don't move smooth at
all, and the plots flickers
like hell!

PART 2 features a 2x2 multi
color dypp in a very small area
(like 10 chars wide or so).

PART 3 contains a blockscroll
built up with some animating
chars. in the middle of the
screen, the scroll changes
direction and block pattern for
a few characters. this part also
includes a logo and some moving

PART 4 contains a 3 color logo,
where one char at the time is
being turned around and
stretched. below that is a 2x2
hires scroll - surrounded by
some sideborder chains moving in
the x-direction. the chains bugs
rather often in the right

PART 5 contains a 112 pixel tech
tech-dypp with a few different
sinuses, and a logo.

PART 6 is flipped 90 degrees to
the left. on the left side of
the screen is a logo, in the
middle of the screen are some
non-smooth moving "vertical
rasters" and on the right side
of the screen is a small box
with a stretching multicolor-

PART 7 contains a 1x1 multicolor
dypp with different colors. the
dypp area is only around 15
chars in the x-direction. below
that are some sprites that's
turning and stretching. on the
bottom of the screen is some
ugly picture.

PART 8 features a stretching
scroll with raster colors in it.
it changes between some dif-
ferent sinuses. one of those
sinuses flickers like hell.

CODE by firehawk,humanoid,crite
and smiley of hoaxers.......45 p

GRAPHICS by shadow,crite,parody,
firehawk of hoaxers. crept of
flash inc. throb of gg. lsd of
war deal lamers.            40 p

MUSIC was ripped except one lame
tune by humanoid............40 p

overall rating..............42 p

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